About Vision Products

Meet Adam’s Specialty Products LLC

Adam’s Specialty Products, LLC (the parent company of Custom Aquariums, Custom Cages, Serenity Aquarium and Aviary Services, and Vision Products) was founded in a modest college apartment basement and incorporated in 1998. Why? During this time, “Crocodile Hunter” was famous on TV, so having iguanas, bearded dragons, snakes, and other reptiles as pets was a fast‐growing trend. Thus, a childhood hobby turned into a full‐time college student’s entrepreneurship.

During the internet’s infancy, we were among the first to have a website offering high‐quality reptile cages that were large enough for these pets to live comfortably. Through that simple website, all products were sold, hand‐built, and then shipped one at a time, ready for on‐site assembly. Our innovative designs launched us to the forefront of the reptile enclosures industry.

From the start, we’ve been a build‐to‐order company selling directly to end consumers. Because of that direct interaction, we’re constantly learning from feedback to improve and create unique, high-quality products. As a result, over the next 20+ years, we became the number one custom pet enclosure manufacturer in the USA, selling thousands of high‐end custom units worldwide annually.

Now, we have over 35 patents and 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space, including our full‐fledged woodworking shop and top‐tier glass fabrication facility with better equipment than most local glass and cabinet manufacturers. We also employ full‐time expert engineers, managers, technicians, welders, and artisans, who meticulously craft each enclosure, stand, and canopy by hand. Therefore, our in‐house capabilities are genuinely second to none.

Our Motto

“We don’t just make products; we solve problems!”

Our Mission

We build the highest‐quality products that last a lifetime while innovating products that solve the pet industry’s problems and maintaining a reliable end‐to‐end customer service experience.

Vision Products Beginnings

CustomCages.com purchased Vision Products Plus in 2018 and added the Vision Cages, Versa-Rack, tubs, bowls, and hides to the CustomCages.com product lineup. Vision Products Plus, Inc. has been producing innovative, high-quality animal enclosures for over two decades. The enclosures are popular with reptile and small animal hobbyists for their strength, durability, ease of use, and space-saving stacking and racking systems.

Vision enclosures will continue to be manufactured in the U.S.A. using the same processes that have maintained Vision’s consistently high quality. The engineers at CustomCages.com will apply some innovations that will increase the already considerable strength and durability, but the basic shape, size, and functionality of the Vision products will not change.