Ball Python Racks


Vision Products makes breeding racks for ball pythons and many other snake species.

Our racking system has several benefits, such as:

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Saves space
  • Fits a variety of tub brands and sizes
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Adaptable and easy to update
  • Customizable heat on each level
  • Locking wheels for mobility and stability

The Versatility of a Vision Python Rack

Whether you’re breeding or housing ball pythons, Vision Racks are the perfect choice. In fact, our python racks accommodate every brand of plastic breeding tubs, no matter their size!

You can rotate your python racking system 90° and change the size by exchanging the space between the tubs.

When you purchase a python racking system from us, you will also receive a heat cable. Clips are built into the shelves to keep the heating cable in place and leave enough space for proper ventilation.

Heating tape can also be applied on top of the clips to ensure the tubs get enough heat and ventilation. This allows custom heat on every level of the rack.

Lastly, stops and guides are on the python racks to ensure the breeding tubs do not move or slide out.

Our Python Racking System

Whether you want to breed or house hatchlings, we have something for every snake enthusiast.

Our python racking systems vary in size according to width, depth, and height.

You may need a large system with 11 levels and 22 tubs, or maybe a hatchling rack with only 7 levels and 14 tubs. All our racks come with different levels and numbers of tubs, so you can cater to your situation.

If you have any questions about our Python racking systems, contact us today!

Baby Python Rack Variations

The breeding racks below are perfect for baby pythons and come in multiple shapes and sizes, including packages with side guides, rear stops, a 150-watt heat cable, front stops/nameplates, and more.

Baby Python Racks Include: 5 and 7 QT tubs, rack levels ranging from 8-18, and storing anywhere from 32 to 108 tubs!

V-15 Baby Python Racks

V-18 Baby Python Racks

Juvenile Python Rack Variations

Vision python racks are also available in larger sizes to accommodate juveniles. Our juvenile python racks come with packages including side guides, a 150-watt heat cable, rear stops, front stops/nameplates, and more.

Juvenile Python Racks Include: 15, 21, 28, and 44 QT tubs, rack levels ranging from 5-18, and storing anywhere from 5 to 36 tubs!

V-35S Juvenile Python Racks

Adult Python Rack Variations

Our largest Vision python racks are meant for adult pythons. For breeding large snakes, we have even bigger sizes and shapes, including packages that offer front stops/nameplates, side guides, rear stops, a 150-watt heat cable, and more.

Adult Python Racks Include: 32, 66, 91, and 180 QT tubs, rack levels ranging from 5-10, and storing anywhere from 5 to 10 tubs!

V-35 Adult Python Racks

V-70 Adult Python Racks

Vision Ball Python Enclosures

These are just a few of our options for breeding Pythons. If you did not find what you are looking for, check out the rest of our Vision breeding racks.

Or, if you want to learn about housing them only, visit our ball python enclosure page!