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The V-70 breeding tub is a must-have for serious ball python breeders. Built with high durability in mind, these breeding tubs will last through years of use. They’re also large enough to fit two adult snakes or reptiles comfortably. If you need this kind of space and durability, order your V-70 Tubs today!

Are you looking for water dishes, holders, or hides? Check out our accessories for breeding tubs!

Height 5.375 in
Length 34 in
Depth 17.5 in
Tub Volume

44 Quarts


Clear, Gray

Inside Bottom Dimensions

28.75 × 13.25

Bowl Height

2 in

Bowl Bottom Diameter

3.5 in


High Impact Polypropylene

The Inside Bottom Dimensions are the dimensions of the flat area of the bottom of the tub.


The V-70 is a ball python breeding tub. It is the largest of our 5 3/8 inch tall tubs. It is 34 inches long, making it perfect for breeding snakes, lizards, or other reptiles. If you are looking for breeding tubs for your operation, look no further!

We make our tubs from durable high-impact polypropylene plastic. Plus, it’s 25% thicker than a consumer storage bin. This gives it more strength, durability, and less flex.

V-70 tubs can be put in the same Vision Products breeding rack as V-35 tubs.

We also offer significant discounts on bulk orders.

Designed for Python Breeding

The V-70 tub was created specifically for ball python breeding. With 50 quarts of volume, this tub is the perfect size for housing an adult ball python. The V-70 tub is compatible with both the V-70 snake racks and V-35 snake racks.

If you want a tub for a male and female ball python, we recommend V-70 tubs. It works perfectly as a breeding tub because the V-70 tub has almost twice the volume as the V-35 counterpart.

A Breeding Tub For Each Step in the Process

  • V-70 Tubs: For housing and breeding your mating females.
  • V-35 Tubs: For housing adult male pythons and adult females that are not ready to mate.
  • V-35-S Tubs: For housing your juvenile snakes.
  • V-15 and V-18 Tubs: For housing your hatchling snakes.

Each of these tubs will fit in our Vision Racks, so if you haven’t yet, check out our snake and reptile racks today!

Exceptionally Better Than Household Storage Bins

The Iris CB-70 tub has been the workhorse of the Ball Python breeding world for over a decade now. We took a great household storage tub and made it better for the purposes of animal husbandry.

The Vision V-70 tub has the same dimensions as the CB-70 tub and is 25% thicker, heavier, and stronger and is smooth on the bottom for easier cleaning and a smoother sliding tub.

The V-70 is compatible with the V-70 Versa-Racks.

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