Snake Breeding Solutions

Vision Products provide unmatched versatility to snake breeders with a set of unique features. Snake breeders will appreciate the wide range of snake tub options that cover the range baby and hatchlings to adult boas and pythons.


Strong and dependable breeding tubs for housing and mating your snakes. We have every size you need in two colors clear and gray.

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Our breeding racks make housing a large quantity of snakes easy. They are incredibly versatile with custom heating, height, tubs, and more.

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Our one piece molded Vision Cages will last a lifetime. Easy to clean, stackable, and durable these cages are some of the best on the market.

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Bowls & Hides

Watering and providing an environment where your animals will feel safe has never been easier. Look no further than our line of bowls and hides.

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Rodent Breeding Solutions

Our growing line of rodent breeding solutions can make breeding rats and mice easier than ever. We make rodent tub lids, racks, and have even more innovative breeding solutions coming soon.

Did you know our tubs are also loved by rodent breeders worldwide?


Our once piece stainless steel rodent lids fit V-35 and V-35-S tubs, turning them into the perfect breeding home. The lids feature a feeding trough, water bottle holder and large vented top.

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The best way to use our rodent lids is with our rodent breeding racks. They can efficiently hold numerous tubs, with the right amount of room for food, water, ventilation, and easy access.

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