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Things Arriving at the Zoo!

By Will Nace on


so exciting this is so awesome so guys what's going on i've been waiting for about a month for this order to come finally here if you were to go in the snake room right now you'd probably laugh at me because you guys know how anal i am about keeping my snake room clean it is a complete disaster right now because i've been waiting for these particular items to arrive but they're finally here super excited about it two pallets 750 pounds it's huge so awesome that's one pallet of vision cages [Music] how many things are good over a hundred model seven three four boom two models six thirty two boom what else we got

uh two model 432 boom and two model three three two so excited honestly if you were to measure success to me this would be it right here so these are seven new vision cages from vision super excited about this i have big plans for this particular one you guys are gonna have to wait to see this one but uh it's gonna be let's just say it's gonna be very colorful we'll go with that so with a lot of stuff going on in the viper room um it's a hot mess in there right now because i knew these cages were coming so we got some lights to put in a lot of these cages i got to get some more heat lights because i don't have enough for all of them but uh oh yeah this is an awesome day alright guys so if you don't remember the last time you were in this room it was a little bit different as you can see i have vision cages by the door now not so much my desk i have a little cage there the four and a half footers over here racks over here racks over here i kind of got a little bit of everything everywhere like i said earlier everything is a little bit of a hot mess right now because i knew these cages were coming in so i started preparing this room we are actually going to use this as a serpentarium for right now until we have the money to build the bigger one that we wanted to get again if you guys would like to help us out with that the gofundme link is in the description below now with that being said a serpentarium just so you guys are aware is an area where snakes or serpents are kept a lot of zoos have serpentariums that's where they keep their snakes so this is going to be our temporary serpentarium now when i get done with this i'm going to have the little two footer cages in the middle so it's kind of like a big turn around here so it's a solid wall of visions

that very big vision cage is going to be going right here with some of the little guys beneath it um probably not going to have the racks on display um over here now you come back this is where everybody meets you okay um over here we're gonna have the six foot vision cages with the burmese python the cobras probably the eastern diamondbacks as well um along with the other four three foot cages this is brian say hi brian hi brian hi brian brian is my new apprentice guys so welcome brian um he is very dedicated he's been with me what two days now three days two days two days and i'm making him work his butt off but i think he enjoys it lots of fun he hasn't he hasn't sweat yet and that's coral yeah sitting at my desk yes nash is nash your best friend yeah that's coral anyway um so we're gonna have a lot of stuff going on in here over the next couple of weeks i'm putting lights in all of the vision cages uh you guys saw one of the videos i did already with that so i do want to say a huge thank you for vision cage for making this happen um these cages are going to be a huge part of our facility and you guys are going to see some new videos with these cages as well so stay tuned for that hopefully you guys enjoyed this video remember subscribe if you are not already smash that like button if you haven't already and we will see you guys in the next video big thank you for my patreons um there is some behind the scenes footage coming up from this episode and previous episodes you're not going to want to miss they've already met him lots of moving cages lots of moving cages he's still camera shy if you couldn't tell nothing you'll get there so if you guys would like to become a patreon definitely check out the link in the description below as well and we will see you guys in the next video like always remember also check out vision cage their link is in the description too bye you  

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