Vision Rodent Breeding Rack System

If you’re researching rodent racks for your breeding operation, look no further.

Vision Products 6 level rodent breeding rack for V-35 tubs

Vision Breeding Racks are the total package, featuring durability, efficiency, affordability, and versatility. You can also add a variety of accessories to any Vision Rack to cater to each of your specific needs.

One-Piece Shelf Rodent Breeding System

A one-piece stainless steel shelf rests on top of all the tubs on a given level.

We have several rack options that come with tubs and lids if desired, or you can get them individually. This comes in handy as your rodent population grows or they mature and need more space.


Our rodent racks, tubs, and lids use only animal-safe materials and cater to the behaviors of small mammals like rats and mice.

The materials involved make it more durable and higher quality than wood racks, yet it costs less than most commercially available breeding racks.

  • High strength / high airflow hex pattern.
  • A shielded water bottle hole prevents chewing.
  • Compatible with most watering systems with our drinking valve clip.
  • The shelf accessory rail makes mounting and securing water bottles simple.
  • Rust-resistant materials make cleaning as easy as getting out a garden hose.

V-35S Rodent Breeding Racks

V-35 Rodent Breeding Racks

V-70 Rodent Breeding Racks

Vision Tubs for Rodent Breeding

Our durable Vision Tubs fit seamlessly into our rack systems. We use plastic that is much harder than that of a typical storage bin, making it difficult for rats and mice to chew through the tub surface.

Vision Tubs are also less flexible than average tubs. They tout a thick rim that’s easy to grab and provides a wide seal between the top edge of the tub and the shelf above. And a thick, flat bottom makes Vision Tubs durable for years and very easy to clean.

Rodent Rack Tub Lids

Our rodent lids are made to fit V-35 and V-35S Tubs. A lot of engineering went into this seemingly simple product, and the result is the most functional, durable lid at an affordable price!

Each lid is stamped and formed from a single piece of stainless steel (not welded wire), making them stronger, easier to clean, and significantly more durable. The unique design has the best strength-to-open airflow ratio and protects your water bottle and the tub edge from chewing.

Rodent Rack Systems with Individual Rodent Cages

A “rodent cage” is what we call an individual tub with a single lid, instead of a one-piece shelf. They can be included with your purchase (if desired) and they provide space and safety for small mammals of all kinds.

Below are a few Vision Racks we recommend coupling with rodent cages.

V-35S Rodent Lid Breeding Racks

V-35 Rodent Lid Breeding Racks

Learn More About Vision Rodent Rack Systems

Whether you are housing rodents or reptiles, there is a Vision tub, lid, and Vision Rack to meet your needs.

Contact us today with any questions about ordering and shipment of your rodent racks, tubs, and lids!