Snake & Reptile Racks

Vision Products leads the snake and reptile breeding industry when it comes to versatile breeding racks. Our racks can be configured with custom heat on each level, a wide variety of tub sizes and you can find the right height to fit in your facility.

We engineered our snake racks to work perfectly with our Vision Tubs. This makes them some of some of the most sought after reptile breeding racks on the market.

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Showing 1–20 of 24 results

Vision Racks are used for breeding and housing larger numbers of snakes, reptiles and small animals in places where a space-saving rack with tubs is advantageous. The Vision Rack is safe, strong, dependable and highly versatile. Assembly of our Vision snake breeding racks are quick and easy, and once assembled, any additional levels of breeder tubs can be added in just a few minutes. Changing the size of tub in a Vision Rack is easy too, just exchange the spacers between the shelves, or rotate the entire rack 90° and insert different tubs from a different side. The light-weight Vision Breeding Rack includes locking wheels for easy movement through doors and into tight spaces. A heat cable can be purchased and installed easily on the Vision Rack. Ventilation is built into the shelves of the vision breeding rack, as are clips to hold the heat cable in many configurations.

Heat tape can be installed on top of the clips in the shelves of the vision breeding rack and still leave space around the heat tape for proper ventilation. Stops and guides can also be purchased to make sure that the breeding tubs stay in place and are not accidentally pushed out of the vision rack. The Vision Breeding Rack is trusted by thousands of snake, reptile and small animal breeders around the world. If you have questions about Vision Rack, contact us today.