V-18 Hatchling Tub

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The V-18 Hatchling Tub is perfect for serious breeders who want to keep lots of snakes or mice in a small space. It also works great with our V-18 Reptile Lid.

Complete your order with water dish holders or reusable water dishes.

Height 3.5 in
Length 18 in
Depth 7.375 in
Weight 1 lbs
Tub Volume

7 Quarts

Inside Bottom Dimensions

16 × 5.375 in


Clear, Gray

Bowl Height

2 in

Bowl Bottom Diameter

3.5 in


High Impact Polypropylene

The Inside Bottom Dimensions are the dimensions of the flat area of the bottom of the tub.


The V-18 hatchling tub is the medium size tub of our 3.5-inch tall tubs. It is just 7.5-inches wide, making it perfect for keeping small snakes, lizards, or other reptile hatchlings. If you are looking for snake tubs for your breeding operation, look no further!

This tub is made from our durable high impact polypropylene plastic. The plastic is 25% thicker than a consumer storage bin. This makes it gives it more strength and durability and less flex.

V-18 tubs can be put in the same Vision Products breeding rack as V-15 and V-35-S tubs.

We offer significant discounts on bulk orders.

V-18 Tub Features

  • Made from durable high impact polypropylene plastic.
  • Compatible with the Vision Versa-Rack breeding system.
  • Smooth sides and flat bottom with rounded corners for easier cleaning.
  • Flat top for a gap free seal with racking system.
  • Compatible with the V-18 Reptile Lid. It is idea for transportation and temporary housing.

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