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New Vision Cage for My King Cobra! *How to Setup*

By Tyler Nolan on

Handling venomous/poisonous animals is dangerous and should only be performed by licensed professionals.

Owning venomous snakes, reptiles, etc. might not be legal in your State/County/City. Please contact your local DNR for more information.


oh man oh good morning hey you little brat how you doing he's in here screaming you're mad that i didn't come here are you first huh you might come say hi to you first is that what you're mad about wanna say hi to everybody say hey say hey youtube i'm gonna get you some food get you all ready hi babe hello no no no no thank you nice what because i have the camera you got to show up i like to look woo the time has come bro what's in the box can i help you i have to show people what we got okay can you go back to your perch please thank you we got a surprise surprise check out this sweet box so i've been telling you guys we're getting a new cage for rusty vision has been so kind to send me a brand new cage faux free 50. all i gotta do is make them a couple videos and answer some questions for you guys a lot of people ask me how i set these cages up how i do the heat on them how i regulate the heat how i wire all the electric on them yada yada so that's what we're gonna do today we're gonna set this bad boy up and teach you how to do it and get rusty a brand new awesome way bigger cage hey ralphie what are you doing man without further ado let's uh see what's inside this bad boy dude what the hell oh my god it's a pepe what the heck is that have you been sleeping in there this whole time i'm trying to sleep in here oh it's crazy i'm still tired over here

brand new vision cage all right so this vision cage this is the model 433 okay it's 48 inches long 28 inches high and 28 inches deep which is a great size cage for my little russ because he's getting bigger right yeah he's great size grace has cage for pepe a little rusty back there my little dude he's awesome he's getting a lot bigger so we need to upgrade his cage now this cage still is only going to be good for like another year and then mr real estate agent over here needs to find tyler nolan a way bigger property so i could build rusty this huge majestic awesome walk-in enclosure and that's what's gonna that's what's gonna we're gonna get you an awesome facility look this room is getting super full see there's cages i'm i'm up to my eyeballs and vision cages in here okay but i love these cages they're awesome they're stackable they look great super clean makes my snake room look legit i love them i think we're gonna set up right here i'm gonna get rid of this little stand right here i'm in the middle of building a stand for this cage outside right now so we're gonna get that finished up right here in a second show you guys how i'm doing that pretty easy i'm just using two by fours you see under all these cages right here i got these little two by four frames to hold everything up with they work out great super strong so we're gonna do the same thing here we're gonna build this two by four frame we're going to put this cage right here i'm going to build a nice little shelf on top of it put the mang shans right on top and solaris with them as well everything will be nice together all nice and happy and it'll look great also it's important you know what i mean this is the room that we film in the most so we gotta make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing for everybody and it's functional too not only that you gotta make sure in your snake room when you're dealing with these certain animals not only is it not crowded but you have plenty of room

to come out and handle these animals you know what i mean if you're in close quarters with the king cobra and something bad happens it could get a little hairy you want to make sure you have enough room to handle these animals safely [Music] this is the frame that we're gonna use hopefully it fits measure twice cut once that's the goal so hopefully we're gonna bring this inside in here in a second and the cage is just gonna slide right in there [Music] so check this out look perfect area yes my room is getting a little bit crowded but it's good we're moving soon moving bigger property keep that in mind so let's see if this fits so this should just slide in there [Applause] it's like i made that on purpose like that you know what i mean we're gonna get this cage set up with lighting and i'm gonna show you guys how i do that okay that is the main purpose of this video is to teach you guys how i set up my vision cages the lights i use the hardware i use how i do it all etc so let's get to that all right so vision cages they all have vents in the back you see how this cage right here has this big vent in the back here now this is great to have obviously for ventilation but i don't want to cover up the whole thing with a light these cages have smaller vents in the back check this out see in the back of these cages it's only three inches wide by maybe what 13

inches long so that vent is not that big if you were to put a light over that vent then there's no ventilation in these cages and that is not good so i do not like putting lights over those vents okay i like to do it like this now these these cages have led lights in them because the heat is regulated inside these cages they don't need to get that hot because this room stays a perfect temperature to where these guys don't need heat lights but you see these fixtures up here these fixtures i get at home depot okay so just like this they're these little light fixture discs so with these vision cages you want them to have the heat on one side of the cage okay so that way if it gets too hot on the one side they can go on the other side they don't have to bask in the heat light they can go to the cool spot right on the other side okay so i'm going to go up here and this is where i want to put this light fixture right here all right so this is where i'm going to put this now a lot of you guys might be thinking like why are you about to drill into this cage when you could just put a light fixture here and put the uv there yes that is doable but like i said before i want to keep as much of this ventilation space open as possible okay so that's why i am about to drill out this part right here so we're going to drill out this first screw easy peasy just like that [Music] boom just like that now not only do you need those two screw holes but you also need a hole right in the middle put the electrical wire through okay because you're gonna have to run the electrical through then attach this then put it all together all right so see what i'm doing here threading that wire through that main middle hole okay bring it through like this now simple enough now you don't need to

be an electrician to do this just know what you're doing okay i'm not telling everybody to go out there and start wiring your own cages if you don't know what you're doing ask an electrician friend for help or somebody that knows what they're doing it's not too hard you could probably look up a different youtube video to show you how to do it it's pretty simple just make sure that you do things correctly you don't jerry rig anything because you don't want anything to happen get some crazy electrical fire burn your house down because you watch the title and video about putting together vision cages you know what i mean let's not do that people make sure you know what you're doing all right screwdriver so i'm going to get these on there like show booyah and then this one like this you just wrap it around that connector right there just like that perfect so what i'm gonna do i'm gonna get in here i'm gonna put them up through here and then just put those nuts on there jake that's one yep and oh that was two that's two noise and toy toy like a tiger we got the light fixture in so now we're just going to take out a bunch of freaking corners like this that should be long enough right like seven feet but a bang bang cut this now we're gonna do the same thing now these little plugs check this out you can also get these right at home depot or your home improvement store whatever the hell you guys have wherever you're from all right these little plugs they open up like this little plastic plug look at that open it up positive

negative there's no ground on these which is awesome makes life a little bit easier you don't have to worry about doing a ground just the third wire whatever two wires do the connections put it back together plug that bad boy in you're good to go all right so just a little spoiler alert for you guys we're setting up rusty in this cage right after this little light tutorial for you guys okay since so many people have been asking questions about how to do this finally making a video so that way even vision can use this video if they need help they want they wanna people email vision asking how to set up the electrical in cages boom now you can refer right back to this video it's gonna be great but at the end of this video which is not too far from now we're going to take rusty out of his cage we're going to show you guys how big and beautiful that he is getting and we're going to feed him a ball python today now if you guys have been watching before i've been feeding him strictly burmese pythons for the last few months now but uh a pet store hit me up a few weeks ago and they had a bunch of dead ball pythons that were in the freezer and they needed to get rid of they were just going to toss them out so i was like hey just give them to me i have a king cobra that will be more than happy to eat all of the ball pythons that you have so that's what we're gonna do today i can't wait to give him something new it's a nice bigger they're bigger than these berms they're fatter they're yeah awesome all right so this is the led uv light i'm just wiring up real quick same thing as before on the other light positive and negative the ground to put on the negative side so that way the light turns on sweet deal now this one see it's not a very wide light so i can just put this light on the ventilated part and it'll still have

plenty of room for airflow to go in and out of the cage [Music] look at that we have light pretty awesome let's get the heat light in there then it's time to set this cage up put the top on there and put everybody back into position [Music] all right moments of truth see if i'm a good electrician oh there we go perfect hell yeah so this is the perfect got a 75 watt heat light in here that's perfect for rust hell yeah dude that's awesome perfect so he's got his basking spot right here put his hide box his water bowl maybe like so you know what i mean i'm just gonna fill up the cage get it all decorated nice and cool for us get them in here get them fed nice got chun li and raiden dude look how awesome this looks i'm so stoked very excited no float up in here get rusty's cage set up and see how he likes it all right so now i'm going to take russ out of his cage so that way i can grab a couple things we're gonna grab a couple of his plants and a couple other little hide boxes in there and his big water bowl because i don't have an extra big water bowl for him move it all we're gonna take him out put him in the trash can put all his stuff into his new enclosure put him in there and then feed him so let's safely get this cage open mr jakey smell that

[Music] safely out of here hey russ it's crazy how light he's getting man like dude look how light he is he looks great and he just ate probably eight or nine days ago now he just ate but dude look at how beautiful my little russ is getting such an inquisitive little anymore dude i know he's getting bigger pretty quick so uh here jake can you open up that trash can from here real quick let's get my little guy in the trash can just like that all right dude look how awesome this looks this looks fantastic right dude i love it got the mangs up here got the insularis this little setup you still have plenty of room in here there's cages all the way around 360 in this room got cages everywhere it's awesome super cool so let's get russ out the trash can he's so smart [Music] all right rusty dude i can't believe how big this guy's getting such a pretty cobra he's so cool now a lot of you guys comment on how alert and twitchy he is and how aware of his environment he is now all that's gonna take is just handling him more and more and more and i handle him a good amount i probably take him out like once a week i'm gonna try to make it an effort to handle him more um i was talking to one of my

friends the other day he takes his king cobra out every other day and handles him for about 30 minutes just so he gets used to being handled and gets more acquainted with the handler you know what i mean but what a cool freaking snake man now let's get him in his new cage and see how he likes it he smells all the old plants he had in his cage he's like oh this is familiar but dude look at the size of him compared to this cage such a better fit for him that other cage that other vision was getting just way too small and i felt bad because he's just growing so fast now look at this this cage is perfect perfect size for him look he's like literally the perfect size for this right now this hopefully this cage is going to last him six months to a year i'm gonna i'm gonna hope look at that russ dude you like your new cage bro dude so excited like look at this like this looks so much better right so sick dude dude so much better look how much room he has he look he loves it like i always say check it out dude he could literally slither through his cage oh man awesome good stretch out you think you want to eat bro i got a ball python for you want to try to eat something his colors are absolutely unreal especially right after he sheds he just shed a few days ago and dude every time he sheds his colors just get more and more vibrant and more lighter it's freaking awesome all right let's go grab that ball python [Music] let's see if russ is going to eat in his new enclosure which he might and he might not you know what i mean snakes are picky eaters but he's pretty awesome eater last week he ate on the floor for chandler so today hopefully he's going to eat in his brand new cage once he sees this ball python this is a great meal for him he's not going to need a meal for probably a couple weeks after this one

look let's get a head shot there you go smell that thing bro what a fantastic heater bro holy crap dude he is in a brand new enclosure does not know this environment at all i mean obviously he knows that he's in the same freaking snake room but dude to have a king that eats on point like this is awesome because i've had so many kings in the past and i've had them all have issues with eating whether it's just it's a long it's a process you know what i mean when you're raising up kings sometimes they eat great sometimes they don't it's pain in the ass it is awesome to have a king with a great appetite like this like obviously he's in a brand new enclosure he's eating right away he's got nothing to worry about pretty awesome so let's let him slurp this thing down and try not to disturb him a whole lot [Music] all right so he's just got that little tiny bit left look how thick he is right now look at that got such a good meal in today that is awesome sorry bro are you mad at me for filming you you're like dad leave me alone i'm trying to eat [Music] down the hatch my favorite part is that last little piece of spaghetti come on finish it up there bud there we go awesome what a great snake dude

thanks little russ was that yummy delicious delicious [Music] [Music] oh yes you're such a big strong snake all right bing bang boom look at that that is a sweet setup right looks badass badass i dig it dude got all the mings up there dude i just i love the way that it came out it accents the room perfectly like look look at my room now it's just it looks it's dope it fits perfect oh that is it not bad bro we did that pretty quick too that was only a couple hours worth of work not bad at all rusty got a meal in he got a new cage dude he's king in the castle right now awesome like dude he's got the biggest cage in here dope man i'm glad i got to spoil my king with a new cage and thank you vision thank you thank you thank you so much really means a lot having sponsors like you guys and being able to work with you guys over the years after using these products for years and years and years some of these vision cages i'm not kidding i've had for 20 years i'm 32 years old i've had some of these cages since i was a little kid living at my parents house okay i still have them that's how good they are they last that long they hold their value literally they hold their value they last forever escape proof they're the most escape-proof cages i think around they're great so with that said make sure you guys click the link down below we put the website in the beginning of this video we got the link right down here below you can go on there order some new cages order some racks order some products from them they don't just sell

cages they have all sorts of stuff on there i think there's even bird cages there's all sorts of awesome stuff on their website so go check them out give them a holler hopefully this hopefully this video helped you guys with how to set up these lights where to get all the hardware for it it's really easy go to home depot you saw how fast i just set that up i hate saying that what's your cash phrase whether you like it or not i hate it it doesn't matter it's terrible i got to come up with a new one shazam yeah awesome terrible all right well that's it i need a i need to like take a shower and get dressed i'm sorry i'm sorry i did this whole video without a shirt on i'm in my house okay we were outside building things it's hot so yeah the sun's out whatever i'm sorry guys don't don't uh crucify me for it next time i will have a shirt on the first sunny day in like two weeks seriously yeah dude whatever man so until next time guys be safe out there make sure you like comment subscribe let's get to 500 000 subscribers we're at 300 something right now let's get up to 500 000 i want to go somewhere really cool make a really awesome video make sure you leave some comments down below let me know what you think if you have any questions feel free to ask me in the comment section if you want to know what size cages i have tvs these two footers you know you you need model numbers you need to know what sizes just simply comment down below i'll be more than happy to help you guys out and comment back just let me know until next time killed it out of here love you guys later [Music] you  

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