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The V-Mouse tub is perfect for breeding mice in small laboratories, research facilities, and universities.

Height 4.125 in
Length 12 in
Depth 7.5 in
Tub Volume

5 Quarts

Inside Bottom Dimensions

9.5 × 5.5 in




High Impact Polypropylene


The V-Mouse tub is the smaller version of the V-Rat breeding tub. It has approximately a 5-quart capacity making it perfect for breeding small groups of laboratory mice such as the popular C57BL/6.

This tub is made from our durable high impact polypropylene plastic. The plastic is 25% thicker than a consumer storage bin. This makes it gives it more strength and durability and less flex.

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Designed for Small Breeding Operations

The V-Mouse and V-Rat tubs are perfectly designed for breeding small groups of mice in laboratories. Our tubs are used in universities, research laboratories, and breeding facilities. Our tubs have high straight sides for better visibility of ear tags, litters, mating, and mice health.

The V-Mouse tub is the perfect size for mating a male with 1 or 2 females, and for housing pregnant females. For groups of mice larger than 5, we recommend using the V-Rat tub.

If you are breeding large numbers of mice or rats, our rodent breeding racks offer superior efficiency and accessibility.

V-Mouse Tub Features

  • Made from durable high impact polypropylene plastic.
  • Clear sides make observation of mice easy.
  • Smooth sides and flat bottom with rounded corners for easier cleaning.
  • Flat top for a gap free seal with racking system.

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