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heck oh there's a bunch of stuff it was a lot bigger than we expected you guys ever go shopping with girls we have a secret and we're gonna tell you about this we've been hiding something from you that we weren't quite ready to reveal until today we got a delivery from our

Vision Cages:

friends over at Vision cages and to help us out look who's here we got the man the myth will Nace hey Coro here to help us out because will is also sponsored by Vision cages so guys make sure you check out his channel his Instagram all of it will be linked below and make sure you check out Vision cages but we're going to talk more about them in a minute this is a nice stack of cages it's really good it's like Christmas when these things show up these look a lot bigger than I expected yeah we're gonna bring these in the house Ryan and you just keep filming and Anthony don't fall over yeah [Music] these bottom ones what yeah be careful because usually they put the glass on the bottom ones and they're really heavy and don't want to break the glass don't break it like okay so tilt it up slow when you go to pick it up wait what the heck oh there's a bunch of stuff in there oh they sent you guys a bunch of goodies wait what is in there hey they sent you bowls and plants you got backgrounds all the glasses in this one I know he said all this stuff why because in animal con I gave him my sandwich oh you gave Mark your sandwich so he sent us all of this I mean I guess it was a fair trade those sandwiches were fire bro we got plants and everything backgrounds oh we're sending some cool stuff up today [Music] look at these water bowls oh this

Water Bowls:

company is awesome dude Vision cages you guys are amazing that's good these are my favorite what is that more water bottles a bigger water bowl oh it could be for Oaky dude I'm just amazed with all this stuff they threw in here what's this oh these plants are kind of dope nice okay so this if you want um is to build up a substrate barrier if you want to do bioactive so you can put it you literally will fit I mean all four right here but you put it here so you can build it up past the slip if you want to do that you wanted to go higher yeah so this is a three two all right so explain it uh three foot by 22 inches deep you got your dome light here for heat lights um to have a shorter distance of the stakes or reptiles can stay warmer uh you can put a white light up here if you want to help brighten up the cage and then you've got your back vents to help with air circulation we're going to go ahead and start building these things up I think right here and then we'll move them to where we're going hold on hold


on hold on hold on we got to give a shout out to the sponsors of today's video Vision guys if you check out their website you can see everything that they got going on here with the reptile breeding tubs and oh my God look at all these racks that they got here cage shelves and then they also got accessories like snake bowls and hides and they got lids and whatever but anyway they took care of us today with the three two two so if you guys want to look that up and see it for yourself however we're going to be having their Instagram and their YouTube and their Facebook and their tick tocks all linked below so make sure you guys check them out below so we want to thank Vision cages for sponsoring today's video and let's get back to it so this video as you see by the thumbnail we are going to be revealing a secret that we have never told to you how long we've been doing YouTube like nine months now you guys had no clue but Rihanna has had a secret reptile collection in her room and the reason why we never showed you guys before is because we didn't have room if you

Ryans Secret Stash:

understand what I'm saying you guys remember our old Mangrove monitor well he's not really old we only got him like a month ago Godzilla he's in this little thing well now we have something bigger for him and let me introduce you to Ryan's little secret stash so rayanna has this giant Yellow Belly named bear that she's had for how long have you had him like two years two years look how big he is so where Bears gonna go eventually is when we do our big thing outside for aquatic turtles he's going to go in there and then down here she has three leopard geckos well you guys are gonna see him later and then down here if you guys don't know all the turtles we had outside we put in here so you guys see this little crammed in doing yourself thing that we have we built that just for this but it's time to upgrade So the plan is to put this beautiful stuff in there a few moments later it was a lot


bigger than we expected and so we're gonna have to do some moving around eventually but for now and for this video we wanted to show you guys how it looks we're going to put the mangrove monitor Godzilla in here because it's got the most ventilation on the back then the next one we're going to put our secret that we're not telling anybody until next video so stay tuned and then in this one we're also going to leave blank for another video and then in this one we're going to put Ryan as three leopard geckos so geckos are going into that one geckos are this one and then the bottom one is the surprise whatever anyway so at least right now we can set up the monitors and then we're gonna have to go to Home Depot we're gonna have to get some new heat bulbs that go in here this thing it has like everything it's set up for like everything so this is gonna be for Godzilla the mangrove monitor we got this water scene going in so will how do you put these in what's the best way uh well it comes with these awesome little 3M tabs so you're gonna put them all over it basically and stick it to it but for the most part as long as the animal isn't trying to get behind the background which does occasionally happen they work great Ryan I think I


like this setup the best why what'd you put in there guys this stuff is huge I was a lion look at you can even fit a contortion is easy kid in here is that your toe yeah why is your toe on the back of your head dude you can fit Rihanna in here Ryan is in there she's six foot three oh yeah okay this is huge all right so we're really gonna build it now we're gonna get the backgrounds on here and then we're gonna first put Godzilla the mangrove monitor in this one you good buddy all right so I started going through some of the boxes that we got from Vision cages and I opened up one dude we have wood for days look at these big pieces of Driftwood look at the carvings oh my goodness dude they took care of us dude this company is amazing all right guys so we're here at Petco


picking up a bunch of stuff for these gecko lizard thingies and it looks like it's raining like crazy and the camera's getting soaked but whatever and then it'll fall over in the rain bro you're gonna mess up your shoes come on everyone yeah this isn't the carpet store yeah it is all right so what's the plan Ryan we're getting these brown green brown yeah liners all right so now they got liners okay wait what is that I got two foots too two plants okay what else oh we should get this it's uh the guy bro press down foreign oh man I got a challenge video we can do with these all right so that's all we're gonna need for the build yeah well I'm not paying for anything else you have to make it look nice do you guys like these kind of builds and like having like terrariums and like cool builds for our enclosures like this video comment down below that's what you like we could do a lot more of this because we got a lot of empty aquariums at the house that we're gonna start filling up with different things oh geez you guys ever go shopping with girls it's horrible look at this one we should get this what geckos don't go in that they could oh this is for snakes do the little swing around thing again hey hey [Music] bro save this receipt for sure when she's not looking we just take little pieces out have a good one all right so we're gonna get back to the house now we're gonna set everything up and I guess we'll just bring you back with us to set up with us and do stuff with us so give us a second so we are

Monitor Tanks:

back from Home Depot and Petco and while we were gone Ryan to set up the monitors tank guys look at this monitor tank for Godzilla oh my God it's so beautiful it's aesthetic what's the word aesthetic [Applause] look at how beautiful that where's he at so now we have an open one for our next video I can't tell you what it is but comment down below if you can try to guess what it is but something is going there next and then this one is for Ryan is geckos that we know nothing about look at the Aesthetics on that guys [Applause] this is Rhino let me see the body and everything oh wow it's a big fat tail so that's Rhino they're all gross all girls kind of like this house besides me and Anthony and Rhino has entered her house wow these tanks are so beautiful look at rhino in there wait wait that's banana yeah let me see the tape oh the geckos have really fat tails oh wow I like that that's banana so the other one is shedding so I can't really hold him so I'm just gonna take them in the dish this is Geo so and you don't touch Geo when he's shedding huh no so these are the three leopard geckos this looks really nice let me back up and get the full thing man there's a little glare from the glass but this is so perfect the Aesthetics on this and this is our secret one that we're showing next video and then this is our main Grove monitor Godzilla oh right to his hideout a lot more room buddy man the Aesthetics of this tank is pretty dope close it up let me look at it outside all right so these tanks they all come with locks and look at it they all say Vision tempered glass on them I know you're not going to see it how secure it is like the wall not open yeah that's not going anywhere once it's locked these locks are good they're made strong so you guys ain't got to worry about like your snakes or your lizards or whatever you put in there your frogs or your your geckos look at them he's like chilling man he's like hey a new house so we also bought some strip lighting there it is ah look at him kill him in the water all right so Vision cages along with all this amazing stuff they also sent us a rack so it's a thing that goes in here and it rolls and we started putting it together but until we know exactly where we're gonna put this and keep this we're not going to put the rack together we originally were going to put it in here but the measurements are off and it doesn't fit through here and we didn't have nowhere to put it turned into a mess so we're just going to stack the four Vision cages on top of each other like so for now and they look amazing Vision cages thank you so much for sponsoring today's video You're Going To See Vision cases again next video because we're going to be working on this one if you guys aren't


subscribed make sure you subscribe and turn your post notifications on so you guys can see when we do that video we go off the likes if you guys like these kind of videos we'll definitely do a lot more all right to the next one peace [Music]

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