Vision Rodent Breeding System

Vision Racks & Cages is committed to fabricating high-quality tub and lid products for our racks, using only safe materials for your small mammals. We have several rack options available that come with tubs and lids if desired; otherwise, these products can also be purchased individually depending on your need. This comes in handy, especially as your population of rodents grows or as they mature from juveniles to adults and need more space to roam. Additionally, our Vision racks have add-on options, which means you can save money by not having to purchase a brand new rack system. Best of all, these add-ons are easy to assemble!

Rodent Breeding Tubs

Our tubs are designed to fit seamlessly into our rack systems and are built for durability, using a plastic material that is much harder than the softer plastic of a typical bin. This hard plastic quality makes it much more difficult for your rodents to chew their way through the surface of the tub. Also, these tubs are strong, durable, and less flexible than average tubs. Rodent breeders will appreciate that the tub rims are thick, easy to grab, and provide a wide seal between the top edge of the tub and the Versa-Rack shelf above. A thicker bottom makes this tub durable against wear over extended use. Additionally, the tub bottom is flat inside and out, making the tub easier to clean.

Rodent Tub Breeding Racks

One of our newest products is our Vision rodent tub rack. It uses a one-piece stainless steel shelf as the top of each tub. This is one of the best rodent breeding racks on the market. It is more durable and higher quality than most wood racks, but lower cost than most other commercially available breeding racks.


  • High strength / high airflow hex pattern.
  • Shielded water bottle hole prevents chewing.
  • Compatible with most watering systems with our drinking valve clip.
  • The shelf accessory rail makes mounting and securing water bottles simple.
  • Rust-resistant materials make cleaning as easy as getting out a garden hose.
  • Locking wheels for quick mobility.

V-35S Rodent Tub Breeding Racks

V-35 Rodent Tub Breeding Racks

V-70 Rodent Tub Breeding Racks

Rodent Breeding Tub Lids

The patent-pending rodent lids available on our website are made specifically to fit our V-35 and V-35S tubs. A lot of engineering and attention to detail went into producing the most functional, durable lid at an affordable price! These lids are stamped and formed from a single piece of stainless steel material (not welded wire), making them stronger, easier to clean, and more durable for long term use. Our unique design has the best strength to open airflow ratio and protects your water bottle and the edge of tubs from chewing.

Whether you are housing rodents or reptiles, there is a Vision tub, lid, and Versa-Rack to meet your needs. Contact us today for questions regarding ordering and shipment of your rodent racks, tubs, and lids. The rodent rack and cage experts from Vision are happy to assist!

Rodent Lid Breeding Racks

The breeding racks for rodents we have listed below have tubs and lids included with your purchase (if desired). At Vision, our tubs and lids provide space and safety and are quality-made using only safe materials. Our lids are fabricated from a single piece of stainless steel, which makes them more strong and durable than ever! Shop our rodent breeding racks below.

V-35S Rodent Lid Breeding Racks

V-35 Rodent Lid Breeding Racks