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New Vision Rodent Tubs and Lids Unboxing and Quick Review

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Dave: Hi, this is Dave from DNA Reptilia. I got some boxes right here from Vision. Some of this is just their normal big tubs, but the other ones were just premiered not too long ago. It's their rodent breeding setup. Let's unbox these and see what I can do with them.


I won't be able to open these up with the regular razor knife on the tops, because you can see, they put metal staples in. Personally, I hate those, but I see why they did it. It keeps the box shut a lot better but, man, it makes opening out the box so much harder. Now I got to go on through the side. I don't have to, but I'm doing it.


Yes, box in a box. And it's stapled.


That's cool. Styrofoam in all four corners, that's cool. I'll put it up here in the corner. What these actually are V-35-S, can't remember exactly what height, but I got the small ones, the short ones for our mice. Hopefully, I can get a bunch in there. I'm leery about the height for mice, but we'll see. With bedding in there and stuff like that, we'll see how it goes. The tubs are actually the cheap part. Remember that.


Well, in styrofoam manner, styrofoam corners. But this part, they couldn't do it at all four corners, we use them as spacers. Which, again, is fine. Nice. You can't see it yet.


Now, I was wondering if they did, but they do send you butterfly clips. Nice. Shiny. Look likes spring steel, stainless steel butterfly clips. There's a reason for those. Very lightweight, a lot lighter than I thought. Stainless steel. It's all one piece, but there is a couple welds in it. Like I said it's one piece, they had to put a fold in here, which they had cut a gap. Once the fold is done, it moves the whole top over, so they had to put a couple welds in there so it stays flat.

There's hooks back here, and the hook on the back of the tub. There's a lip all way around. There's a side, there's the front. I'm a little leery on the front, we'll see how it goes. That's the only part I'm not sure about, especially on the short tubs that I got. We all know how mice like to jump.

On the Vision tubs, there's a handle on the front but not on the back. Go in the back, there you go. See, once I put bedding in there, it should almost go up to the feeding trough. Because right here, that's one of the problems I hate about mice is that if you put fluid in a dish, it's everywhere within a half-hour. There's a little spot for water bottle. I've been told any water bottle will basically fit. But this is my main thing, keeping a stockpile of food so they don't spread it out, so I don't have to feed them every single day like I do now. It should be high enough to where hoppers are not able to get out, I hope.

Some of the protective plastic for the stainless is still on it, no big worry at all. I know where to get this off, you got to lift it from the front, and then slide it back. Butterfly clips goes on here. I put a butterfly clip on here and it keeps it, so it's locked in because you got your hooks on the back to keep it in place. Granted with mice, this might be more than enough weight, with a full water bottle and full food, but some people just don't like taking that chance.

I'm trying to figure out what I'm going to do for shells. I have a rack, wire metal rack. I'm thinking about putting some wood shelves on, so I could put two of these high, because I think I bought five of these. I can have one as a spare for just cleaning it. Biggest advantage I see with these compared to the wired ones, when I have a wire top, is the sheer square footage. The wire top ones, you normally can't find them very big. In order to get a big one, you had to get a rack one.

These guys- Oh shoot. Tape measure. 15 inches. Come on. 15 x 20. They also stick into the tub about two and a half inches. You can see there- if I can keep it still- about two and a half inches inside the tub. These tubs are, I think, three inches.

Okay, my battery died, got cut off. Yes, they are three and a half inches deep, okay? All right. Now we're down here in the basement. Yes, Genki set up time. You spend money on the tubs, not a lot on the racks. Let's go.

This is one of the tanks for mice. Yes. There's a 40-gallon exo terra, got it for stupid cheap, that's why I didn't feel bad using it. All this is useless space. [unintelligible 00:08:46] can have a water bottle there, food bin there, which is a pain in the ass still, they still take all of the food. But anyways, this is the bin that's not doing the greatest, keep on motion, except this time, again we got another litter, which is good.

All right, Panda this way. Genki time. Okay, that tank is doing really good. Too good. All right. Yes, this is pink foam screwed on to some three-quarters piece of wood. Like I said, Genki. Since the way it is spread out, it's not going to hurt it. This is the exact spot where that guy was. It's going to be here. I got two right now because I only have two extra water bottles. Yes, these are big. These are really big. I'm going to have to get some Roland ones, which are a little smaller. This is seven inches right here, I do believe.

These small tubs, I don't know if you can see it, I had to turn nozzle sideways. I can't have it down because it'd be actually in the bedding because these tubs are actually only three and a half inches. My water bottle is six up, I'm not worried about that. Side by side, I think I got this at 36 inches, which is what the 40 breeder was and I should be able to fit everything that's in here. All these guys, I should be able to fit them into one tub and I see how it works.

All right, I normally don't feed mice but I'm going to need mice anyways for when our baby pythons first hatch. That's why I'm breeding mice, to get the colonies going good. This is my first time actually. Well, I've been in it before but first time I'm actually taking the mice out because I've been just letting them go. Still cleaning the tub though. Still cleaning them. I'm used to rats so this would be interesting.


All right, that wasn't too bad. Now the litter, I'm going to take a little extra care on. I know mice are pain in the asses so. Throw a little bit of food there. All right. That tank is clean, clear. Now let's put this somewhere so I have a place to put this. Those are the adults. A couple hoppers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, they're about 20, and then a little loader right there. It's the first time we've ever had spotteds. Those guys are probably black and whites. Always we've been having Browns and some Albinos.

I hear them talking. This is the original dad right here. This guy right here. He's the male that's fathered everything. Now there's other males in here. Probably split these two up so that dad can have his own colony and all the brothers and sisters can have the other. Now, like I said, I normally don't move my mice. This is the first time me moving mice. I am still worried about how shallow this tub is. I can get different tubs, they're cheap. I think these tubs were like $7 apiece. I think the tall ones are like 11, with the price break, which is not bad at all. If these shallow ones don't work all, trust me, I'll let you guys know.


Here we go. Ain't too bad. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10 more. Tub two. I should probably put some food in. This is the part I like the most. Put one of these in every day for each tank and it's going to spread out really fast. Now, just like the rats, this should work if I don't drop any on the floor. It's three, let's go. Let's go four. Let's see how all that holds up. Now as you can see, you can easily move underneath because if this plastic solo bedding moves out of the way.

Plus along the sides here, there's enough room for the adults to scoot through the sides. That was a pregnant mama right there and she was able to get through. No worries there. This might almost act as a height, this area. Most of their young here won't be too bad. No, it's different area forum, so they're verbal. Not too shabby. Now I got to get the other mice in their little tub and get them going. This might go a little easier because I might just lift and put down. It seems like they're doing pretty good. These guys are young. You guys, here you go.


All right. Tub two, just put it in the oven. I'm kidding. All right. For mice, this might be a little overkill. Now if you've got the deeper tubs and you did it with the rats, definitely. I'm just going to do it for the mice because, just because. They're not really hard to squeeze open either. Okay, this is pink insulation, but I'll show you. Since I got it braced on this side and also right in the middle, a little bit of weight from this, it shouldn't really bow. There's proof, fully loaded, full water bottle, a big water bottle. These lids are $60 apiece. There is price breaks. The more you buy, the cheaper they get.

I spent $300 and then I put it on a piece of styrofoam. You've got to make sacrifices somewhere. Figure a better solution for the mice and you will have the food on top without it being spread out throughout the entire tank within minutes. Capability of having a larger water bottle and I think the ease is going to be in the cleaning because I can transfer all the mice to a different container, just like what I do with the rats, clean their tub and then move them all back in.

Really good aeration, my main concern was the food, less food waste. Over time these should pay for themselves, not in just mouse sales but in food savings. I was putting a scoop in every day, within minutes, everywhere. This was a solution to a problem I wanted to fix. That's why I spent the money getting new water bottles. I got to get two for the other tanks, tubs. I might as well get it four matchings so I can get the other pile separate and put it up in. All right, this is Dave from DNA Reptilia. I'm done babbling. I talked too much, I'm long-winded sometimes. I repeat like I'm doing right now. Talk to you later. Bye.

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