The Pros and Cons of Breeding Your Own Mice

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Buying feeder mice at a pet store may be convenient, but breeding your own mice may offer more benefits than you’d think.

Of course, rodent breeding may come with disadvantages, too.

In this article, we discuss 4 pros and cons of breeding mice for snakes and reptiles.

The Pros of Breeding Your Own Mice

breeding mice in a tub

1) Constant Supply of Food

Your snakes may not eat that often, but you’d be surprised how quickly their food supply can run out.

By establishing your own rodent supply, you’ll ensure a constant stock of well-kept food for your snakes.

Which means fewer trips to the pet store!

2) Health and Quality Control

Not only do you have a constant supply of rodents, but you can closely monitor their health and well-being from birth.

You can reduce their risk of diseases by raising them in a clean, stress-free breeding system.

And with a rodent rack, you control their environment, diet, and living conditions.

If you’re looking for equipment to breed rodents, check out the resources below:

3) Saving on Long-Term Costs

Setting up a breeding operation requires an initial investment, but breeding your own mice can be more cost-effective in the long run.

Reptile owners spend a lot of money on rodents at the pet store, while those who breed them can avoid these long-term costs.

What if your mice could pay for themselves? With some motivation and diligent planning, you can profit from your additional mice!

Many breeders sell their extra mice to cover some, if not all, of their maintenance costs.

4) Learning and a Sense of Accomplishment

If you’re one of those people who love to learn every area of a topic, breeding rodents may be for you.

Reptile enthusiasts who take on this activity have found an exciting and sometimes profitable hobby in rodent breeding. Plus, you’ll learn a skill that not many reptile enthusiasts have!

Successfully breeding your own rodents can provide a deep sense of accomplishment.

Nurturing a small population of animals, watching them grow, and ensuring their health can be immensely rewarding.

The Cons of Breeding Your Own Mice

mice in a breeding tub

1) Time Commitment

From setting up rodent racks to monitoring their health and well-being, mice breeding demands a lot of attention.

Rodents have relatively short gestation periods, and their offspring require delicate care during their early stages of life.

This can be particularly demanding for individuals with busy schedules or those new to breeding.

3) Space and Resources

Creating a suitable environment for rodent breeding will demand investment in terms of space and resources.

Depending on the type and number of rodents, you’ll need:

  • Adequate space
  • A properly sized rack
  • Rodent tubs
  • Adequate heating, lighting, and ventilation
  • A reliable source of food and bedding

Mice breeding can be very rewarding, but make sure you have the tools and resources to provide proper care.

2) Short-term Costs

The most expensive part of a breeder’s journey is at the start.

Buying your breeding system, the equipment, the mice, and their food add up.

But remember, this is an investment. You’ll pay much less over time compared to buying prepackaged rodents from the store.

And for many business-savvy breeders, their reptile hobby turned into a profitable side hustle!

4) Emotional Attachment

If you get into breeding your own rodents, remember the main reason behind it: Food for your snakes.

Understandably, breeding mice and rats can lead to emotional attachment that might affect your decision-making.

However, if you have a good understanding and commitment to the breeding tasks at hand, then you shouldn’t have to worry.


The benefits of mice breeding, like quality control, lower long-term costs, and learning a new skill are compelling reasons to embark on this journey.

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential challenges, including the time and commitment, the need for adequate space and resources, the financial investment, and the emotional attachment that can influence decision-making.

We encourage snake handlers to start breeding their own rodents.

But if you do, make sure you have the resources available to be a responsible breeder.

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