Terrarium Sand – ReptiSand Cage Substrate

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This terrarium sand from Zoo Med comes in natural colors, has no added dyes or chemicals, and is an excellent heat conductor. It is a great choice for Vision cage substrate.



Natural Red, Desert White


10lb, 20lb


Zoo Med


ReptiSand from ZooMed is a great substrate option for desert reptiles. ReptiSand is made from a very fine quartz desert sand with no added dyes or chemicals. It allows lizards and snakes to burrow or sink down into the sand. Sand makes and excellent heat conductor and can help your reptile regulate their heat.

Both the Desert White and Natural Red look great in Vision reptile cages. Using a sand substrate can create a very natural and attractive environment in your cage or terrarium. One of the advantages of the Vision cages for a substrate like sand is there are no cracks for the sand to fall through. Since ReptiSand can be cleaned and reused, the solid bottom and rounded corners of a Vision cage make this process much easier than many other cages.

You can use ReptiSand for reptiles that live in a sand environment in the wild like Bearded Dragons, Leopard Geckos Sand Boas, Soft Shell Turtles, Uromastyx Lizards, Collard Lizards, and many others.