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Handling venomous/poisonous animals is dangerous and should only be performed by licensed professionals.

Owning venomous snakes, reptiles, etc. might not be legal in your State/County/City. Please contact your local DNR for more information.



that's a big freaking snake dude he's easily pushing nine ten feet already he was just rattling like crazy and as soon as i put my hands on he called me right now look how big this freaking fishing cage is you can get inside of it don't mind all right are you boys ready it is hotter than the devil's freaking wiener out here man holy crap what is in this box right here what the heck is that stuff dude today is a good day we got packaging from vision finally i am so excited i know this cake it's falling apart a little bit we just got to rip this thing to pieces yo so i know you guys have been waiting for this i've been telling you guys for a while now rusty is getting way too big for his little tiny vision that he's in right now so it is time to upgrade all right so i got two new vision cages today we are going to set up one of them for rusty and then in a later video we're going to set up the other bigger one for my water monitor little foot so we're doing some upgrades here yeah yeah it's really hot it's really hot outside look who i got here today too mr freeman let me introduce you guys

Taking the Cage Apart:

cole cole's been in a couple videos before back in the day when i first started doing the channel he flew into town recently to uh you know spend some quality time with his homie cheering me up a little bit he's doing a great job so far make sure you check out cole stuff cole is a motorcycle stunt rider harley jumping crazy man all right so let's see how we have to take this thing apart vision did an absolutely great job with this freaking crate thing protects the cages while they're getting [ __ ] let's get these things out going on youtubers we're out here we've got we already said that the safety crew and we're gonna kick this thing apart cole likes to gorilla everything we're professional box openers all right all right so this is the glass right here we gotta be very very careful for this so like i said we're just doing rusty's cage today this is a video about setting up that one and then in another video we are going to upgrade littlefoot's cage all right okay so this is the model 632 guys it is six foot long just like what they have the rattlesnakes in the big rattlesnakes like the big rattlesnakes that i have batman and robin are in the same cage so what we're going to do is we're going to bring this thing inside we're going to move a couple cages around we have to move around the whole snaker room wait until you see how insanely packed it is here in a sec we're gonna move some of the three foot visions down on the floor we're gonna stack the sixes on each other i might order another six we're gonna put the mambas in rusty's old cage and then this is the 734 this monster look how big dude look how big this fricking fishing cage is you can get inside of it it's awesome maybe we can just keep you in this thing cole right coldest day in town he'll sleep in the cage it's perfect it's actually cool push-ups in here dang it so strong freaking hot man all right enough screwing around let's get this thing inside and set rusty up that wide angle baby all right so check this out the snake room is getting a lot smaller you see that dude we are running out of room in here there's freaking cages everywhere i'm still gonna keep this i know in the last video when i said what we were about to do this whole thing we're still going to keep this vision or this rack this is not vision this is made by another company all these great cages though are made by vision okay and that is what i'm going to change everything over to so eventually we're going to be upgrading these pvc cages to all vision instead just because vision they're just they're way more durable they're they're they're just better they're the best ones out there that's why i use them so we're going to take some of these cages down we're going to stack them right over here where pepe is we're going to put those cages right there for now we kind of rearranged everything a little bit we slid this wall down a little bit we moved rusty's old cage which he's still in right now but we're going to turn this into the mamba cage this is moved over a tiny bit we got some room right here so now we're going to utilize that area let's get these down set up over here put that other six footer right on top

Placing the Cages:

all right so we got got the spec first oh yeah oh jeeva all oh look at that boom like a glove now obviously it's kind of in the way of these cages right here but there's nothing in these cages there's only the copperhead the gaboon viper and the monocle here so this works out perfect i don't have to open and close this so we can just like leave it like that for now having these guys over here it'll make it a lot easier taking care of the cages because they won't be so high right now which would be pretty nice all right so now we gotta move the mambas just like us like so see what we did here we rearranged these visions right here now these are the four foot visions okay so we redid this whole stack we wired everything in the back that's good to go we're moving cages around obviously a bunch of things don't have waters right now so we're gonna put waters back in the cages and spot clean them when we're done with this video these rattlesnakes have huge poops in these cages dude look at that fresh horse-sized freaking turds in there but look how this looks absolutely great these three footers stacks perfectly here this is going to be the new mamba cage we got all of our tree vipers and solaris up in here coming together i'm really excited all right so last but not least we're gonna get this six footer up here now this vision cage is actually a lot deeper than this cage but way more room so now rusty has a way bigger cage this is so awesome i'm freaking stoked now he has plenty way better man way more good man so we're gonna get this glass opened up we're gonna get some substrate in here and then it's time to take my main dude out and introduce him into his new home which i'm very excited about huh subscribe yeah don't worry about that all right i'll see you guys in a second

Cleaning the Cages:

okay so we put absolutely way too much freaking aspen in here and i know you guys want to see my rattlesnakes anyways so we're going to take the bottle snakes out we got to clean some poop in here rattlesnake's got two big old piles of poop in there so what we're gonna do pepe had a great idea we're gonna take them out put them in the containers real quick make everything nice and safe and snake free so we can get in there we're gonna clean these big old piles of poop out of there then we're gonna take some of the excess aspen from up here and put it down below so let's get after it right now they're both cuddling together dude look how freaking big they're getting i feel like they're getting a little bigger now that batman's now that robin's on rabbits too like maybe they're just kicking a little longer maybe they're just like huge and i don't realize it all the time let's see what we've got going on here all right sir thank you very much batman freaking monster rattlesnake all right let's get this big boy dude he is so freaking heavy let's get him into the trash can real quick there we go just like that see if we put that lid on there cole awesome he's thick there he's a big boy all right so let's get robin under her cage which one is she going into basically yeah she's gonna go into that bin right there so get her out listen carefully don't go in the poop sweetheart thank you very much don't feel like cleaning poop off you look how big she's getting big old rattle thing don't mind my floor it's a mess we are rearranging the room right now he only has four little buttons on that rattle now bummer i'm sure you guys saw the video i made of the rattle breaking it's gonna take a while for that thing to grow back things long but oh well here can you throw that away from me thank you very much all right so let's clean this poop get this situated real fast and then it's time to take hands scoop it what do you mean like do it with my hands like this and then you just go like that get a little thing like that it is freaking disgusting bro where's that garbage bring the garbage over here and then i want you to smoke garbage bag in here smell your fingers here see how great this looks everything is nice it's very aesthetically pleasing that's why i love vision so much they're just great cages they're very sturdy they don't bend as much as they back in the day they were a little bit there was some thinner versions of them that boat a little bit but these are the new versions and they're absolutely fantastic way more ergonomic way more i love these things you got a drop down for your heat lights see that so these little drop down sections right there for your heat lights your uv lights also have another section right over here the top part see they put some more ventilation right here you put a light right up top there i decided to put the lights along the back where those back vents are just the way that i like to do it but look how much bigger this cage is for rusty like literally rusty's cage right now is just a quarter of this cage so now he has way more room spread his body out i can't wait to see him in here but first let's get these rattlesnakes back in their cage so mr batman hello sir let me go in here very carefully like this oh man see see as soon as i touch him he stops rattling isn't that crazy like literally as soon as i touched this guy he was just rattling like crazy and as soon as i put my hands on him he calmed right down so let's get him in the cage like that i wanna touch him mr friend yeah cool right let me get the big snake in there you can oh my god he's a monster that's nice and safely okay look at that awesome right wow he's thick he's sick nothing but muscle just watch your back now his head is right there okay so let's safely close this no don't close the cage just yet i still gotta put his girlfriend back in i know i'm just trying to so let's go ahead grab robin here we go hey sweetie how are you dude no she is not like batman like when i grab her you know i see how batman stops before she normally does not stop she just rattles the whole time yeah she stopped now there she goes again a little tiny baby rattle man little tiny guy watch your tail sweetie thank you all right it is time for the main event mr rusty in the left corner so

Checking on Russ:

rusty watch out cole don't want him come flying out of here dude look how big and beautiful my handsome man is hello oh you got some nice piles of poop in there russ look how big he's getting look at this this snake is getting gigantic look at how big he is look at this that's a big freaking snake dude he's easily pushing 910 feet already hey russ how you doing dude right look how big this freaking king is he's awesome he's just gonna get way bigger way bigger he's just a little tiny little lad hey excuse me sir stay like that don't go after my feet excuse me relax yourself very cool he's checking it out dude he's very curious he likes to squirm around a little bit but as you can see he doesn't really hood up a whole lot anymore or open mouth strike or anything like that he's pretty chill for the most part like he's a very well behaved snake now you could just take him out handle him however he's doing great and he's got a shed soon too so he's a little on the darker side than normal cool right so it feels totally different than the rattlesnake the rattlesnakes have keeled scales so they kind of have these little ridges on their scales that makes them on a little rougher than normal hey excuse me but he's very smooth look at this guy look at how beautiful this freaking snake is he is awesome such a beautiful cobra dude i love rusty you are the greatest dude all right so let's get mr russ back in his cage look at how cool he is excuse me he's sir real close to my stomach no i don't even know all right so i'm just gonna walk him right over to his cage right here oh cold water bowl take his water bowl out of that cage real fast and the greenery i guess you could throw in his new cage so just take the water bowl i'm gonna go fill it up with water yeah you can just dump it out real fast get some fresh water in there for him and then we're gonna put that on the left side of his cage opposite of the heat line because these guys don't need the humidity to be extra crazy i like it a little bit on the human side but nothing too crazy so all my animals that like high humidity i like to keep their water bowls right underneath their heat lights that way it helps evaporate yes that can go on the left alright so let's get him in his cage let him slither in there dude look at this look how much room he has now that's freaking awesome plenty of room look at look he looks kind of small now and that other kg looks absolutely gigantic now not so much dude awesome look at that so much more room absolutely freaking wonderful thank you so much vision so much more all right guys that


is it holy crap it is so hot in here super hot yeah we are super freaking sweaty so that is it guys hope you enjoyed the video like i said before vision cages vision cages are the best i will put the link down below all the information will be all over in this video order some vision cages they are the best the cream of the crop they look beautiful super professional layout look at this i mean you can't beat it it looks great most ergonomic cage in the market yeah the snake room is looking sick look at this all this dude it's just cages on cages on cages on cages on cages the next move is buying a property we actually went to go look at a property the other day me and cole went to go check this place out this guy had like five to ten acres available uh it was decent but i don't really think it's what i'm looking for he had a lake on the property the lake was gigantic so it was ninety percent yeah it was more lake than anything and i need some freaking land to build some cages so i'm not really sure i'm gonna keep looking around but we're getting there hopefully sooner than later we're gonna upgrade this entire place new facility new cages it's gonna be we're just gonna keep doing epic [ __ ] it's gonna be awesome so till next time guys thanks for watching new merch if you haven't ordered new merch i got all that down below we got a whole new website going a whole new merch company it is badass they are killing it so make sure you order something okay until next time make sure you like comment subscribe on this video we will see you next time killed it freeman killed it you guys killed it see you next time [Applause] [Music] foreign [Music]  

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