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Baby Black Spitting Cobras Get New Vision Cages!

By Tyler Nolan on

Handling venomous/poisonous animals is dangerous and should only be performed by licensed professionals.

Owning venomous snakes, reptiles, etc. might not be legal in your State/County/City. Please contact your local DNR for more information.


[Music] Oh [Music] ooh what's up dude you're doing it out here doing it what the hell is up guys you know the drill it's Tyler Nolan Pepe welcome to the frickin show [Music] [Music] all right so today the day is finally here look at this got home whoa the heck is in their vision cages baby fresh brand-new hello fresh new vision cages brand new no more used ones I've only ever bought used vision cages before these are this is the first time in my life brand new freshies in the box I'm really excited about it are you excited about it the heck is behind you then a boat trailer what the heck why do I got a blue trailer maybe I

got a new boat I think I did that'll be a next video but for now we're gonna open up these boxes and get these cages set up inside finally have like a new visual smell ring spankin new another thing taking note man this packaging if you look at the way that they package the glass super super secure hopefully none of it is broken but I would assume that it's not because they really take the time packaging everything great which is huge when you're ordering cages because I've ordered cages before off the Amazon and stuff especially with glass they come to your house and they're already broken it sucks it's great to see that vision take such time packaging their product [Music] [Music] [Music] SiC check that out Bobby CI stuff to hook up the electrical which I'm gonna do off-camera cause obviously that's super boring but pretty much I just grab these light fixtures right here these guys screw them into the top wire them to the bottom easy peasy some I keep on some I keep off depending on what the cages are like obviously the oil stuff doesn't need a whole lot of heat Cobras are different yeah awesome let's get the got break the glass out

set the glass up now so check these out looks like vision has stepped it up yet again check it out new tempered glass they got these new slides on it which feels waist smoother than the other ones now these other cages have this have this clear glide on the bottom but see these are awesome black - looks great alright so the first snakes that I'm gonna set up in these are those baby black spitters now they're tiny they're little tiny babies and I don't want to take any risks with them getting in between the glass so what I'm gonna do is I'm just taking some weather stripping like that putting it on the edge of the glass so that way and the pieces of glass go together in their vision there's no gap in between and no little baby snakes can sneak out of it so this will be perfect for them just like that okay bada-boom obviously I'm gonna order some more showcase locks for these cages I don't have them right now so it's gonna go all the way top to bottom but once I get the showcase locks like this I just gotta order some more off Amazon I'll put the link down below in the description great locks to use for these cages put one right here final bing bada boom baby Cobra it's going to be super happy inside a person alright so the first snakes to get new cages are gonna be these little black spit herbs that I got let's check these guys out they've been doing pretty well that's the proper heat and everything it's a little bit a little bit harder to keep on top of temperature inside these little deli cups so let's see how she's gonna act a or he/she this is the girl let's see ya crazy little spinner how are ya now

these guys are nuts she just I don't want to mess with them too much cuz this one she's got a little bump it in the belly this one eat this one ate a couple days ago hey come on here so it's such a cool oh my god yeah that spit is crazy but what a pretty little Cobra dude jet black Cobra hey Alex grab me the grab me grab me some water real quick let's get this guy get this guy some water spitting all over me of course watch out Caleb okay okay got by this little guy got a nice little jet ball right here that in his cage that about right there what a pretty black snake man just waiting on Alex give me some water fill that bad boy up got some water but you like that now you see this is the reason why I did the weather stripping in the cage just because he's a smaller Cobra you see how much he flattens out his head like that now they can actually you got to be very careful with baby snakes because with these visions when they're little like this at first oh my god eaters got soaked when they're little like this at first make a slip right through the crack of this glass so you always want to make sure that this strip you get these weather stripping just like this that way they muy importante you do not want little death worms and weaves and your snake and it is not fun trying to find them granted it's an escape-proof room still

trying to trying to find snakes in a room that can kill you this is never a fun situation so this is the smaller one now this one up this one looks like it is about to be in shed which is great so I've tried feeding both of them yesterday one of them eat as you can see the other one which is this one did not eat so hopefully once this thing sheds yeah you can see the eyes are a little bit opaque so she should be shedding soon like to see she's not even like completely black but honey babe all of her look all over again right on my Luke and again and again and again they're crazy these guys spit spit spit pretty gnarly right in your gauge thank you so just like that look at all this venom on my face screen right here boom grazie I would be super screwed and I've to not have this thing on me so now that we did that you go wash my hands wash the space max I don't want to leave venom on anything so I'm gonna go get all that done and we'll finish up this vision video for you guys Booya so still have to set up all these other cages I don't even have snakes for these cages like I have these two vision cages that are open that I'm waiting for some animals so if you guys want to keep an eye out for me much appreciated I really want a mansion Viper really

really bad I've been waiting four years already I've been waiting for Tom to breed them it's just sick of waiting for Tom hopefully that happens soon but no so if I find one let me know why gloves Viper maybe so hopefully I can find some snakes for those cages eventually and then I have these two three foots over here which who knows and there's another four foot vision right here I actually treated my buddy Todd that was just in town that I got the baby leucistic from kilos girlfriend he traded me I had that albino sunset cover up top I traded him that albino sunset for a female spectacle so stay tuned for that video we're gonna be pairing up the spectacles together and hopefully trying to get some baby specs at some point that's gonna be awesome also fascination her online I got this is over a month ago during kovin they just haven't been able to ship them because of copán I got to Naga ultras Chinese Cobras okay and they're a different color more there's not your typical dark Naja atre this is I'm gonna leave it as a surprise for you guys so those guys come in soon too so maybe I'll put those two Cobras in here SiC Chinese Cobras coming to you hopefully shortly I've talked to them a couple of weeks ago and they said if the if Delta doesn't open up shipping that they're going to drive to Atlanta and ship them down here for me so we'll see that's it snake room is looking pretty awesome got a dope Tower visions right here this looks great I'm gonna throw the beaded lizard's back up here they'll be nice and nice and happy up there these caters are honestly perfect for them I was gonna set them up in video there's honestly no reason to right now until they get bigger and then I can introduce them with each other so I'm gonna get back to work I still got a lot to put together in this room super boring I don't want to put you guys through it thank you for watching Kayla

thanks for being the camera girl again because hopefully this video came out great wasn't Alex filming peace out guys till next time make sure you like you comment and subscribe if you watch my channel and you're not subscribed you ready please please please go subscribe turn on your notifications so you don't miss any videos stay awesome stay safe stay beautiful state gangsta all that crap peace out till next time later guys [Music] bonus footage baby it's been a minute so figured why the hell not this video needs a little bit more excitement let's show ya how she's doing she just ate yesterday this is the new baby little kilos girlfriend I don't want to really mess with her too much I just want to show you guys how she's doing she just ate a little just eat a little mouse yesterday look how cute this little Kobe's like what she is awesome now she's so tiny I like how Seifer she is can't see through her head right there so what's the light going through it such a badass little Cobra I can't wait for her to grow up and make me some babies with kilo little kilo babies to be come up with a name with her yet we named her Snow is that her name pearl or snow I honestly like snow I think snow is a really cool name for her for their little hissy Lucy relax they put your head let me put your thing down relax you will next okay put a spazzy like hey how are you what's going on you're so cool love it super digging her cage nice and happy here awesome well pretty you guys wanted to see her again so there you go pizza [Music]  

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