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A Quick Update on the Rodent Lids We Bought from Vision Products

By DnA Reptilia on

Speaker 1: A little update on the new rodent lids for the Vision 35 and 35S tubs. I put five groups in here total. So far it's been over a week but not many in there. [rat sound] Hush, I am making a video. In there, none of them are pregnant mamas, but in here, I think I put all the pregnant mamas, and there's three littles in here total. One was just born, fresh and pink. Other ones, a little darker, but-- Same amount of food. Full hopper, I like that. I am going to have to feed these guys every day. I still have yet to refill that since the very first video. Same thing with that one over there, so-- Daddy likey.

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