Rat Racks and Tubs for Breeding

We have some of the greatest quality and best-reviewed rat breeding racks and tubs on the market. Our space-saving racks are extremely customizable, durable, and great quality. Our rat breeding racks have easy assembly and capability for add-ons as needed in the future. Every part of our rat racks have a defined purpose and have been methodically designed to offer only the best breeding experience. Our rat breeding racks feature great ventilation, light-weight movement, space for heating cables/tape, and casters for ease of moving from one room to another. Our rat breeding racks are trusted by thousands of rat breeders around the world. Besides rats, these breeding racks are a great choice and are commonly used for housing various species of small animals for breeding purposes, including mice, hedgehogs, and guinea pigs.

Rat Breeding Racks with Tubs & Lids

Below, we have listed our rat breeding racks, which come with tubs and lids. Our tubs provide plenty of space for your rats and other small creatures to roam, and our lids contain them safely. Here at Vision, we fabricate our products using only safe materials. Our lids are made from a single piece of stainless steel, making them stronger and more durable than ever!

Baby Rat Racks

Vision rat racks are the best option for all your breeding needs. The rat breeding racks below are perfect for baby rats and are available in many sizes and shapes, including an assortment of packages including 150-watt heat cable, side guides, rear stops, front stops/nameplates, and more. Baby rat racks to choose from include: 5 and 7 QT tubs, rack levels ranging from 8-18, and can store anywhere from 32 to 108 tubs. Shop all our rat breeding racks for very young rats and other small rodents today!

Juvenile Rat Racks

Our Vision rat racks also come in larger sizes to accommodate juvenile rats. Our juvenile rat racks come with multiple packages, including side guides, 150-watt heat cable, rear stops, front stops/nameplates, and more. Juvenile rat racks to choose from include: 15, 21, 28, and 44 QT tubs, rack levels ranging from 5 to 18, and storing anywhere from 5-36 tubs!

Adult Rat Racks

The biggest Vision rat racks are designed for adult rats or larger rodents and mammals like hedgehogs, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs. For breeding large rats, we have even larger shapes and sizes. There are various options, including front stops/nameplates, side guides, rear stops, 150-watt heat cable, and more.

Adult rat racks to choose from include: 32, 66, 91, and 180-quart tubs, rack levels ranging from 5 to 10, and storing anywhere from 5 to 10 tubs! Please purchase one of our adult rat breeding racks today, or contact us with any questions on assembly, shipping, pricing, or any other inquiries. One great aspect of our rat racks is that they are highly customizable to fit various sizes and amount of tubs as your rat population grows.