Snake & Reptile Racks

When it comes to snake and reptile racks, Vision Products leads the breeding industry.

Engineered to pair seamlessly with our renowned Vision Tubs, the Vision Rack is a breeders’ dream.

And now, you can join the thousands of large and small-scale breeders who use them every day.

Explore our versatile, cost-saving, and efficient reptile racks today!

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Showing 1–20 of 24 results

More Information on Breeding Racks


  • Use Vision Racks for breeding and housing larger numbers of snakes, lizards, and other small reptiles.


  • Vision reptile racks are safe, strong, dependable, highly versatile, and save space.


  • Assembling our Vision Breeding Racks is quick and easy. Once assembled, any additional levels of breeder tubs can be added in just a few minutes.


  • To change the orientation of tubs in a Vision Rack, just exchange the spacers between the shelves, or rotate the entire rack 90° and insert tubs from a different side.


  • Our reptile and snake rack systems are lightweight and include locking wheels for easy movement through doors and into tight spaces.


  • We offer a heat cable with clips to provide heat to each tub. You may also apply heat tape on the clips and still leave space around the tape for proper ventilation.


  • We offer stops and guides to make sure the breeding tubs stay in place and are not accidentally pushed out.

Vision Racks are loved by thousands of snake, lizard, and small reptile breeders around the world. Will you join them?