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Strong, safe, durable products snake, reptile, mouse, rat, and rodent breeders.

Snake Breeding Reptile Tubs, Racks, Cages and More

Vision Products provide unmatched versatility to snake breeders with a set of unique features. Snake breeders will appreciate the wide range of snake tub options that cover the range from baby and hatchlings to adult boas and pythons.

Snake Tubs Reptile Breeding Tubs

Strong and dependable breeding tubs for housing and breeding your snakes. We have every size you need in two colors clear and gray.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Variety of sizes
  • Available in clear and gray
  • Easy to clean
  • Fits Vision and many other snake racks perfectly
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Snake Racks Reptile Breeding Racks

Our breeding racks make housing a large quantity of snakes easy. They are incredibly versatile with custom heating, height, tubs, and more.

  • Durable and lightweight
  • Easy assembled in just minutes
  • Accommodates several brands of plastic snake tubs
  • Ventilation is built-in
  • Custom heating on every level
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Snake Cages Reptile Cages & Enclosures

Our one piece molded Vision Cages will last a lifetime. Easy to clean, stackable, and durable these cages are some of the best on the market.

  • Durable and built to last decades
  • Stackable and modular design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Impact and scratch resistant
  • Comes in many sizes and two colors
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Cage Shelves NEW! Snake & Reptile Shelving

Our new cage shelves make organizing, updating, and moving Vision Cages easier than ever. Roll around a stack of Vision Cages like never before!

  • Durable powder coated steel shelves
  • Casters make moving easy
  • Electric power bar mounting bracket
  • Compatible with most for Vision Cage models
  • Simplifies cage maintenance and heating
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Snake Bowls & Hides Reptile Water Bowls & Caves

Watering and providing an environment where your animals will feel safe has never been easier. Look no further than our line of bowls and hides.

  • Durable
  • Don't easily tip over
  • Natural look blends well with snake sages
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth inside surface prevents bacteria growth
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Rodent Breeding Solutions

Our growing line of rodent breeding solutions can make breeding rats and mice easier than ever. We make rodent tub lids, racks, and have even more innovative rodent breeding solutions coming soon.

Did you know our tubs are also loved by rodent breeders worldwide?

Rodent Lids

Our one piece stainless steel rodent lids fit V-35 and V-35-S tubs, turning them into the perfect breeding home. The lids feature a feeding trough, water bottle holder and large vented top.

  • Single piece stainless steel design
  • Durable high ventilation hex grid
  • Protected water bottle tray
  • High volume food tray
  • Easy to clean rust free stainless steel
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Rodent Racks

The best way to use our rodent lids is with our rodent breeding racks. They can efficiently hold numerous tubs, with the right amount of room for food, water, ventilation, and easy access.

  • Durable lightweight design
  • Locking wheels for mobility and security
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Ample room for ventilation
  • Available for V-35 and V-35-S tubs
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Rodent Breeding Tubs

Our V-35 and V-35-S Vision Tubs are loved by rodent breeders worldwide. Their versatility, ease of use, and durability make life significantly easier for breeders and their animals.

  • Smooth sides, flat bottom, and rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Flat top for a gap-free seal with a racking system
  • Available in clear or gray
  • Made from durable, high-impact polypropylene plastic
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Rodent Watering Supplies Rodent Watering System NEW!

Watering and providing an environment where your animals will feel safe has never been easier. Look no further than our Rodent Watering System.

  • Durable
  • GravityFed System
  • Big Capacity Reservior
  • Eliminate individual bottles
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Built in the USA Snake Breeding Solutions

Vision products include various snake breeding racks and cages, reptile rack systems and more. Our Versa-Rack tub system, Vision Cages, tubs, bowls, and hides that are designed to meet the needs of snake, lizard and small animal breeders and pet owners.

Vision racks and cages are safe, strong, dependable, versatile, and provide a solution for any enclosure need. Versa-Rack systems can be configured to hold tubs suitable for baby animals up to breeding adults, including boas and pythons.

Vision Cages are one-piece molded enclosures with sliding glass doors and features to permit lighting and temperature control molded into the shape of the cage. Our Vision Cages are a great option for ball python enclosures.

Vision products are manufactured in the USA with highest-quality materials and have been trusted reptile breeding cages for more than 20 years. Browse through the Vision products and learn how Vision can help you meet your reptile breeding goals.

Simplify Reptile Breeding with Versatile Racks & Stackable Cages

Vision provides unmatched versatility to small animal and reptile breeders. We offer cages and rack systems for snake breeders of neonate king snakes, milk snakes, corn snakes, boa constrictors, and pythons. In fact, some of the largest snake breeders in the world trust Vision Racks and Vision Cages with their most valuable snakes.

Vision's Reptile Breeding Racks and Cages are more than simple enclosures. We engineer each cage, rack, and tub to offer optimal living and growing conditions for your animal(s). The space needed, climate preferences, durability, and breeding efficiency are all taken into account, which results in our products being used and loved worldwide.

For example, breeders can easily control the temperature, humidity, and airflow in any rack or enclosure. This climate control is essential for lizards, snakes, geckos, and any other reptile because an improper climate can negatively impact breeding and compromise the health of your hatchlings.

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Vin Russo with wall of Vision boa racks
The new Vision Boa Racks are the best racks on the market to house & breed mature boa constrictors. They are the perfect size for breeding the smaller Island form or locality dwarves & even big enough for 6 - 7" foot long common boas. I highly recommend these cages & use them almost exclusively at my breeding facility.
- Vincent Russo, Cutting Edge Herpetological Inc.

Other Caging Systems We Offer for Snakes and Reptiles

Vision Products was purchased by Custom Cages. If you are not familiar with Custom Cages, they are the leading manufacturer of custom reptile cages and enclosures in the United States. With both the Hybrid and Majestic enclosures offering nearly endless possibilities, you will find the ideal cages for your pets.

The sister company of Custom Cages is Custom Aquariums. If you ever wanted an amphibious tank for your water snakes, or had dreams of scaping a paludarium for your reptiles, Custom Aquariums can build you the perfect tank.

  • Customize Your Reptile System
  • Manufactured Here In the USA
  • Versatile, Stackable, & High Quality

For more options to choose from for snake cages and reptile cages, check out our sister company Custom Cages. When ordering your snake or reptile system you can completely customize your cage and rack how you want based on shape, style, and size. In addition, our cages are manufactured to order here in the USA. Browse through two of our snake and reptile systems below, which are our Hybrid and Majestic lines.

  • Sliding Doors For Easy Maintenance And Great Views Of Reptile System
  • Designed To Retain Proper Heat & Humidity Levels
  • Manufactured To Order In the USA

For more stackable, versatile reptile cages, racks, and enclosures, browse through our Hybrid reptile enclosures manufactured by our sister company Custom Cages.

  • Optional Pull Out Dividers To Separate Reptiles
  • Fully-Lined Aluminum Interior & Solid Furniture Quality Wood Exterior
  • Manufactured To Order In the USA

For more information and other options for snake and reptile systems, browse through our Majestic reptile enclosures manufactured by our sister company Custom Cages.

Large Suncatcher Enclosures for Reptiles
Suncatcher Enclosures Made for Reptiles
  • Black Anodized Aluminum Frame
  • Customize your Suncatcher reptile enclosure with multiple material options to choose from.
  • Manufactured To Order In the USA

Suncatcher reptile enclosures are large powder coated indoor and outdoor enclosures that are walk in friendly, weather resistant and easy to assemble! Safety catches allow access to your reptiles without fear of escape and allow you to connect multiple units together. Manufactured by our sister company Custom Cages.

We also make aquariums! Our sister company Custom Aquariums manufactures glass custom aquariums of many shapes and sizes. Free delivery to your curb nationwide! Sliding doors also available making them great reptile and small animal cages. Also featuring amphibious tanks - sliding front doors - and they hold water!

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