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My Dart Frogs Came Early! Dart Frog Unboxing

By Kristenleannimal on

Handling venomous/poisonous animals is dangerous and should only be performed by licensed professionals.

Owning venomous snakes, reptiles, etc. might not be legal in your State/County/City. Please contact your local DNR for more information.



hey guys welcome to my kitchen dining room that we're remodeling which is why it looks like this um i was like about to like put a little bit of makeup on and like make myself look like a human being maybe so you can't see my extensions and stuff but um the frogs got delivered uh unexpectedly early uh i didn't even get a notification at all i just got i just checked the tr i've been checking the tracking um but let me start this off by saying i actually did email josh's frogs and i said please don't ship my frogs the date that i actually scheduled um i need to tweak some things in the enclosure so please hold off until a later date they didn't get that email i'm guessing because of memorial day weekend they probably like had a ton of emails so yesterday i got a shipment notification i was like oh the frogs are coming tomorrow anyway so i'm gonna show you the unboxing of my dart frogs there should be three of them in here um i'm a little traumatized from opening live animals as you guys probably know when i open my first pixie frog which i'll link in the description box below if you are wondering what the heck i'm talking about but um let's go ahead and open this box up and then we will get them right into their enclosure and i'll probably um maybe offer them a little bit of food but they were on a 24-hour ship so they probably ate pretty much before they got here and they're probably a little shaken up from the ride so by the way these are dying poison

What are they

arrow frogs if i got that right i will put the other name on the screen because i cannot pronounce this they are a poison dart frog and there are so many different types of poison dart frogs as it turns out so josh's frogs recommended these ones to go in the vivarium build that you're going to see in a minute and this build actually was in my previous upload i did the nano vivarium challenge that was sponsored by vision cages and josh's frog so i built this um by varium specifically for these little guys and i'm excited to have these guys you guys totally guessed it on instagram and i was like what do you think uh what do you think i'm gonna put in this enclosure so many of you guessed frogs and it's really cool because i only have one frog and i used to collect frogs when i was little like i was obsessed with frogs when i was a little girl i would always like get tadpoles and like so i have like um like a special place in my heart for


frogs here is the box that they came in um it's got my address here and it says fragile on all the sides the only part on this box that says that there's a live animal is right here but it's pretty obvious to see because things are highlighted um there uh doesn't appear to be any holes in this box but i've seen plenty of animals shipped without holes in the box and then everything else has holes on the inside thank you for your order care basics that's awesome okay these guys are escaping they're like all over this oh no there's a hole in here ah so i taped that up but there was a hole in here so we have a couple fruit flies loose in the house um i ordered these with the frogs because i wanted to make sure that they had food immediately until i get some more pinhead crickets it's never a good idea to have an animal either brought home with you or shipped you and you did not have any food and just think i'll do it tomorrow because you may run into not being able to find any food at your local pet store um it may have to wait for it to be shipped there may be longer ship times due to kind of covet and different things so you really need to be responsible make sure you have all of your that you need before your animal gets here this is a reusable pack there is uh some water crystals in here they're still slightly warm i'm guessing inside of this is the frogs okay they're all packaged individually oh my gosh they're so cute okay well this little baby is moving around hi oh my gosh so cute i can add this um there's their second little guy he's doing good and then here's our third little guy can you see him in there hi buddy all right so without fur he's spunky this one um let's go ahead and get them into their enclosure uh i'm gonna cut these open so they're ready to go and kind of just put them all in there at once this is gonna be a little difficult to film with the glare of the glass but i'm hopefully gonna close this a bit and go hand held and just shoot them in there but the last thing i want is for them to jump out so i'm gonna have to be careful here i'm gonna set these in here because they are very active right now look how freaking cute these little guys are okay [Music] get these ready to just pop off here that was quick we've already got one [Music] on the glass hi buddy what are you doing [Music]


thanks for watching the video guys i just realized i was editing and i have no outro filmed i think my camera died or something i remember getting irritated at the end of the last one but the dart frogs are doing amazing and a huge thank you to josh's frogs for providing me with my super cute dart frogs i love them so much and for shipping them to me safely and um their enclosure is doing pretty good there are some things i still need to fix if you saw my enclosure build video but um so far so good they are thriving and i um just fed them a little bit ago today and they have real full bellies and they're super super cute so i will leave some links for you guys below if you guys are interested in owning dark frogs if you want to learn a little bit more about them i will also link you to the exact uh kind that i got from josh's frogs as well as some other frogs and they also sell other live animals so be sure to check that out we will see you in the next video guys i know it's been a little while since i've uploaded and i'm actually getting back onto a schedule and i think the day for this channel is going to be sundays so if you are interested in that make sure to let me know by giving this video a thumbs up since it is going up on a sunday and i will see you guys uh later if you don't want to wait till sunday then follow me on instagram bye guys [Music]  

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