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Best Enclosures for Bearded Dragons

Vision Cage Model 332 - Black Granite - Landscape

Built to Last

We make our enclosures entirely from a single piece of rotationally molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This means that your cage will not wear or degrade even after years of heat and moisture.

Plus, our bearded dragon cages come with sliding glass doors for easy access. Each door is made from tempered glass, making them impact-resistant.

Stackable Dragon Cages

Our beard dragon tanks aren’t only easy to maintain.

They’re stackable by design and save a lot of space. If you have multiple reptiles to display, these enclosures will be perfect for you.

Pet stores, bearded dragon enthusiasts, and professional bearded dragon breeders rave about our cage’s stackable design.

Best Bearded Dragon Enclosure Sizes

Modern interior design – living room with wooden wall

Our bearded dragon enclosures are available in a variety of sizes, so you’ll find the most comfortable choice.

Below is a brief guide about bearded dragons’ ages, sizes, and the enclosure we recommend for them.

  • Baby bearded dragons (under 4 months) should have a 20-30 gallon cage. Some cages we sell in this range are models 111, 211, 215, and 221.
  • Adult dragons (10-20 inches) should have between a 40-gallon and 100-gallon cage. You can choose from 222, 322, 332, 400, and 415.
  • Large dragons (over 20 inches) should ideally have a cage larger than 100 gallons. All our cage models at or above 422 have over 100 gallons of volume.

Baby Bearded Dragon Enclosures

These cages are the perfect size for baby bearded dragons. They provide plenty of room for them to get acclimated in their new home.

Keep in mind, baby bearded dragons can grow rather quickly, so make sure you have a plan in place if you intend to keep your dragon for its whole life. Some hobbyists will invest in an adult dragon cage first, so they never have to size up their enclosure (more options below).

Adult Bearded Dragon Enclosures

These cages will fit an adult bearded dragon. We generally recommend these enclosures for people who keep their dragons as long-term pets.

Large Bearded Dragon Enclosures

If your bearded dragon has grown very large (over 20 inches), you will want a larger cage. Thankfully, our Vision Cages can get as big as you need. From the Model 422 at 100 gallons, to the Model 734 at 425 gallons, you can find the right size for your bearded dragon terrarium.

Bearded Dragon Cage Temperature and Humidity

Heating and Humidity

Because bearded dragons are native to arid climates, keeping the humidity low is important. Vision cages have built-in vents on top of the enclosure which help to regulate the humidity. For reference, the ideal humidity level for a bearded dragon is around 30-40%.

It is also important to get the heating right. For the most comfortable cage, tank, etc., it’s best that your bearded dragon setup has three different temperature zones. You should have a cool area, a warm area, and a hot spot for basking.

Cool Side Warm Side Basking Spot
Baby 85 95-100 105-110
Juvenile 80-85 95 100-105
Adult 75-80 90-95 95-100

Our bearded dragon cages have built-in heating and lighting vents to help maintain these temperatures. It is also easy to attach a basking lamp to the interior of the cage.

Logs, Rocks, and Hides

Bearded dragons are ample climbers. They will scale anything climbable, so you should include a branch or log in the tank.

Another great addition to the enclosure is a bowl or some hides. A hide provides a great place for your bearded dragon to cool down and relax.

Also, we recently added reptile rocks to our product line, which help you create the realistic habitat that you and your dragon desire!

Bearded Dragon Breeding

If you are a professional bearded dragon breeder, consider our other core product line, the Vision reptile breeding racks.

Our rack systems come with adjustable shelf levels and breeding tub sizes so you can find the perfect solution for your needs.

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