Iguana Cages & Enclosures

We offer custom iguana enclosures for baby and juvenile green iguanas, rhino iguanas, and more!

Vision Cages have a variety of uses like housing personal pets, store displays, and breeding.

And when it comes to high-quality iguana cages, Vision enclosures are some of the best.

Features of Our Iguana Enclosures

Vision Cage Model 734 - Classic Gray

What makes Vision Cages so popular around the world?

  • One-piece HDPE molded construction
  • Front-opening, impact-resistant sliding doors
  • Optimal climate control
  • Fully customizable
  • Stackable
  • Accommodates several decor options
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Vision Cages are some of the most durable and versatile reptile enclosures on the market.

Reptile handlers easily install equipment like lighting fixtures, heat lamps, thermometers, and other tools for climate control.

Plus, they’re designed with plenty of ventilation to give your reptile the most comfortable home.

Getting an Enclosure for an Adult Iguana

green iguana basking in the sun

Most iguanas grow between 4 and 6 feet long, but some can grow even larger. An enclosure that’s too small can cause a lot of stress, discomfort, and will likely lead to a shorter life span.

You also have to consider that some iguanas like to climb, which will demand more space.

This is why we only recommend a Vision Cage for baby and juvenile iguanas.

If you have a full-grown iguana but still want a Vision Cage, please reach out to our reptile experts!

Or, visit our sister company, Custom Cages, and browse their collection of large enclosures for adult iguanas!

Stackable Green Iguana Enclosures

vision cages stacked on top of one another

Do you plan on housing multiple iguanas?

No need to create tension by having multiple iguanas in one enclosure.

Our iguana cages stack securely on top of one another, saving you space and giving these happily secluded reptiles more territory.

You can also purchase cage shelves for your enclosures. The main benefit here is the ability to move multiple Vision Cages at once and with ease.

Reptile Racks for Breeding Iguanas

Vision Products 7 Level V-35 Breeding Rack

If you are breeding iguanas, then our secure tub and racking system would be beneficial for you.

Much like our iguana enclosures, our reptile breeding racks are versatile, adaptable, durable, easy to clean, and easy to use.

If you have any questions about our iguana enclosures or reptile breeding systems, please contact us today.

A member of our experienced team will be happy to help!