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Snake Room Makeover

By Will Nace on


Speaker: What's up guys? It's another beautiful day. Nice to see you guys. It's been a minute. Not really because I was supposed to do the video last night at 2:00 in the morning, but yes. Anyway, lots to do today. Today I got to clean a lot of stuff. I got to set up some new cages, got to move some new cages. For those of you guys that have also been asking about my photography and selling it, I'm working on that currently. Just bear with me, give me another couple days and once I do have it up and running, I will put the link in the descriptions of my videos to sell my photography.

The cool part about it is you guys can get it on canvases, you can get just prints of it. You can get it on a mug if you want. You can get it on anything you could possibly want. It's awesome, I’m really excited about this to get this going. Hopefully you guys do love my photography. Again, once I get the website up and going, I will send you guys a link. I'll put it in the description. I'll put it across the screen. I'll do all that fun stuff. But, today we got to clean some stuff, we got to get these cages ready for the snake room, super-excited about this.

I’ve had these cages for probably about a month or so now, and haven't had the time to set them up, but today's that day. Today is going to be a full day of stuff. I’m going to get the lights installed in these cages today. What else? I got to clean some of the snakes in the reptile room. I got to clean my crocodilians. I got to feed my crocodilians. I have to feed some of the bigger snakes as well. Hopefully, you guys enjoy this episode. I'm going to get started cleaning stuff. I'm not going to probably film too much, but with this handy little tool I have here I'm going to film what I can, so see you guys in a bit. All right, so in the snake room, oh man, I already moved one cage around there. I’ll put my [unintelligible 00:02:23] in there, but it’ll all be in a time-lapse. Anyway, a big beautiful male shed. I’m going to take that out, but I guess we got stuff to move around and I'm going to move some stuff around before we do all that.

Got some cages to set up. Fun long day. Mojave is out, black-tail rattlesnake is out. Moving cages is always so much fun. It's not really fun at all, no. We're going to move some stuff around today. As you can see, I already started working on the lights there. Once everything's said and done, I'll give you guys another tour since it'll be an updated tour. But right now I'm going to go clean some crocodilians. Okay, so I stand corrected, I'm not going to be cleaning crocodilians, because Summer already cleaned them for me. I have an awesome wife. So, they're all nice and clean. Oh yes, you aren’t jumping yet, food food, food food, food food, food food, food food, food food, [laughs] food food, food food, awesome. Love alligators, so cool. All right, well, I don't need to clean that but I will be feeding him in this video as well, so stay tuned for that, that'll probably be towards the end of the video. Still, lots more stuff to do, what's next? The upkeep, you got to love it.


All right guys, so it is day two. I am here in the snake room, I am done moving stuff around. I do need to empty those two bad boys out right there. This is me kind of filming on the new camera, still a little tweaks to do to figure it out for those of you guys that have been asking. How clear is it? Let me know, comment, if you guys like it. Anyway, so got these two cages set up, got them set up. I did have to go drop the glass off for that one today, one of the pieces was cracked, I didn't like, didn't want to use it. So, went and got a new one cut, hopefully they'll be calling me today again to pick that back up.

The bottom one is ready to go. I'm going to be moving my Mexican West Coast rattlesnakes in there because yesterday when I was moving these guys, the light fell, so I do need to fix that. That is going to be their new home down there. Super super excited about that. It's a nice big cage, same size as Kevin's, very, very deep, huge snake. There's room for me to get one more. So excited. I'm going to go ahead and move these guys now. All right. There's my beautiful female going into shed here shortly, excited for her to share it so she gets out of this nasty skin. She'll have nice new skin.

I don’t know if it’s focusing or not, I can't really tell. I’m probably going to have a camera guy, but yes, so I'm going to go ahead and put her in. Now, I got to get male. [snake rattling] Sorry for the Canebrake rattlesnake down there, rattling nonstop. A big boy, I love this snake, this snake was given to me by my very good friend Tyler Nolan. He did not want the snake, he's very aggressive, Oh look at him, he shade too. Very aggressive at the time. I put a lot of time and work into this beautiful snake. I'm very happy I have-- The snake has never struck at me once. Super super excited that I had gotten to add it to my collection. Now, I’ll go ahead and put him in now.

There they are in their new setup. Very big cage. Very, very big. Now that they're in there, I can get to cleaning their cage, fix the light and I'm actually going to be taking my Canebrake rattlesnakes out of their current enclosure, and moving them into this enclosure. And then my Gaboon viper, I haven't figured out where I'm going to put my Gaboon viper yet, but I'm going to put her somewhere, so we'll see. All right. There it is, all nice and set up, clean water, I’m going to go ahead and put the glass now and put the snakes in. This is going to be for the Canebrake rattlesnakes. [snake rattling] Okay, so after thinking very, very long and hard about this I think I'm going to proceed and do it. I'm going to be putting my Western Diamondback rattlesnake in with my two Mexican West Coast rattlesnakes. Now, she's a big female so it shouldn't be a problem but it's a huge cage big enough to hold three full-grown rattlesnakes, so I'm going to go ahead and put her in there now and then I'll film it and see what their reactions are like. If it's a negative reaction I'll pull her out if it's a positive reaction I'm just going to leave her in. So, we're going to go ahead and try that now.

Okay, so I just put her in I put her in on this side, she's over there. No, they are over there, excuse me. No, no don't pay attention to me. Hopefully, everything should be fine. They're both over there smelling this the first time I've kept her on mulch, so she's smelling too. My battery's dying. There she is. It's been about five minutes since my battery died. I do have another camera though thank God. She's in there with them everything should be fine. I'm going to stay here and just keep an eye on them for a little bit. I do have to go put a roll in there. Sponsor me GoPro. Anyway, yes, I'm going to keep an eye on them but super excited because I will be able to put my Gaboon Viper in there. I just got to fix some lighting going on in there, bam.

I want you guys to comment below and think about what I'm getting for that cage. Again, it's a big cage. I want you guys to guess what I'm going to be putting in that cage but for that right now let's go feed some crocodilians, well, after I'm done watching them. We're going to feed crocodilians, let's go have fun with that.

All right guys I got some rats here for the alligators. Got to feed these guys. What are you doing? You hungry? Hopefully, you guys can hear that noise. That is what an alligator does when he calls his mum. Where's the other one? There he is, you hungry? I think these guys are both hungry, these are always hungry. All right so let's get to feeding them. Do the big one first, got this little guy for him. Food food, food food, no you're not the-- No, all right, fine, feed the little one first. Oh stop, food food, there you go. All right, atta big guy. Well, food food, food food, good boy. Going to [unintelligible 00:14:23] in your mouth for a little while? All right. I do have one more for the little guy. Bing bang boom, come on. Food food, hey, you missed little buddy, there you go. Sorry if I'm missing this on camera it's hard to do crocodilian and camera work at the same time.

All right he's got his. Big boy is pulling his up to the surface. Now, they cannot swallow their food underwater guys, they have to come up to the surface to swallow it. All right, I do have one more. This is for the crocodile. Let's see where you at. Man, can you tell the cleanest water. There he is. Let's try and do this one-handed. Food food, food food, food food, I can see a shadow over there, food food, there he is, oh, ripped it right off of there. He's got it. There he is. All right guys that is it for today. Hopefully, you enjoyed this episode. I know I did. I know it wasn't too crazy or anything like that but new snake room. Well, it's not new but refurbished snake room very happy about it. Remember comment and let me know what you guys think I'm going to be putting in that big cage.

I did actually get my web site up and running for the photography, so if you guys are interested and you would like to buy some of my photography I will be putting the link in my description for that so you guys can go check that out. If there's something you don't see right now but you really want to get something I will be uploading stuff over the next couple weeks. I have so many pictures that I need to upload and work on and put them on there, so give it time if there's nothing you see right now but there's something that you might like later. Again, if I go out and take pictures of things I will eventually work on them and get them uploaded to the website as well. I will catch you guys next time. Subscribe if you're not already. I appreciate it guys. Hit your like button, smash it if that's what you're into and I'll see you guys in the next video. Bye.


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