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Hey MTV Welcome to My Lizard’s Crib (Huge Cage Tour)

By Taylor Nicole Dean on

About Taylor Nicole Dean

Taylor Nicole Dean is a prominent YouTuber who shares her experiences with many exotic pets, including reptiles and mammals, and fish. She has purchased enclosures from and owns many different species of animals, including snakes, crested geckos, monitor lizards, skinks, fish, coral, mice, rats, hedgehogs, frogs, axolotls, cats, etc. She posts videos regularly, featuring her feeding and bathing her animals, discussing animal and fish care, and also purchasing and building new cages, aquariums and terrariums for her pets.

Watch Taylor's videos here to get some great information on reptile, mammal, fish and coral care. In addition, you can watch her cage and tank builds and animal room tours, vlogs, fish tutorials and more.

"Welcome to my channel, where I invite you into my lil world of animals." — Taylor Nicole Dean

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