Vision Insect Products

Vision Racks & Cages is looking forward to adding insect racks, tubs, and lids to our existing collection of high-quality, durable snake and rodent products. At Vision, we are committed to quality, easy assembly, and great customer service, so if you are looking for ways to house or breed your insects, our Vision insect racks, tubs, and more will provide a safe home for them to thrive in. Whether you are keeping ants, cockroaches, mantis, spiders, or any other insect or small creature, the experts at Vision are here to help.

Insect Racks

We are currently performing research and development on a new line of insect racks. Whether your insects are for breeding or simply keeping as pets, our quality made insect racks will be an excellent choice. Our snake and rodent racks are trusted by breeders and pet keepers from around the country.

Insect Tubs and Lids

We are committed to providing only the best quality when it comes to our tubs and lids. Currently, we are in the process of creating our new line of tubs and lids for insects breeding. Our insect lids will be similar to our rodent lids.

Until we launch these products, if you have questions regarding our insect tubs and lids, please reach out to our cage experts by filling out our form on our contact page or give us a call at (920) 886-1220.