Vision Heat Cable

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This heating cable is designed to be compatible with all Vision snake breeding rack models.







52' (150 Watts), 26' (75 Watts)


Vision Products heating cable is engineered to clip into Vision snake breeding rack shelves. The heat cable comes in two sizes so you can provide enough heat for your snakes and reptiles. Our breeding racks have clips on the top of each shelf that you can clip in as much heat cable as you need. We recommend putting more heat cable on one side of the tub to give your snake, lizard, or other reptiles the ability to moderate its temperature with a hot and a cold side.

Both the 26′ and 52′ versions come with a 3′ cold lead at the plug end. This allows you to run it to your power supply, rheostat, or thermostat without heating your other electronics.

The heat cable comes in two sizes.

  • 52 feet at 150 Watts
  • 26 feet at 75 Watts