Python Cages & Enclosures

Vision Cages offers python enclosures that are stackable and easy to maintain. In fact, they have a variety of uses, including store displays, at-home use, or for breeding.

Our python enclosures can host many python snake types such as Burmese pythons and Reticulated pythons. All our python enclosures are a one-piece molded construction that is durable and secure for your snakes.

Since the stackable python cages conserve space, they are great for pythons of all sizes. The python enclosure also comes with sliding glass doors for easy access. The glass is strong enough to resist impact.

If you are searching for python cages, look no further than Vision Cages. We offer various sizes and options for you to choose from to ensure you are getting the perfect python enclosure for your snake

Vision Cage Model 734 - Classic Gray

Do you need a python enclosure for display or use it for breeding purposes? Either way, we have something to fulfill the needs of every snake enthusiast.

Our python cages range in size, so you can have the perfect cage for your snakes. Also, remember that snakes are very secluded and easily stressed. So, we recommend adding a snake bowl or hide to help them feel more comfortable in their new environment.

If you are breeding pythons and looking for a proper racking system, browse our Vision Racks. You will find the stackable tub and rack system perfect for breeding pythons.

If you have any questions about our python enclosures, contact us today. One of our experts will be happy to help you choose the right snake cage for your Burmese Python, Reticulated Python, and any other species.

Stackable Burmese Python Cages & Enclosures

We’ve been building top-of-the-line stackable Burmese Python enclosures for more than 20 years.

Since Burmese Pythons are one the world’s largest snakes, we recommend having one of our experts help you choose the proper enclosure.

If you are breeding pythons, then our secure tub and racking system would be beneficial for you. But, if you plan on housing your python for an extended period of time, it’s important to have a large enough cage.

Another factor to consider is the heating and lighting for your Burmese python. These snakes are native to tropical rainforests and grasslands, so you must emulate that environment. We design our snake enclosures for optimal temperature control, lighting, ventilation, and humidity, so your python has the proper habitat.

Our Burmese Python enclosures are stackable, so you can display many enclosures while conserving space.

For more information on larger Burmese Python enclosures, visit our sister company, Custom Cages, to see our furniture-quality products.

Stackable Reticulated Python Cages & Enclosures

Reticulated pythons are very common reptiles in Vision Enclosures.

Since Reticulated pythons are aggressive and also native to tropical regions, it’s vital to have the proper python enclosure.

If you’re breeding Reticulated pythons, our secure tub and racking system would work the best. However, if you plan on housing pythons only, then it’s important to have a properly sized cage.

Another factor to consider is the heating and lighting of your Reticulated python cage. These snakes prefer moderate to high levels of humidity, with a day temperature of 78°F to 90°F. Achieving this environment is simple with the features on our Vision Enclosures.

Finally, for multiple snake enclosures, all our Reticulated Python enclosures are stackable.

For more information about larger cages, check out Custom Cages for furniture-quality reptile enclosures.