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Custom Cages Featured at the Custom Aquariums Booth at Aquashella

By Patrick D. Neary on


Ted Judy: My name is Ted Judy here representing Custom Cages, sister company to What I want to show you is our Vision products. Vision has been around the industry for twenty-something years, has been a big part of the reptile hobby for many many people, well-known cages. A year ago, we purchased the brand.

It was a rescue mission. Our goal was to be able to keep these wonderful cages and rack systems on the market because we truly believe that if we had not purchased them and taken over the manufacture and distribution of Vision, it would have gone away. These are the vision cages. Only a few things have been changed so far on the Vision cage. We still have all the same sizes, all the same molds, but we have replaced the plastic door track with an anodized aluminum track which is much stronger and will last a lot longer.

On the larger cages, we're using tempered glass inserts instead of regular glass inserts. Then you can't see it on this one, but the screens that we use on top of the vents is a heavier duty aluminum perforated mesh that lets light in very well and also controls heat very well. The other thing we've done is we've actually increased the amount of HDPE that goes into the molds themselves when you produce them so that they are stronger, more rigid, and don't flex as much as the cages from Vision have always done.

The Vision racks, we really haven't changed anything at all, but the only thing we've done so far is redesign these sliders so that they can move easier on the track, they can be used to block in the tubs. The way the Vision rack system works is it's all one type of shelf and how you orient the shelf and the types of tubs that go on it and the stops that keep the bins from sliding in and out will define what types of tubs fit in it.

This is a hatchling rack, which is our narrowest or narrower shelf. We have three different types of tubs that fit into the shelves. This is the second smallest tub, it's the smallest hatchling tub. This is the V35 tub, which is our largest tub for this orientation on a hatchling rack. You can mix and match tubs and have different sizes of tubs all on one unit. Another nice thing about the Vision rack system is that it's very customizable.

Let's say you have this one as a hatchling rack, you have it for four or five years, now you're getting into bigger snakes. You're getting into something else, you don't want these small tubs, you want something a little deeper, you have to buy a whole new rack. No, all you got to do is buy spacer sets and the tubs. Replace the spacer sets, put a new tub in, the rest of the rack is all the same.

Heat is done by heat cables so if you buy a complete package rack system, it comes with heat cables. You probably can't see on the video, but there are clips on the recessed side of the shelf. The heat cable runs through the clips and you can decide where in the tub you want the heat to be. This is the hatchling rack for the size. We also have the V70s which are a little bit taller and the tubs would slide in from the end.

We also have the boa racks, which is a really big rack system that you can keep larger boas and pythons and things on. That's a Vision rack.


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