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5 Easy Ways to Control Humidity in a Reptile Enclosure

Reptiles are very sensitive to humidity, putting extra work on the shoulders of their handlers.

You must maintain and adequate amount of moisture, whether high or low, to keep your pet healthy and comfortable.

Visit this article for ways to either maintain a stable humidity, or quickly adjust to what you need!

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The Important Pros and Cons of Reptile Pets

There are a plethora of reptiles that make excellent pets.

But is a reptile a better pet than the ever popular cats and dogs?

We’ve listed 6 potential benefits and downsides to having reptiles as pets.

Read on for more and make your own interpretations!

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How Important is Temperature in a Reptile Enclosure?

Temperature regulation in a reptile enclosure is crucial for your pet’s health.

How do you regulate heat in a reptile enclosure? What are some consequences when temperature isn’t adequate?

We’ll explain in this short article.

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5 Small Reptile Pets That Live Happily in a 20-gallon Tank

Do you want a pet reptile but feel you don’t have the space for it’s habitat?

Luckily, there are many reptiles that live very comfortably in small enclosures.

Here are 5 awesome pets that will be happy in a 20-gallon reptile tank!

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Corn Snakes: How to Create the Ideal Enclosure!

If you’re looking for a pet snake, the corn snake is probably near the top of your list.

These friendly reptiles are one of America’s favorite pet snakes.

Explore this article for some information about the corn snake and how to set up the ideal enclosure!

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Reptile Lights: Understanding The Significance of UVA and UVB

Reptiles kept indoors still need light to stay healthy, but they need more than a standard light bulb.

It’s essential that they receive enough UVA and UVB light, which they would usually get from the sun’s rays.

Here, you’ll learn the importance and differences between UVA and UVB light along with tips for effective reptile lighting!

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The Pros and Cons of Breeding Your Own Mice

Mice breeding can be a very rewarding hobby.

Rodent breeders have more control over their snake’s food supply, save money in the long term, and some even profit from their efforts.

Learn the pros and cons of mice breeding and determine if it’s right for you!

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What Are The 7 Best Reptile Pets for Beginners?

It can be challenging to find the best reptile pet given the variety of unique care needs.

However, there are many awesome reptiles that don’t need a significant amount of care (Perfect for beginners).

Read this post and find 7 of those hardy reptile pets! Are any of them perfect for you?

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What Reptile Substrate Do I Need? Here’s Your Complete Guide.

What is the best substrate for reptiles? There are many answers depending on the type of reptile you have.

This comprehensive blog contains important information about popular substrates, how to clean them, when to use them, and when not to use them!

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