V-35S Tub Rodent Lid Breeding Rack 10 Levels, 20 Tubs


V-35S Tub Rodent Lid Breeding Rack 10 Levels, 20 Tubs Details

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This tall 10 level mouse rack is perfect for breeding mice. It is designed to allow easy care of your animals on a mobile platform.

The V-35S Rodent Rack comes in two different packages. You can get just the rack or the rack with the V-35S tubs and our rodent lids.

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Height 38.25 in
Length 21 in
Depth 34.5 in
Rodent Rack Style

Lids and Tubs

Compatible Tubs


Tub Count


Tub Volume

15 Quarts






Plastic – ABS, Steel

Package Comparison

Rack Only

This package includes all the base rack parts you need to set up the vision rack, including your choice of feet or casters.

Complete Package

This package includes everything: the rack, the tubs, and the rodent lids.
5 Level Rodent Rack
V-35S Tubs20
Rodent Lids20
Configure Rack Only Configure Complete Package


Are you looking for a rodent rack for breeding rats or mice? Our Vision Racks are great for more than just breeding snakes and reptiles. They also make great rats racks and mouse racks with our new rodent lids! Our rodent lids fit our V-35 and V-35S tubs. We make our lids from a single piece of high strength stainless steel. Each has a large ventilation area, a food trough, and a water bottle holder. They are the best rodent lids on the market, and you can now use them on Vision Racks!

The Mouse Rack

This 10 level rodent breeding rack is perfect for breeding mice. It can hold 20 V-35S breeding tubs with our rodent lids. There is ample room above each tub for ventilation, food, and a water bottle.

The rodent rack comes with casters by default, so it can be easily wheeled to where you need it.

The Mouse Tubs

The complete package comes with 20 of our famous V-35S breeding tubs. The tubs come in two colors: clear or gray. They are made from our durable high impact polypropylene and have smooth walls and bottoms with rounded corners. There are no holes or sharp corners where rats or mice can chew on the tub.

The Mouse Lids

Our new rodent lids are made from a single piece of stainless steel. Unlike a lot of chrome-plated lids made from welded wire, our rodent lids will never rust or fall apart. Our unique design has the best strength to open the airflow ratio. We designed our lids to protect your water bottle and the edge of tubs from chewing. The Vision rodent lids have the added advantage of being able to hold food and a water bottle.

Designed Breeding Mice

This breeding rack system can make your operation more comfortable, cleaner, and more organized. It will work if you are breeding mice as feed for your snakes, for research, or to sell. The V-35S tubs are 3.5 inches tall, making them perfect for use in a mouse rack. They may be a little short for breeding rats. You can order just the rack or the complete package with V-35S rat tubs and lids.

V-35S Mouse Rack Features

  • Perfect height tub for breeding mice.
  • Durable lightweight design.
  • Quick and easy assembly.
  • Holds 20 V-35S tubs.
  • Locking wheels for mobility and security.
  • Ample room for ventalation.
  • Built in food trough. (Complete Package only)
  • Built in water bottle holder. (Complete Package only)


Water bottles are not included or available – we have a product selection coming soon. Most other commercially available bottles/nozzles will work up to 32oz.

Rodent rack packages do not come with certain items that are in the reptile rack packages as they are not needed for rodent racks or are not compatible: such as side guides, rear stops, 150-watt heat cable, or front stops/nameplates.

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