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Facility Update #14 (Scrambling 1 Week Before Retail Opens!)

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this is not something i really want to do and all the neighbors over there looking at me like i'm crazy hey everyone it is officially six days until our retail area opens if you can believe it and we have so much still to do the first thing we're going to do is finish up adoption island because we officially have our very first rescue animals to put in here here is adoption island it's all of our vision cages which we're using because since they're one piece of plastic they're able to be completely disinfected or more easily disinfected between each animal we have in there but i have to really finish this up because we have our first adoptable animals that were just surrendered so i've gotta get these enclosures ready for them and then i'll introduce you to our first adoptable animals at snake discovery [Music] tada we have our first adoptable reptiles in adoption island and it looks so great we've got the backgrounds in there we've got all the lights hooked up let me introduce you to the adoptables we have a beautiful little leopard gecko back here hi hi cutie isn't she gorgeous she's a little overweight she's got a big old belly but this one is named pudge we named her we actually don't have any information on all three that are in here right now they were surrendered to a veterinarian separately from separate people but we don't know any information about them so we don't know her age we sexter she is a female and we named her pudge she's currently overweight but we've got these little signs that i'm using a dry erase marker and this label was actually created by our viewer sammy so thank you for making the adoption labels sami i have them on velcro so we can take them off and i can erase them and

write a new animal as one gets adopted out down here we have ella she is a beautiful bearded dragon she's a little overweight too hi ella ella here was also surrendered to the vet and she is in actually really good health other than being a little bit chunky aren't you yeah you're a little chunky there you go and then the last one that we currently have is uh oh well i can see his tail this one i needed a lock on because out of the three that he's going to be the most likely to escape he is a rat snake actually a beautiful white sided rat snake hey hi can you come out where are you oh there he is oh he's so angry can you come out there he is hi buddy so we have a surrendered white-sided morph rat snake so he is he's super pretty look at those beautiful white sides but he does have a little bit of a tude as you can see so he will not be adopted out to a beginner that's for sure but i guess he's a good eater he's in good health he's been in foster care for a little while with a friend of ours but uh decided to bring him here so that people can actually see him and he'll be more likely to get a home so this is really exciting i've been looking forward to doing this for a very long time now so i think it's turning out great actually and i can't wait to be able to take more in we're not sure what we're going to ask for an adoption fee yet i mean it's not going to be much but we want it to be something that will prevent people from being like oh cool a five dollar bearded dragon i'll take it home even though i'm not prepared so we still have to figure that out but uh yeah very exciting hi ella oh my gosh i'm excited for this we just got some packaging in i've never designed packaging for products before but i did it for these and i think it looked cool this is going to be a topper to a bag of leaves like sea grape leaves magnolia and live oak that we collect and we disinfect and we're going to sell it's going to be a snake discovery brand but we needed headers for the bags this is what the headers are that turned out great okay nice so this is how it's gonna work

oh i'm really happy with it so we fold it in half the bag goes underneath we chose a plant-based plastic bag or like clear plastic bag to go underneath this and then you staple this on all the leaves are inside and then you take this and you hang it you hang it on a peg cool snake discovery brandon leaf litter how the back turnout oh cool that's exactly how i hoped it would look yay this was great so what inspired this was that ed and i realized that as far as we know all the brands of leaf litter we've seen for sale don't disinfect their leaf litter before they package it up and sell it so we're like well that seems a little odd so with the help of ed's dad rock we are now able to collect disinfect and package up leaf litter to sell at our shop so you'll be able to buy already disinfected leaf litter that as far as we're aware isn't currently available but yeah we're very excited to be able to offer this at our shop yay we're just gonna check mark which one is in the bag so we can use this tag for all of them i am currently on the roof of our building because as you know we have a couple small leaks in the roof and uh the only option the roofing company gave us when he came to take a look was to build a new roof on top of that roof which would be crazy expensive and we'd rather not expand the loan again so what we're gonna do instead is i'm going to take silicone and try to cover all these basically there's all of these screws that run all the way down at certain intervals and i'm going to take silicone here and i'm just going to try to cover them up looks like that one was already done by someone else so this is i'm gonna try to patch it i guess i figure it doesn't hurt to try to do this because worst case scenario we just have to i guess put a new roof on top of it anyway so we'll give it a shot it's gonna rain tomorrow for the next four days so now is the time to do this this is not something i really want to do and all the neighbors over there looking at me like i'm crazy doing it for the building doing it for the building

okay so the leak is like around that pillar somewhere looks like all this is sealed though so i don't oh maybe from that ah so that's the kind of stuff i'm going to be covering up with silicone so it looks like a lot of them have already been sealed but who knows which one of these is causing those leaks so i'm going to have to cover them all uh i am working mister go away uh i think i'm just going to have to eyeball it unless you want to try to throw it up now we'd hit that power line [Music] well i could add this to the list of things i never expected to do in my lifetime i'm feeling kind of hopeful for this actually because the two spots ed said there were leaks we're actually right here where i found a pretty big crack where this one overlays with that piece as well as over here so this is another place where it was leaking in this general area and i happen to find another largish gap so maybe that's what's causing it maybe not i don't know i really hope this works [Music] i really hope that this works and we'll know for sure in the next couple of days because it's like i said going to be raining for the next four days straight so we're either gonna see leaks or we won't uh my fingers are crossed ah well it just keeps getting better so you know how we bought these awesome shelving units these like refurbished ones with the slat wall well we tried ordering some more for them to put like a four foot section on the end of adoption island here and the company ghosted us so we waited two months and turns out our order was never placed so we placed it with another company and that other company just sent us pegboard and particle board that's painted black um we don't have peg hooks so hopefully it also doesn't match with anything in the shop yeah that doesn't match this light wall

which i mean we're just gonna set it up as is for now and then wait for them to i'm sure they'll send us replacements but we're gonna have to buy peg hooks like asap so we can at least hang something from those how are we supposed to hang stuff on that yeah we cannot hang anything on those yep that uh is gonna be interesting oh the joys of dealing with companies well it's been raining for like two days straight out there so i think by now we should know if my patchwork job did the trick i've been too nervous to check this so uh you're joining me here ah no water it's dry oh my gosh oh i think that did it oh that's gonna save us so much that's gonna be amazing oh i fixed the roof well with the relief of the roof probably being fixed now my mom and i are working on a couple projects my mom is putting together our new ally tegu radio keychains these were created by skecheny on twitter and she tagged us and we asked if we could use the design so we uh paid for the design to use in keychains and apparel so now we have those and i get to price all of our worms that we just got in we have mealworms from timberline and wax worms and fruit flies because we're expecting to sell a lot of baby jumping spiders and there's more worms over there so i'm going to get all these priced up and put in the fridge so another project today is actually uh putting this up i just made an invertebrate sign and this is gonna go on top of the invertebrates display case here so everybody knows what's inside ah sweet oh yes that's gonna work hooray so that's not plugged in yet but it will be of course we have two days until soft open mandy is working on creating the sales tags to put in front of the enclosures with all the reptiles for sale we've got some basic information on them including their common and scientific names a picture and then i'm going to fill in who they were produced by over here because we want to support as many small local breeders as possible

and shout out to lauren a fan who actually designed these tags so thank you so much lauren they are working out perfectly and what we're using is a pokemon card sleeve to hold them we figure it's clear in the front and that way it'll keep the tag protected and then on the inside we can also put the snake's feeding chart and then whoever buys said animal will get to go home with that as well we probably won't do it for like the keeled lizards but for things that need a strict feeding schedule like the snakes they'll be able to get all that information in one card this way so thank you to everyone who has sent us pokemon card sleeves because they're actually working perfectly for our sales tags and we especially like these cool holographic ones because it makes the snake look holographic underneath that is awesome my cousin cameron whose birthday it is today happy 10th birthday is going to be helping myself and my mom with the ins are putting new products from josh's frogs into our system and finding places for them on the shelves next we just got the cutest little geckos and frogs from josh's frogs where are you oh there he is this is an indo-pacific tree gecko they are so tiny like my goodness so instead of putting them in one of our exoterras over there or the petsmart unit those are way too big it would get lost forever we're going to use some of the amac containers that we'll be selling and then we'll just sell the gecko in this container because it'll be a good habitat for it for a very long time so we're going to set up little habitats for them to be sold in and then we'll find a place over there to put them mandy's going to be helping out with that and i'm going to be testing to see if the new sign we got fits oh my gosh frozen food look at that okay the oh there's two oh they said two oh it looks awesome so it turns out i accidentally sent the wrong measurement so it's a little bit short on each side but

i'll order a new one we'll use that one for now it's totally not latitude graphics fault at all it was my fault but that still looks really really cool we also just got in where are they there they are we got banded crickets look at them they just came in so now we can first off start feeding our own reptiles banded crickets which chirp less they live longer and they have less kite and his exoskeleton so they're actually easier to digest there's other perks too but we're gonna take all of these and set them up in our cricket bins oh this is so exciting we just got from matthew who is uh from the spider room and he's an awesome tarantula breeder and he breeds other invertebrates too we have so we're gonna get the obts out uh i figured you could do it oh that's right this stands for orange baboon tarantula which is the species we moved into that like boneyard themed habitat they're known for not being very friendly so that'll be fun to transfer orange buddy thing why did we get so many of them i don't know why did we get so many objs earlier oh curly hair oh cool and there's more reptiles ah we're finally getting live animals for the shop okay one more thing before i finally get to those qriket boxes i keep getting distracted ed just came back and he bought a monitor for us to put on the wall to show all the prices of all of our feeders so he's gonna be working on that while mandy sets up habitats for all the new [Music] arrivals [Music] welcome to the first ever obt rehousing challenge each of us has an obt tarantula or an orange bitey thing and the challenge is to transfer it from its shipping container or vial into its new enclosure which we're going to have the in this enclosure in the shop and

then when we sell these they'll just go in these containers too so they're nice little homes that they'll spend a lot of time in do we determine the winner based on who gets bit the least i would hope none get big yeah i don't think they're i think the winner is if we do this all successfully okay we all win if we do this successfully oh it's a team effort yeah okay is it a race or probably not a race no that's a catch yeah oh so if they get out we can yeah yeah okay you're supposed to just pick them up right you can go for it but right we're not talking we're not racist well i've gotta have a start all right three go go one okay you better not be like right at the top oh there he come here is you already got yours in yes yep mine's tucked all the way back oh no no you tucked back in don't tuck back in you're doing so well don't go that way did i like yours yeah mine's great you can't be distracted what are you gonna do now what i don't like this game anymore mandy's is in nice job all right it's two out of three get a slip of paper and slide it underneath them and now we have the best idea now we have edge you got this it is so fast there we go okay oh nice okay now what have fun now good luck i don't like this game anymore you guys should get ketchups ready so when i uh oh i'm ready i've got mine oh my gosh it's such a little spaz there oh wow here we go all right so we win we didn't get bit yay all right so when i say they teleport that's what i mean yeah they're so excited all right we're gonna see if emily can get herself bit tonight there you go

see don't crawl it oh oh my gosh wow good job [Music] i need a new pair of pants well guys we are obviously back at home uh time caught up to us and it's actually like midnight right now so we decided to come home and we have one more day to work on the retail area before we open to the public and we have a lot still to do but we figured this video would be long enough right now so we'd cut it here but as always we'd like to thank our amazing patreon backers for all of your wonderful support and thank you everyone for watching our videos what else do we have to do still tomorrow i'm hoping we can get it all done in time i think we have to separate rodents yes the freezer still has to be organized yeah we have to clean the retail area because it's a disaster right now yeah and we have to verify we both know how to use the system yeah we don't quite know how to use the checkout system yet so we're gonna do a crash course on that tomorrow nothing like last minute yeah so that's what we're gonna do the next video to come out i'm not sure what day this one will come out but it'll be the following video after this one will be our opening weekend in retail so i guess we'll wrap it up for now and we'll see you then sounds good should we go to bed let's go to bed you  

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