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Building Update #17 (Rex’s New Enclosure and Zoo)

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hi and welcome back to another facility update man it's loud in here what is going on i think it's coming from the men's bathroom are you drilling holes in the wall i figured it's good past time i'm bored so just poke poke poke that's what you do when you're bored uh maybe oh good i measured them at least at least they're evenly spaced yeah okay well welcome to another facility update where we drill holes in the wall [Music] let's see what ed was actually doing in the men's bathroom oh that's what ah look i covered the holes i made that looks great yeah for 50 pounds apparently all right well up to a 50 pound baby can sit in there and get its diaper changed that's nice and sturdy too awesome now we have one in both bathrooms should we show them what else we've been working on sure all right and get out of this echoey bathroom yeah whoa now i'm on this side of the camera whoa magic crazy so this is what we've been working on the last three days straight actually even last weekend too we were working on this yeah we didn't film much of it because we thought it'd be kind of boring to watch [Music] so it probably wasn't the best thing to be working in the cage under emily don't you're fine all right i'll just stay down here is the saw supposed to smoke when you're doing this no it was totally boring it was and it was not fun this was my least favorite thing we've had to do with the zoo so far yeah lights lighting we made these cages and ham snipped them to size and now we can take the uvb lamp for all the animals and drop it in from above as well as the basking lamp over there and if the ball level needs to be changed or when it needs to be changed instead of going into the enclosure and taking down the grate we can just reach in from above and swap

out the bulb and stick it back in through the hole but what are we gonna do for the bottom ones that we can't do that with i don't know what are we gonna do a similar thing but this is all accessible from the inside because we can't reach from above because there's an enclosure up there so instead we have clips yeah clips and hinges so when the clips are all done this comes down because it's on a hinge and then you can take the bulbs out swap them put them back in and clip it back up into place yep it seemed like the best solution for the weird situation we had here yeah but it'll work it didn't it worked it was very hard to get these up though yeah this was not these clips and these hinges were not fun to do they were the many hours we spent folding holding this wire which we all have scratches we've looked like we've been hanging out with kittens on our arms there's scratches emily's got scratches it's been fun oh yeah fun and not the right word currently right now i think we have this whole wall done which is nice we have the anaconda slash monitor slash whatever's going to be going in this cage done something else that we've been doing actually mandy's been doing mandy built a cool ledge in the anaconda enclosure yep so this was our solution to covering up the transition between gray panel and brown panel so now we can have a tiny in here when he's big enough for this enclosure i don't know he'll actually eat yeah if he eats in it that's the thing is if it's too big he doesn't like to eat so we'll figure something out but once he's in here what mandy and i were imagining was tiny could be cruising around come up here and then he could be like right behind the glass and of course he's gonna not go any further and he's gonna be like bloop into the water but still that'll like encourage him to be out and this adds some volume to the anaconda enclosure this is our new look for the turtle pond yep i think the vines are gonna stay yeah we're gonna get swinging turtles yeah put like little loops hanging down here and they'll jump through it and get treats like sea world or we're waiting for silicone to dry and we're using these as braces

don't tell them the truth mandy has built a lot of these frames already which look amazing we've decided to hire an outside party to do the rest of them because we feel bad that mandy's doing so much framing work and i know she likes decorating and doing other things so we have someone else doing the rest of those we decided that you know we've been so busy and this is taking so long that we need a couple extra helping hands so we did hire a small business local to our area and they're gonna help out a little bit with some of the woodwork here we're also well i mean for the lights we're doing like all arcadia stuff for all the snakes all the lizards everything is getting this because in my opinion the nicest uh uvb lighting out there and the bulbs only have to be changed once a year instead of once every six to eight months like the other brands so this will require less maintenance for us to only have to change the bulbs once a year we might be doing something different for the exoterras but that's a future video if we can get a hold of that and yeah so we've actually been in talks with john courtney smith of arcadia we had a whole discussion on what the right lighting would be and he helped walk us through all the correct lamps and we calculated all the distances versus the percentages that we needed so now we just have to make them fit and now toothless the adoptable bearded dragon is going to give us a tour of adoption island and what's currently inside of it we have captain crunch a leopard gecko hiding in there i'm not going to take them all out because i would take forever we have carly a leopard gecko who was lost in a car and then found in that car alive and doing well she's somewhere in there we have jules another leopard gecko who loves meal rooms in here probably hiding in that human hide back there we have pluto a wonderful ball python who's hiding in his cave yes aren't you pluto we have cosmo a ball python over here who's scrunched up under a half log who else toothless oh we have your girlfriend not really but ness a female bearded dragon who loves to poop in her water dish and smear poop on the glass as you can see we've got applejack another ball of python who's oh there he is oh there's a little nose poking out

you're really cute too down here we have two box turtles and eastern who's sitting in the food dish and a three toad who's probably under his favorite piece of cork bark back there and that's only half of adoption island right toothless yeah let's go to the other side over here we have marigold who's a little leopard gecko who we're keeping an eye on she's not currently at option because we want to make sure she's eating regularly for us first we've got the proud espresso sitting on oh look at that basking face that's awesome okay espresso's doing well we've got crow aka squeakers who's wow who's actually out all right a leopard gecko that's out go figure and then we have over here another ball python named nebula uh i don't see nebula i think she's under that hide back there i don't want to disturb her though you've got java a leather back bearded dragon with a stubby tail he's also been super like head bobby i wonder if i can get him to do it oh there he goes head bobbing away he loves to head bob at people last but not least we have what we believe to be right toothless yeah we think we have our very first eastern bearded dragon that was surrendered look at how long and lanky she is the uh typical bearded dragon you see in captivity are the central bearded dragons which are plumper dragons they have a shorter face more vibrant colors and i mean he's a he's a really pretty example too on top of that generally they look like him generally closer to that so a more distinguished pattern uh so yeah central bearded dragon is what we typically keep but this we are pretty sure is the eastern bearded dragon they have a longer pointier head just an overall lankier body a less pronounced pattern less color you are one special dragon aren't you latte and the java is still head bobbing at us are you the king oh yes i am yes he is oh he is definitely the king he's such a show off he's going to be fun when he gets adapted yeah you will

so i'm down here putting that in place and i stand up i'm working no i swear i am what are you looking at um comments on the blue beauty video and eating i'm i can get a break sometimes no you're an owner you don't get a break right i'm almost done with this that's good look at that i'm just making it extra secure so it yeah wait we can't say that yet can we we're just making it extra secure so that whatever animal we put in here doesn't get out yes exactly almost spilled those okay you guys know our friend shiraz in pakistan who has a company selling reptile supplies and we sell his hooks and some uh hides and water dishes stuff like that well there it all goes here's an example of like a grabber he sent to uh used to feed the retakes oh yeah ed uses this for some bigger snakes and shares decided to throw in an extra goodie for our consideration okay hang on i have to back up what the heck sure is what would you use this for that's the biggest grabber i've ever seen i can grab the audience from way over yeah and you're like six feet away from me that is crazy do you think for like adult king cobras or black mambas because they're so smart maybe or big retics that are aggressive maybe that's just ridiculous holy cow in all fairness though let's take a little stroll into the zoo over here we have we're feeding we just slide the glass open go way over here and grab the rodent and we can even feed them way over there oh that's true it'll make our lives a lot easier what do you have oh this is hubert is that a fly yeah don't worry he's on a leash you actually put a leash on him how and why a magician never reveals their secrets i don't know whose hair that is is that a hair yeah i know it's not mine i'm pretty confident i have so many

questions mandy oh there he goes on a scale of alive to death he's grooming himself oh yeah he's totally grooming himself i didn't just tie a dead fly to her hair all right i mean he's kind of cute he's got some iridescence on him you want to explain yourself i guess that's what i was afraid you were going to do the entire time you were up there so i dropped the hose so i could go turn it off and it would shrink but what'd you say it looked like it looks like a snake that you just forced at a meal and it's trying to like regurgitate it back out doing a good job yeah it is getting everything out getting a lot of water out so what are we doing at the facility today it's our day off new project is starting today so we came in on our day off to show you what before looks like before it changes to after tomorrow so we are redoing the parking lot yep because if you look around you'll notice this is an old kind of run-down parking lot and we don't know where to park because the lines have all worn away before i mean you can kind of see the line here's a line yep there was one and then it goes to like a walking area see the diagonals where it says like no parking yeah these diagonals there's like a hallway of them that go all the way down and then with lines on either side so we're pretty sure customers used to take like a cart full of grass or seed or i don't know it was a garden center and they just wheel it down this little central aisle to their cars maybe yeah i don't know but there's no parking spots there's one oh yeah right there you can see it over there so we kind of make up where we park every day yeah we try and park right like in this spot to start the parking and then then customers finish the line which is great they kind of catch on to it but i feel bad parking right in front of our gate every day to start that line so it'll be nice to have distinguished lines so everybody just knows where to go yes plus the city is

asking us to have lines uh which makes sense they're asking us to have a lined parking lot we also get puddles in our parking lot which isn't good i hear so we figured it would just be best long term to have it resurfaced instead of just lines on top then the rest of the parking lot is still old so today they cleaned off the parking lot so it's actually never been cleaner yeah so as you can kind of see like we're getting a puddle over there and a puddle there and a puddle there so they said they're grinding down the high spots which we can actually see over here if you want to take a little bit of a walk this is what they're planning on doing it's gonna go all the way from the century road down to the back of the parking lot and then out to the other side of the road yeah so like the whole thing yeah we are not looking forward to this bill thankfully we kind of budgeted for this bill we did yeah it had to be done it was part of some things so but it also will make our parking lot no longer have like these which is just a patch or anything like that and it'll get rid of all these cracks i don't know if they're going to be able to fix that how about that that they should be able to fix because that's part of the parking lot all right we'll see what it looks like after tomorrow yeah tomorrow's gonna be a big day for them so we have a lot of noise going on outside it is noisy and i had to come in through the back door we can't use our front no not right now do you want to show them why yeah look look wait if i open it it's gonna get really loud yeah that's fine okay yeah people out there with shirts off oh yeah [Applause] [Music] it's a lot of work this is so cool yeah it is it already looks so much better yes it does ah i can't wait to see what it's done yeah but it's less noisy but it's less noisy it's really loud look all the potholes have been fixed yeah oh it's still soft oh that is squishy oh no what's with you leaving some prints everywhere i don't know do you think they'll let me ride the steamroller maybe oh there's two of them now

all right so emily's learning how to drive the steamroller i guess that was amazing wow that looks amazing we have a pretty good looking parking lot now now everyone's gonna actually know where to park here and they turned these sideways so these used to be like that way against the side and then yeah parallel parking and now they come out so we can fit more cars in there that's awesome that was a good idea huge shout out to midwest roads and parking lots like they did a fantastic job they got here within a week of us talking to them so they got it done super fast and it looks amazing wow look at that view so that means these first two will be the handicapped parking spot so we have to get like the stamp on there still and then look at what they did over here remember that huge pothole that was right here at the gate well now it's completely fixed that looks so good now people in wheelchairs won't get stuck yeah now there won't be any like turbulence on the way up to the ramp because i mean people were able to get to the ramp before but we felt bad and we worried that there would be troubles with their being like towed here oh a toad already christened the parking lot dang it toads it would be a toad too yeah poops on our parking lot brand new parking lot a toad has to poop on it i also really like what they did around the pillars oh yeah they did an amazing job around the pillars wow they did a fantastic job around the pillars i was a little worried about how that would turn out but they pulled it off that looks great all right next up for rex's enclosure we've got the substrate going we need another roll of paneling there for the substrate in the back and we have to make some sort of access door back here so that we can get in and out because in the front this is all

gonna be solid glass i was originally thinking well maybe like a split door type thing because when rex is excited for food she runs at you and i wouldn't want her just to run out of the door just have the food ready just have the food ready and be like here take it or have like a a shield or something so mandy has a great idea though what are your thoughts uh okay so imagine like one of those dutch doors where you've got the top opens and you've still got like a horse barrier or whatever and then the bottom opens but rather than have two very visible pieces on like the zoo side of things we have one main door that'll open up but hidden behind it will have a rex barrier door that will just live back here and then you like unlatch it and then you can open up the whole thing you think a tall barrier she can't i understand that but i know like this is higher than her thing is right now okay and she jumps close to the top she can jump pretty high yeah that's true but even any barrier at all would really help keep her back i think we're onto something though yeah figure it out and this is what the conversation turned into all the footage you're getting is not of us being productive but of us goofing off it's going to make us look like we never do we've done a lot of footage without you here that's very productive only when i'm here yeah yeah that was a close one ah i could feel it this one is the one well this is going to go on for a while yeah you might as well leave yep well before we install the little door into rex's enclosure i think first we should install a big door for the hallway what do you think probably all right let's figure that out first

[Music] all right we have a door now we're just going to install a lock and then we can flap or flip the flap over and staple it to the door and it'll blend right in so next on our list is installing the pop-up tunnel in rex's enclosure we are getting the glass installed in most of the enclosures throughout next week so it's crunch time to get this done uh where are we gonna put it the whole disc fits there really well plus then if we're like feeding her through the door we have to make over there kids could poke their heads up and be really close to her eating yeah they have like eight kids all cramming in there to see her eat yeah i can't wait to see that in use [Music] alrighty here are our thoughts this is i think gonna work the best for her setup because we want this to be open for a basking area because we're going to put a basking light there then she'll be right behind the glass when she's out basking in the sun and then she can slide into the tank here and be very visible here we've got a rock here that's going to hide the filtration or the drainage back there and we've got the pop-up behind it and a cypress stump to kind of hide the doors that we're going to build back there we have a big rock back there with a bit of a dark spot in the corner so that if she needs to retreat and kind of like hide she needs to chill from too many people she can do that and yeah i think the combination of cypress stumps and rocks balances it all out [Music] all right now does it

kind work i think we're stuck over here on the paneling oh yeah all right so after a couple hours of work we now have a door for rex hey it works yeah nice so now we can get rex in and out of here yeah and i think it's a big enough door to like easily maneuver too yeah we do have uh some dangers that we have to deal with yeah there we go cool i think we need a handle here yeah i also have a lock so in case somehow somebody gets into that door they can't they can't get into rex makes sense or rex can't get out we'll treat rex like harry potter lock her in a room yeah here's what it looks like from inside the enclosure we're gonna paint that plywood black so it disappears open her up yeah we haven't taken this off the dome yet that's we're going to wait on that yeah no sense in scratching it up during construction yep maize will wait till the end to reveal the dome yeah cool why don't you close it up all right nice well get ready for a busy couple of days because our friend paul with custom reptile habitats is here yet again and he brought these these are the invert enclosures that are gonna go back in the invert cave you can't see it from here well i guess i'm in a bad position but here they are and what we're going to do is this oh they look so awesome to you it might just look like a black box but he installed he made these custom for our invert cave there's locks here and an access panel here and these are going to fit in those openings in our invert cave and then from behind we'll be able to access them and feed the animals and all the public will see is that opening there so these turned out great those are awesome they are so cool so we have the like 20 gallon long version and the 10-ish gallon version yeah so we are actually going to custom cut some backgrounds from universal rocks this is the underside that's what it actually looks like

it's just easier to market on the back but we're going to cut those for three sided backgrounds for each one of these and go from there well for the past few days we have not been working much in the zoo well we kind of have but this is what we've been actually working on the invert cave because look the inverting closures are almost done and they look amazing but that means we have to switch gears and our friends jackson and carrie are here today to finish sand painting everything that we can see that still needs to be sand painted because sand painting is such a messy job that our floor is filthy but there's no point in cleaning it because if we're just going to keep sand painting it's just going to get dirty again so today we're going to try to finish all the sand painting in the zoo that still needs to be done and then tomorrow we clean [Music] you know how to clean only when i want to i mean no look how bad of a job i'm doing can you clean our house oh oh really that was the pile at home that was the pile yeah you don't have any clean at home because look i'm incompetent when it comes to cleaning uh-huh yeah that's not an excuse keep cleaning okay but in all seriousness look at how clean the zoo is but i mean compared to what it used to be look at this it's open now not really thanks to ed over there but instead thanks to our friends jackson who already left for the day and huge thanks to carrie thank you you're welcome so much for this this took like all day while i was editing carrie and jackson were out here cleaning and i just came out from being back there for like three four hours and this is awesome

well to end today's video or our update today i think we're just going to walk through the building and show you what's new even though you've already seen most of it but up here in the retail area there's not a ton new it's running really well it seems and we have a ton of merch now so i figured i'd show you that whole island is merch yeah this whole thing is merch and we now have like tumblers and fun stuff and we have tied eye shirts that we're gonna have and we have tons of designs now so we finally branched out which i'm pretty excited about we actually get most of the merch in our store from a wonderful animal rescue and zoo called misfit animal ranch you should totally go check them out on facebook and youtube but that's where we get like the glitter shirts and all that fun the dark shirt down there yep that comes from them too so it's been fun working with them because it's another small like it's another rescue that we can get our merch from so anyway kim also redesigned this just be all shirts yeah all of the shirts are now here so that's pretty cool we have magnets and cool stickers and uh yeah i guess that's enough of a shameless plug let's go into the zoo all right don't mind all the packages on the counter yeah it's tuesday we're not open so it's a mess yeah we get a lot of packages in the zoo as you can see it's open it's clean thanks to jackson and carrie yeah clean-ish i guess next we have to do the turtle tank enclosure we have to finish off the uh the island here the basking platform and ed has the filtration all set up for the all three tanks all three tanks yep we get to decorate soon now that it's clean we can decorate and go through this palette of plants that we bought just for decorating the enclosures with that's pretty cool uh we have a rock we have to do something with that rock that's a storage rock it is don't you have one at home doesn't everyone have a star drive yeah there's the filter ooh filter we ended up getting fluval fx6 filters because they are like super heavy duty filters not sponsored or anything but i like those filters and they can handle a large volume of water so they should do the job i think i

think so sand painting is pretty much done isn't that crazy that's insane there's still a handful of little things but i think we'll just be taking care of that like the day before opening probably we have to add foam to the tunnel yes we have to have the foam base yes the padded base so we don't hurt ourselves now there's a rock rather than that rex's pool i mean i have to sit i have to get in there and push down the other side because that side's down but that side's not so we've got to do that still yep and then we have to install the lights still in some of these we're waiting we ordered all the arcadia lights now we just have to wait for them a lot to arrive and then we can put them all in place we do have a tracking number though so that's nice they were shipped yeah oh the universal rock sign got a little bit of a decoration yeah i carry did that oh that's cool now you can't see the concrete bag exactly in here is there will be a whole video about this process but i think it will it have been out by now should we show them i don't think i don't think it'll be out yet either oh so we can't show you the invert cave it looks a lot darker in there though and you can see some lights on this side that's crazy mysterious yeah i wonder what it looks like but now we have to go over here unfortunately well thank you guys so much for watching today's uh facility update number 17 i think we're at this is crazy yeah this project was much bigger than we initially thought but i thought it was going to be done like a year ago i thought so too and yet here we are but it's finally taking shape things are finally wrapping up we're just tying some loose ends and now we get to decorate some things in the zoo yeah we're also getting some bow fronts we have one it's in back well we ordered four bow fronts and you can only order the zilla bow fronts from amazon and we received the four and three of them were broken when they arrived oh man really that's the glass you can move the box and you hear broken glass this is the third one that's broken so we have one bowfront yeah and we have reordered three more yep so we'll see how that goes there's

it's like one step forward one step back you know in this instance three steps back three steps back yeah but that's okay complaining won't make it get any better so we're still moving forward and also that's rain it is pouring outside all right well i think we're going to wrap up the video then i guess there isn't really a whole lot new and back but we will be getting into that really soon because we are getting close to the enclosure build-off that we are going to host here at the facility paul actually dropped off the enclosures for the contest and they're being stored in the classroom right now and we'll have more details to come but thank you all again for watching today's video thank you to our very generous patreon backers who have allowed us to do so much with this facility and it being a bigger project than we initially thought you've made this all still possible for us so thank you and thank you to everyone watching our videos and we'll see you next time you  

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