Lizard Cages & Enclosures

Reptile enthusiasts around the world use our Vision Cages for housing personal pets, setting up store displays, zoo exhibits, and breeding.

Below are a few of the most popular lizard species in our enclosures:

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Primary Benefits of Vision Lizard Cages

Vision Cages Stackable

All Vision Cages are a one-piece molded construction made from HDPE plastic, making them durable for decades of use.

But that’s only one reason why Vision Cages are so popular worldwide:

  • Securely stackable
  • Conserve space
  • Optimal ventilation
  • Customizable to fit lizards of all sizes
  • Impact-resistant sliding glass doors for easy access
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Optimized design for climate control
  • Front-opening, impact-resistant sliding glass doors for easy access

Finding the Perfect Vision Cage for Your Reptile

Each lizard species has its own climate preferences and space requirements.

We manufacture a variety of sizes and orientations, along with customizable options, to cater to each of these reptilian friends.

Whether the enclosure is intended for display or breeding purposes, we have something for every reptile enthusiast!

Creating the Proper Climate with a Vision Cage

For a happy and healthy lizard, you need optimal heating, lighting, humidity, and decor. This can be challenging, especially if your pet is native to drenched rainforests or harsh deserts.

For this reason, we make Vision Cages as climate-friendly as possible:

  1. Made of HDPE plastic, able to withstand decades of high heat, light, and moisture.
  2. Large vents on top of the enclosure for airflow and temperature control
  3. Curated spaces for heat lamps, misters, and other decor
  4. Very DIY-friendly, supporting both hardscaped and bioactive set-ups

Shop misters, substrates, light fixtures, and more!

Do You Need Multiple Lizard Enclosures?

Another area that Vision Cages excel at is saving you space.

Easily stack one enclosure on top of another while leaving space for the vents and heat attachments on each cage.

You can stack lizard cages directly on top of one another, or we offer beautiful wooden racks and adjustable shelves with locking wheels.

These help you relocate multiple cages more efficiently. It’s also much easier to remove and reinsert certain cages, instead of unstacking them every time.

More Options for Lizard Enclosures

Are you looking for a more spacious enclosure, like for an adult monitor lizard or green iguana?

Visit our sister company, Custom Cages, to see more large, furniture-quality reptile enclosures!

And if you have any more questions about our lizard cages, don’t hesitate to reach out to our expert team!