Turtle Enclosures

turtle swimming in a turtle enclosure

Vision turtle enclosures have provided excellent homes for turtles and tortoises for over a decade. Our customers use these cages for store displays, breeding, at-home use, and much more.

Our customers are still using the same enclosures from over a decade ago! Keep reading to learn about our turtle cages and how to get yours!

Popular Turtle Enclosures

Our turtle enclosures are a one-piece molded construction that is secure and durable for years of use. They also come with impact-resistant sliding glass doors for durability and easy access.

You may choose from a variety of cage sizes to ensure you’re getting the perfect turtle enclosure(s). Below are just a few of our recommended Vision Enclosures for turtles and tortoises.

Customizable Turtle Cages

Vision Cage Model 433 - Classic Gray - Landscaped

Our turtle enclosures range from big to small paludariums, which are half-land and half-water habitats. You can find cage sizes to fit nearly any type of turtle or tortoise, along with accessories to create the ideal climate.

If you’re looking for a larger and more elaborate enclosure, our sister company, Custom Aquariums, produces furniture-quality paludariums for reptiles and amphibians!

Stackable Tortoise Cages & Enclosures

3 vision cages stacked on each other

You can easily stack Vision Cages on top of one another!

Why do we make our cages stackable? Turtles and tortoises prefer to have their own space, so having more than one in a single cage can cause a lot of conflicts. If you want to house multiple turtles, take a look at our stackable options.

Additional Accessories for Turtle Enclosures

Climate Control

If you plan on housing turtles for a long time, you need consistent and accurate climate conditions.

We design all our cages for optimal temperature control, lighting, ventilation, and humidity. We also offer extra tools for climate control, helping you provide the most comfortable home.

Water Bowls

We make our water bowls out of durable plastic and come in many sizes. Even though turtles and tortoises don’t need water often, water is still necessary.

Offer your turtle a fresh bowl of water each morning. If the bowl becomes empty or dirty by nighttime, you should clean and replenish the water. Or, simply clean the bowl and replenish it every morning.


Turtles are relatively secluded animals, so include some form of hide in the enclosure. And whether your turtle is stressed, or wants some time to cool down, a hide will provide that comfort.

Great options are an object resembling a cave or a log cut in half. Whatever you use, just make sure your turtle can fit its entire body and shell underneath it.

Vision Racks for Turtles and Tortoises


If you are breeding turtles and tortoises, then our secure turtle breeding racks would be beneficial for you. Just like our Vision enclosures, our racking systems come in many orientations, so you can find the perfect setup for your turtle(s).

Find The Perfect Turtle Enclosure or Breeding Rack

Since there are many types of turtles, we recommend having one of our experts help you choose the proper turtle enclosure or breeding racks.

For more information on our turtle enclosures, additional accessories, and environmental requirements, give us a call or email today!