Quick Connect Bulkhead and Tube Fitting



The Quick Connect bulkhead and tube fitting ensure an efficient and nearly hassle-free rodent watering system. Simply connect the bulkhead to the water reservoir to regulate and direct water flow. It also has a leak-free seal and auto-shutoff feature to prevent spilling.

This bulkhead fits any 3/16″ flexible tubing watering system.




Additional Product Information:

  • Requires a 5/8″ hole
  • Double “O” rings on the male fitting provide a drip-free seal
  • The bulkhead shuts off water flow automatically when you remove the male fitting
  • 1/4-turn connection and disconnection

How Does a Bulkhead Benefit My Watering System?

Efficient Water Distribution: A bulkhead allows for efficient and controlled distribution of water from the reservoir to different parts of the breeding rack.

Hygiene and Sanitation: Bulkheads help maintain a cleaner and more sanitary environment. It minimizes the risk of water spillage or cross-contamination during the refilling process.

Time and Labor Savings: A Quick Connect Bulkhead significantly reduces the frequency of refilling the system with water.

Water Conservation: Designed with water conservation in mind, water from the reservoir will be used efficiently and never wasted.