Rodent Water Bottle Nozzle

Rodent Water Bottle Nozzle Details



Our rodent water bottle nozzles are some of the most versatile on the market. They work with almost any bottle and breeding tub depth. See our sizing guidelines for more information.

The 22mm rodent bottle plugs work great with most standard drinking water and soda bottles ranging from 12oz to 1liter bottles.
The 30mm rodent bottle plugs work great with most Gatorade / PowerAde bottles, as well as many juice bottles and some plastic milk bottles ranging from 12oz to 1liter.
The 34mm rodent bottle plugs work great with large glass milk bottles with approximately a 34mm opening as well as most plastic and glass Snapple bottles.

The short straight nozzle works great for V-35S, V-18, and V-15 tubs.
The long bent nozzle works great for V-35 and V-70 Vision tubs.

22mm - Long Bent (Type A)
30mm - Long Bent (Type B)
34mm - Long Bent (Type C)
22mm - Short Straight (Type D)
30mm - Short Straight (Type E)
34mm - Short Straight (Type G)
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Silicone, Steel – Stainless

Bottle Mouth Size

22mm, 30mm, 34mm

Compatible Tubs

V-15, V-18, V-35S, V-35, V-70


Our rodent bottle plugs and nozzles are unique in the fact that they can be used with most commercially available water bottles. Most nozzle tops are made for specialized threads that do not fit common water bottles. This saves money as you can use the bottles you would normally discard for everyday use making them practically free. The silicone plugs are durable and pet safe. The nozzles are made from durable stainless steel.