We recently upgraded our reptile/snake room and thought you might like to see it and to see that we only use your products. Our recent order via LLL Reptile consisted of the rack system and large V600 cages. Since we house venomous snakes we retrofitted the V600 with a double enclosure front. I think it turned out great and offers extra protection and keeps us within state guidelines.

Blayk Michaels, Manager of Live Exhibits
Bass Pro Shops – Base Camps Vision Racks and Cages

The new Vision Boa Racks are the best racks on the market to house & breed mature boa constrictors. They are the perfect size for breeding the smaller Island form or locality dwarves & even big enough for 6 – 7″ foot long common boas. I highly recommend these cages & use them almost exclusively at my breeding facility”

Vin Russo
Cutting Edge Herpetological Inc.

Here at Graziani Reptiles we have switched all of our caging over to the Vision Rack Systems. This new system is supported by six steel poles making it extremely rigid. Each level slides down the poles followed by 6 PVC spacers. The lengths of the spacers determine the space between each level. So any container that fits within the footprint of a V-70 tray will work on this rack. If you, like so many others, are using V-70 trays there is not a better rack system out there. Now with the new V-35 tub (half the size of the V-70) you can house twice as many young ball pythons in the same rack. We are also using the Hatchling Racks and love them! The 18-inch shoe boxes are perfect for hatchling ball pythons. If you have any questions about the Vision Rack System feel free to contact us. The new Vision Rack System is AWESOME!!!


Most of the commercially available rack systems can work quite nicely. Honestly you can also construct racks which work equally well yourself. Having said that for my money the VISION racks are the way to go. When you consider cost, functionality, weight, and mobility I have found nothing better. I have 20 vision racks in 3 different sizes that I have been using for the past year (I also have 8 other racks – 3 different manufacturers). In my opinion, the Vision racks offer several advantages and I really haven’t found a disadvantage unless you want to compare the cost with a home-made rack (which in my opinion is really as great as you might think when you consider everything).

Vision racks provide better humidity and sheds than open top racks, but not too much as can be the case with some enclosed racks. I have also found that enclosed racks are harder to maintain the temp gradients which I prefer. The V-70 size racks are great for adults. I have had superior results cycling females using them. The hatchling racks are FANTASTIC and far superior to anything I have used in the past. The babies eat better and just seem to do better in them, and the trays are big enough to accommodate them up to 600-700 grams. I have found the guys at Vision to be very accommodating and provide great customer service.

Grant Whitmer

Just got the new Vision hatchling rack and love it. I am in the process of switching from Boaphile to the new Vision V-70 for my adults. I love the adjustability and the heat and the ventilation is perfect.


Vision racks are fantastic (and I am in no way connected to Vision – just a user.) The design has addressed a number of issues in rack construction.

  • They are modular – as many or as few levels as you want.
  • They are incredibly rigid. No bowing.
  • They can be taken apart if you need to.
  • No screws, no glue holding the frame together.
  • The shelves are very sturdy plastic already machined for ventilation and heat cable placement.
  • Heat cable can be arranged as you need it – as much as you want or as little as you want.
  • The V-35 box has a nice smooth bottom and seems a bit thicker than Sterilite boxes.
  • I don’t think you can go wrong. I am sold on that design. The fact that heating can be different on different shelves is a real plus if dealing with different species in one rack. And it is so easy to make the adjustments!

This boa rack, seriously is awesome! The heat on it is amazing, my boas shed perfect, it is just what I have been looking for.

Thanks again


For affordability, safety, ease of setup, and flexibility I’d go with Vision. I’ve tried several brands and Vision is by far my favorite.

Brad Chambers

We have changed all of our ball pythons to these Vision racks and they have not missed a beat–lots of babies this year even with changing them to totally new environments. I like the heat system with that heat cord and love the control of the humidity also. These racks are also what I am raising all of our blood pythons in!!


We use Vision racks and love them…

They are easy to assemble, sturdy and function perfectly. I love that one rack can handle different tub sizes so that I can house adults, juvies, and hatchlings all in the same rack and I didn’t have to buy a separate rack for each tub size. I love that I can adjust the heat going to each level by adding or subtracting how the heat cable is routed – the cable has also cut down on my heating bill. I really love that they were hundreds of dollars cheaper than the other comparable racks that I looked at – which left more money for more snakes. And most of my concerns about exposure or heat or humidity loss turn out not to be an issue after all. Not to mention the customer service at Vision is excellent!!! I think these are great racks and perfect for the experienced or entry-level breeder!

I haven’t found any cons yet.


I’m using Vision racks and really like them – the quality is great, they work great and the price can’t be beat! As a bonus, if you don’t have a huge collection you can fit a variety of different sized tubs in the same rack with just a little adjustment to the levels – that way you don’t have to buy a separate rack for your babies and another for your juvies and another for your adults.

JET Pythons

I just got my first CV-70 ball rack from vision last week and it’s better than I thought it would be I am buying four more this year, it was so easy to put together I didn’t even need any tools, best rack on the market hands down I would say.


Definitely-Vision is a class act, and I consider their rack system the best buy on the market. What a great combination!

Brad Chambers

We have been working with Vision racks for some time now and are very pleased to have them in our operation. The new design for boa constrictors is one we have been waiting for! They are simple to construct, heat, and clean and we are very excited about the space they have saved us!”

Rich and John

vision boa snake racks

Vision’s Boa Rack is dream come true for keepers of medium-sized boids. We have been maintaining and breeding our adult female Blackheaded Pythons in these monster tubs with great results. Even our big 20+ pounders have amble room and privacy not afforded by other suitably large cages on the market with glass or acrylic doors. The versatile nature of the unit itself makes cleaning and feeding a breeze and enables us to house six large pythons in only about 1500 square inches of floor space. The unit looks great, is functional, and comes at an economical price. Plus, Scott and the guys at Vision are first-class and great to work with!

Matt and Nicci Turner