Rodent Food Hopper

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The Vision Rodent Rack Food Hopper is designed to work perfectly with the Vision Shelf Rodent Racks. It holds food in a concentrated area improving ventilation and the tidiness of your rodent rack.

Height 3 in
Length 14.5 in
Depth 8.5 in

Steel – Stainless




Are you looking for a better way to supply food to your rodent breeding rack?

Look no further than our newly developed Vision Rodent Rack Food Hopper. This is an excellent food hopper for rats, mice, rabbits, hamsters, and more. They fit seamlessly into our Vision Shelf Rodent Racks, making life easy for you and your small mammals.

Chew-Proof Stainless Steel

Rodents are notorious for chewing on things and damaging them. Thankfully, our food hopper is made from strong stainless steel, so they may try to gnaw on it, but won’t be able to chew through it. And because of its durable design, you can expect it to last a lifetime.

Easy Loading

We’ve designed our rodent food hopper with a long chute that extends outside of the breeding rack. With this new design, you can fill the hopper from the outside, instead of reaching between levels. The result is quick, hassle-free feedings, every time.

Holds More than Enough Food

At a height of three inches and with a long chute component, our Rodent Rack Food Hopper holds plenty of food.

As your rodents consume food at the bottom, the rest will naturally fall down the angled chute. So, your rodents be well-fed and you won’t waste as much food because it all stays in one confined area.

Compact Design

The compact design of our Rodent Food Hopper offers some additional benefits to your Vision Shelf Rodent Rack:

  • Increased ventilation
  • No more mess
  • Easy to reposition and clean

Increased Ventilation

The Rodent Food Hopper only covers about half the surface area of a single tub. This way, you can supply an optimal amount of food to each of your rodents, without cutting off their air supply.

No More Mess

The rodent hopper’s compact design limits the mess caused by feeding. The food will be kept in a concentrated area instead of littered all over the shelf.

Easy to Reposition and Clean

You can position the hopper anywhere you need it to be. With its compact and lightweight design, moving it from tub to tub or shelf to shelf on a Vision Rodent Rack is easy.

All you need to do is pull out the tub from underneath the hopper, remove the two bolts and wing nuts holding the hopper in place, and reposition it to wherever you need.

Cleaning the food hopper is just as simple. Aside from the easily cleanable stainless steel, its mobility makes disinfecting the entire hopper a breeze.

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