Hedgehog Breeding Cages and Racks

When it comes to breeding racks for your hedgehogs, it’s best to invest in quality products that will last many years. It’s our mission to provide these high-quality, durable racks that are safe for your animals.

Not only are our hedgehog breeding racks safe, but they’re also easy to assemble and have options to expand and add on as your hedgehogs mature.

Assembly of our hedgehog breeding racks can take mere minutes. And future add-ons and adjustments are even easier to install.

Our space-saving hedgehog racks are strong, safe, dependable, and highly versatile. Expect lightweight movement, great ventilation, space for heating cables/tape, escape prevention, and lock-in wheels.

From baby to adult, we have expert hedgehog breeding racks for every step of the way. Also, you can customize your hedgehog breeding rack levels, tub sizes, and the total number of tubs. Our hedgehog racks are trusted by thousands of breeders around the world!

Hedgehog Breeding Racks with Tubs & Lids

The hedgehog breeding racks below come with tubs and lids for extra security for your hedgehogs, hamsters, gerbils, rats, mice, or other small mammals. You will find that our tubs provide plenty of space for your hedgehogs to roam.

Meanwhile, the lids that come with these breeding racks will keep them safely contained in their enclosure. We fabricate our rodent lids from a single piece of stainless steel, making them durable for long-lasting quality.

V-35S Hedgehog Breeding Racks

Our V-35S tubs are 3.5 inches tall. This makes them ideal for juvenile and smaller hedgehogs and rodents.

V-35 Hedgehog Breeding Racks

Our V-35 tubs are 5.375 inches tall. This makes them ideal for adult hedgehogs and rodents.

Hedgehog Breeding Cages

Are you looking for a more spacious solution for breeding your hedgehogs? Our cages are made from a single piece of rotationally molded high-density polyethylene. They are durable, stackable, easy to clean, and offer plenty of space. They also now can come with wire doors! It is effortless to stack up a wall of these cages and integrate a food and watering system.

Since we make our cages from a single piece of molded plastic, you don’t have to worry about your pups escaping or falling through a wire bottom. They also have one or more vents on the top used for lighting and ventilation.

With all these features, our hedgehog breeding cages and racks offer a safe and secure environment for your hedgehogs to breed.

Do you have questions about our hedgehogs breeding racks and cages?

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