Iguana Cages & Enclosures

Vision Cages offers green iguana cages and iguana enclosures that are stackable and easy to maintain. In fact, our cages have a variety of uses such as store displays or for breeding. These iguana cages are one-piece molded construction that durable and secure for iguanas. Since these stackable iguana cages conserve space, they are great for reptiles of all shapes and sizes. In addition, since iguanas are considered large lizards, it’s important to have the proper sized iguana enclosure for your breeding or display needs. If the Green iguana cage is too small, they can become depressed, which will lead to a shorter life span. Most iguanas grow to be about 4.5-6 feet long and can grow even larger. If your iguana becomes larger, we recommend browsing through our sister company, Custom Cages, to purchase a larger iguana cage.

iguana cages

When it comes to high-quality green iguana cages, you can rest assured knowing you have picked the company to purchase from. Our stackable iguana enclosures are designed with precision by our engineers, making them superior to other online cage companies. In fact, our iguana cages come with the proper heating, ventilating, and humidity levels to ensure their habitat is comfortable. We even offer natural reptile hides and bowls that fit in well to their new iguana cage. Additionally, our iguana enclosures are easy to clean and maintain, as there are sliding glass doors that resist impact. They are the most versatile iguana cages available for purchase online, as they can be used for breeding, store displays, or housing.

Stackable Green Iguana Enclosures

green iguana enclosures

When it comes to searching for the best green iguana enclosure, look no further than Vision Products. We have been manufacturing top of the line stackable green iguana cages for more than 20 years, as all our products are designed with precision by our engineers. Since green iguanas can become very large, exceeding 6 feet, we recommend having one of our experts help you choose the iguana enclosure. If you are breeding iguana, then our secure tub and racking system would be beneficial for you. However, if you are planning on housing your green Iguana for an extended period of time, it’s important to have a large enough reptile cage. Another factor to consider is the heating and lighting for your green Iguana, as these creatures are indigenous to the tropical rain forests and grasslands. Our reptile cages are designed to easily control temperature, lighting, ventilation, and humidity, so your green iguana enclosure has the proper habitat. If you plan on having multiple iguana cages, our reptile enclosures are stackable, so they conserve space and are easily displayed. For more information regarding larger iguana cages, browse through our sister company, Custom Cages, to see furniture quality green iguana and reptile cages.