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The V-28 Tub is an upgrade from Rubbermaid 2221 tubs and is ideal for housing adult ball pythons, other snakes, and reptiles.

Complete your order with water dish holders or reusable water dishes.

Height 5.75 in
Length 23 in
Depth 16 in
Tub Volume

28 Quarts

Inside Bottom Dimensions

19 × 12.5


Clear, Gray


High Impact Polypropylene

The Inside Bottom Dimensions are the dimensions of the flat area of the bottom of the tub.


We created the V-28 Breeding Tub as a replacement for the Rubbermaid 2221 tub. The Rubbermaid 2221 has been a standard tub for snake breeders, but it is not a Vision Tub. The V-28 outshines the competition. Our tubs have smooth sides and bottoms with rounded corners for easy cleaning. Flat tops ensure a tight seal with racking. We make our tubs from high impact polypropylene.


  • Made from durable high impact polypropylene plastic.
  • Compatible with the Vision Versa-Rack breeding system.
  • Smooth sides and flat bottom with rounded corners for easier cleaning.
  • Flat top for a gap free seal with racking system.

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