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The V-35 snake tub is our most versatile breeding tub, able to hold an adult python, rats, mice, lizards, and much more!

Complete your breeding tubs with water dish holders or reusable water dishes.

Height 5.375 in
Length 20 in
Depth 15 in
Tub Volume

21 Quarts

Inside Bottom Dimensions*

16.825 × 12 in


Clear, Gray

Bowl Height

2 in

Bowl Bottom Diameter

3.5 in


High Impact Polypropylene

*The Inside Bottom Dimensions represent the flat area of the bottom of the tub.


If you are looking for snake tubs for your breeding operation, look no further!

The V-35 tub is the smaller size of our 5 3/8 inch tall tubs. It’s 15 inches wide, making it perfect for keeping snakes, lizards, or other reptiles.

Also, made from durable high-impact polypropylene plastic, the V-35 is 25% thicker than a consumer storage bin. This gives it more strength, more durability, and less flex.

The V-35 tubs can fit in both the V-35 Snake Rack and V-70 Snake Rack.

And keep in mind, that we offer discounts on bulk orders.

Designed for Snake Breeders

The V-35 tub was created specifically for snake breeding. With just over 24 quarts of volume, this tub is the perfect size for housing an adult ball python.

Do you need tubs for male and female ball pythons? Use our V-70 tubs.

The V-70 snake tub has almost twice the volume (just over 45 quarts) making it the perfect breeding tub for a female snake before laying her clutch.

What about tubs for hatchlings and juvenile snakes? We recommend these options:

  • V-15 tubs
  • V-18 tubs
  • V-35-S tubs

Explore these options and more!

Ideal for Breeding Rats / Mice

One of the most popular uses of our V-35 tubs is breeding mice and rats. The V-35 tub is compatible with our Vision Rodent Racks and our Vision Rodent Lids.

This tub is great for breeding rodent colonies for research or feeding your snakes.

From Universities to large rodent breeders to single snake handlers, our V-35 tubs serve as one of the best enclosures to house and breed mice and rats.

Join the thousands of breeders around the world who use our rodent tubs and breeding racks!


  • Made from durable high impact polypropylene plastic.
  • Clear sides make observation of mice easy.
  • Smooth sides and flat bottom with rounded corners for easier cleaning.
  • Flat top for a gap free seal with racking system.

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