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*Squams* Got 4 New Bush Vipers! And Upgraded Arboreal Enclosures

By Tyler Nolan on

Handling venomous/poisonous animals is dangerous and should only be performed by licensed professionals.

Owning venomous snakes, reptiles, etc. might not be legal in your State/County/City. Please contact your local DNR for more information.


 [Music]  all right here we are baby what is up  guys  here with Alex how the hell are you I'm  Tyler and all and welcome to the frickin  show  [Music]  [Music]  all right so we are here yo check out my  truck actually I'm gonna show you guys  listen whoo got the new rap done on the  truck check this out we got the shop  logo on the back whoo  like the new shirts these shirts also by  the way are for sale at the bottom of  this page actually the bottom of this  video even so go right below this video  check out all the new marks we got new  shop shirts Alex shown the back of the  shirt real fast just hold that back and  share it cool Grim Reaper so go down  below this video check out the shirts we  got kilo shirts on there too so anyways  that's not why we're here  we're here because look we're at the  underground reptiles farm check this  police ow  alex has never been here before so  taking them here for a little treat show  them the place Ryan's building a whole  new office building here have another  dry storage area in the back got all the  equipment in the air this is the main

 part of the farm where they do all the  wholesale stuff upstairs has all the  offices downstairs is where all the  animals are kept including the venomous  room which is where we're going today  setting up a new cage we're pimping out  the eyelash Vipers cage and we're doing  a new swamp cage and I only have one  Squam right now African bush Viper so  today we're stopping over here to see  what Ryan's got maybe pick out some more  colors so let's go inside this awesome  this place is one of my favorites and in  case you guys didn't know I grew up  working here not this specific facility  but working for Ryan at underground  reptiles since I was a little tiny kid  this is what started everything so let's  go check these things out so we are now  there in the middle of building like I  showed you before just outside that  building a bunch of new buildings there  are actually a bunch of new bigger rooms  that they're gonna be moving this stuff  into and they're redoing this whole room  getting rid of these racks getting a  bunch of new visions in here and they're  still in the process of doing a lot of  things but this is how it is for now  check these guys out this is one of my  black spinners from a few years ago they  just produced her in one of these  incubators you can see behind me right  here see the whole other side of this  room  incubators one of these incubators has  30 black-and-white spitter eggs in there  which is pretty cool  they also have a gaboon viper and a puff  adder in here they're trying to pair  those up they've been pairing those  snakes up for a long time still haven't  still haven't gotten anything from that  component paper though so that's not  reason why we're here we are here oh man  there's more bush bikers over here t  look at this so let's see what kind of  swans that they have here today I'm  looking for some cool colors I  definitely want like a yellow or orange  red something like that some nice  vibrant colors to match these plants  that we just got so let's see what we  got going on here that one's a green I  already have a green at home so we're  not really trying to go there there's

 another green there also a little on a  smaller side which is okay I definitely  want a little larger animals but they  will grow and overall pretty fast let's  see how these guys are oh there's a nice  little orange one right there very cool  awesome let's get one of these good  looking ones purple  all right so over here I'm pretty sure I  saw a decent-looking yellow one this guy  is awesome  see this little yellow one it's pretty  cool color this little data what a cool  little Viper see these keel scales on  him it's got a really it's only got  really cool colors on Purple's yellows  even some teal blue on this guy this is  definitely a sweet looking snake right  here I'm gonna have to take this guy  home for sure  yeah just like that got him right in  there it was not easy to get him into  this little cup but look how great that  Viper looks he is a great colors right  there nice little yellow guy very cool  let's keep on checking him out this  active little dude yes Wow and look at  this little guy orange really cool this  guy's badass for sure you are also  coming home with me you crazy little  orange guy look at that sweet little  dragon look at that cute little face man  these guys are just badass such cool  little snakes I love their faces you  cannot beat that that is straight up  they just look venomous this is one of

 those things that you look at and you're  like yep not messing with that thing for  sure you little dragon now we got to get  you into a cup also taking you home is  very very dangerous  you have to go like this you slowly make  him put his tail in like this oh that is  not easy man especially when they're  active like that putting a crazy little  Viper and Planet tiny little container  like this it's definitely not easy at  all but man so far so good these guys  are looking great let's keep searching  right so so now just watch out Alex  don't get too close because those things  will come launching out right at you so  I'm gonna predict it here I don't know  which one to get I really like the  orange coloration on that one  he's pretty sweet and then this one too  is got like that red and yellow in it  man I don't know what to do oh this is  Chandler right here let me let me get  this oh I might all right so now that we  got that little situation handled let's  go grab another couple of these guys and  we are out of here Chandler is on his  way over to my house and we're going to  put these snakes together now that I cut  that little coral snake off that we are  good to go let's put this guy away I'm  definitely gonna take this guy home this  little orange dude look at them look how  cool this little snake is okay listen  amen yeah now these guys I'm sure will  look a lot better once I get them in the  right lighting and then get a shed get  some meals in them though look at that  little head yeah little face bro oh god  they're just the cutest one of my  favorite snakes man they always happen I  have that even have a tattoo of them  right here hmm little burial bush Piper  right there little guy god these guys  are so cool look at that little head you

 are awesome all right so this makes what  number three number three let's see here  OOP yeah  yeah I think that this deeper that  deeper deli cup is the move that was way  easier than those tiny ones get rid of  this water by the bing bada boom all  right so the last one I think I'm gonna  get into this little red guy he's not  super red but he's decent now it's  definitely got cool coloration too so  I'm gonna grab this guy also all right  crazy the little thing I'm just gonna  actually put him in the same container  this guy going with your friend thank  you very much  bing bada boom there we are a bunch of  new little [ __ ] knees for the  collection this guy is awesome yeah do  these little orange ones yellow red feel  like this is definitely some good colors  I'll still keep my eye out  I've still one another there's deep red  ones there's all black ones there's a  bunch of different variations very old  Bush pipers there's so many different  colors very cool got it all right so  let's pack up let's get the hell on out  of here get back over to the house  Chandler's gonna meet us for it and get  these cages set up and we're gonna talk  a little bit more about these animals so  stay tuned alright so back in the snake  room first thing that we're gonna do is  I'm going to take all this stuff down  here we got to get to the electricity on

 the back of these cages I'm going to  take these UV lights off the back here  and we're going to put some plate lights  in the actual enclosures I'm probably  gonna run it up top right here so that  way we'll have the heat lights over here  and then the plant and grow lights will  be over here the heat lights that I'm  using in these cages are also plant  lights so not only do they give out heat  but they also have UVB UVB for the  so let's skip all the boring stuff let's  get these cages set up and then we'll  put the animals in there and talk more  about them alright so boom got the  lights in there I also set up this  irrigation system with the sprayer at  the bottom bring these water wires up  here ran it down in the middle so that  way now I have a sprayer in both of  these cages that will be on a timer and  keep the cage sprayed every day so just  made up some echo work so to put about a  brick in each cage and then we're gonna  stick the plants in there and get all  this just want it pretty much do a nice  little upgrade for them they're not  exactly bioactive setups I didn't do the  charcoal layers of the water with the  separations Yatta Yatta I got Chandler  bringing it me over all the bugs so at  least we're doing that it's pretty basic  I just got some sphagnum moss some soil  down there some coca bark pretty easy I  have a bunch of potted plants in their  plant lights pretty basic setup so I  just wanted to do something more  visually appealing for them more like at  home pretty much I set up these sprayers  up top like I said before so that'll be  awesome every eight hours it's gonna  miss them down for a minute  pretty simple alright so first thing  first let's put my main guy back in here  see ya get off his feet stuff more  plants yeah I wanted to do bioactive  setups with these tanks but I was  talking to Chandler about it and I  honestly really need to do it in like a

 terrarium like an exoteric that with a  glass bottom so that way you can have  the proper layers that you need to have  all the elements of the bio activeness  you know what I mean you gotta create a  bio dome essentially that movie's  awesome bio dome - y'all go watch it bio  dome hilarious so anyways we're gonna  put this guy back in the cage and I had  him for years this is the this is the  Squam that I actually had paired up not  paired up but he was in the cage with  the wag was VIPRE for years and years  and years  they lived perfectly in harmony together  until alex and then that's all history  right Alex  anyways I forgave him I still like to  give him crap about it so let's put him  in there out man look how beautiful the  snake looks in there now he's like hell  yeah dude  got some branches so look now that water  system I got right here I'll put the  link to the bottom it's just uh what is  this a monsoon Exo Terra sprayer check  that out pretty cool see you explained  in both cages so every hour or every I'm  sorry so every eight hours these are  gonna turn on they spray for an entire  minute so twice a day they'll get mist  it down perfect perfect perfect perfect  so let's get the rest of these guys so  these are the new ones that I just got  check these little guys out these little  swans are so cool they're feisty too  they're really hard to put in these tiny  little containers look at this guy right  here check that out  look at that bright orange on holy crap  so dope waters a little swamp dude he is  sick so freakin cool now he is a lot  smaller than my big guy pretty sure  that's a male he's a lot smaller than

 him so hopefully they get along  great Hey look I do look how badass  mistaken  so freakin cool they're like little  dragons now there are 17 different  species of ferrous these are the  squamous [ __ ] majira is the latin for  them don't crucify me if i didn't say  that entirely correctly it's fly and i  don't say my latin the best sometimes i  said now i got sometimes they say na  jaana sometimes i say but it whatever it  is what it is I'm gonna split time I  talk weird sometimes  alright so next we got here is this  other little guy he's like kind of on  the yellow side  check him out yeah he's pretty sick yeah  a bunch of different colors on him  honestly he's got it's like almost like  a purple shade oranges yellows they come  in all different colors you're so  freakin cool you're so cute I just want  to like touch him right but no this is a  bad bite the venom on these guys is not  entirely too deadly there is no real  anti-venom specifically directed towards  a theorist so you kind of have to use  some generic antivenom but it's not that  bad it's not too life-threatening  there's not a lot of fatal cases there  is a couple mice likely lose a piece of  your finger or a good chunk I've had a  bunch of friends get bitten by these  guys I've seen animals getting bitten by  these guys it's always has just a little  bit of necrosis to it and then they're  pretty good it is just a definitely a  painful little bite  so let's get this guy in your cage it's  gonna be so hard to keep track of these  guys in here it's gonna be five now  cool alright so last but not least are

 these two orange ones now hey law said  that she wanted orange ones today so I  made sure I definitely got a couple  options oh my god relax yeah these guys  are so little work yeah do they like  have almost yellow bellies this one's  really orange sick [ __ ] for sure oh yeah  don't put you in your page look okay  thank you very much in there to tell ya  man these guys are doing oh yeah look  how red this snake is they look great in  that light too especially against these  plants watch out what you know what -  careful there Alex you're getting  attacked it was close I'll see the big  one in the back he's like yo little  creatures hopefully they get along in  the past when I first got this big swamp  he was in there with a bunch of other  little guys and then I kind of sold it  and sold him and traded him throughout  the years but he should get along nice  and come he sent with all these guys in  there  great little setup definitely a huge  upgrade from what they were in there  they were just they just had ego earth  and fake plants in there now hopefully  these plants even though their plot and  it's not really so much of a bioactive  aquarium hopefully they will still live  and thrive and grow and everybody will  do very well in here and feel at home  alright so the last thing to do  obviously I had to redo this eyelash my  first cage also I can't just do their  cage and leave him out I love that Viper

 still real upset that that green one  died  I'm never gonna man one day I'll find  some more it's just it sucks  those are captive-bred eyelash marker  that I raised up from a tiny tiny little  baby there were some tiny now this guy  has been soaking I've had to soak him  several times he was having some sort of  like shedding issue so hopefully it's  definitely it's getting a little bit  better  let's see you okay a little bit now this  is my yellow my gosh I love this snake  to death what a cool frickin snake  bright yellow tree Viper they're just  the coolest freaking snake ever man like  what coolest little Viper ever man God  they're just there's such cool snakes  man you just want to you just want to  hold them you know like you just have to  do so hard not how bad is that freaking  thing is it's not a cool snake man dope  dope dope I'm just gonna watch out what  your fingers you know what  go watch out bro don't want nobody  snapping at us  it's very cool he just needed a couple  fuzzies the other night too so I don't  want to handle him very much  I just want to get him back with his new  cage water look at that man look at the  color of this snake dude what a  beautiful animal right what  like yeah we got a space I'll be a sip

 all right so let's get this guy in his  cage a little bit more like crawl around  do this thing okay go go it's up to a  mellow little Viper - I got pictures of  him when I was when he was a baby hold  them on my tip of my finger it's very  cool  cages look great for them water system  works awesome the lighting is great  super stoked  first feeding baby they're pounding them  things down oh yeah man look at those  things are so sweet or so babies savage  middle super metal everybody's eating  man oh yeah dude that is great love  getting new snakes and they eat right  away that is always a good sign because  sometimes these guys are pain in the ass  two feet but no you know they're good  all right so that's it  cool little Swan video for you guys hope  you like the new setups pretty sweet  yeah badass thing like that looks  awesome  you see that bright yellow snake in here  no so sick it's a definitely need more  eyelashes so well I'm never a ha a green  one he's still in my freezer I gotta get  him read articulated but eventually  it'll get another one till next time  guys make sure you like comment  subscribe to this page thanks for  watching also make sure you grab some  merch down below underneath this video  new shop shirts are on there got kilo  shirts on there too check them out  order one they come there they're pretty  decent that teespring company that I'm  using down there pretty good so till  next time later guys  [Music]  

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