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Custom Cages Vision Enclosure / Unboxing and Review

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Lexia: What’s up pet people? My name's Lexia and welcome back to my channel. I’ve been super excited for today’s video and I’ve been waiting for a couple of weeks now. By a couple of weeks, I mean like 6 weeks now on being able to do this video for you guys. I have been so thankful as to get some help from my favorite tank company, Custom Cages USA. They’re going to be linked in the description box down below. You probably have seen me have another video about one of their tanks previously that I've done.

I just am so thankful, we were in a bind with one of the reptiles that I worked with at the university. I have since adopted her. I'm going to do a whole video on that but this enclosure was for her since I was adopting her. I just wanted to make sure that I took the best care of her, that I could since she is a recovery reptile, meaning that she wasn't taken care of properly before I got a hold of her.

Just so thankful for Custom Cages to be able to help me out with this. They're a great company. I absolutely love them. The enclosure that you're going to see in today's video is a vision enclosure. They hold humidity super well. They are amazing. They're great viewing tanks. If you want to be able to look and see your reptiles and admire them, and just make a really beautiful set up for them, I definitely recommend one of these enclosures. As I said before, they are great with humidity.

Because I have one already, I can tell you guys firsthand that they do hold humidity, they are very easy to clean, and they are just great pieces of-- I don't want to say equipment, but they are great for reptiles and I definitely recommend them. If you have not heard of Vision Cages or you've been looking into one and need to know a little bit more about them, highly recommend it. I'm going to be doing an unboxing video for you guys today. I'm going to unbox it, show you how to open it, show you how it ships, show you how it comes.

As I said, I did a video on this previously but I got over-excited in that video and did not do a good enough job in my opinion, on going through all the different things of opening an enclosure, what it ships like, what it looks like. I was over-excited and didn't do a good job as I said. I want to take a moment to do a better job for all of you to show you the excellent quality of shipping and enclosures that Custom Cages provides for its customers, you guys, and me as well.

As I said, I do have another one, and that video is up here. It's not a great video, I recommend this one over that one. Well, we're going to basically be doing the whole same unboxing, going through it, showing you guys how to put it together, which is really simple because it's one giant piece enclosure. That's what we're going to be doing in today's video. I hope you guys keep watching. This is a really great thing for me.

Once again, thank you to Custom Cages USA. Amazing job with shipping per usual and amazing job with helping me out and just providing a great service for your customers and for me, and for my subscribers. Thank you once again, and we're going to get right into that unboxing now.


All right, so it is clear to see that it will not all fit in this shot. I thought it would, but I'm going to turn it sideways and open it up for you guys and then I will pan back and show you guys more in-depth. Here's me sitting on the ground next to the tank and it goes about to my shoulder while I'm sitting. Which is about how the last one did. As I said before in the intro, I have another one of these tanks but I'm just going to open this one for you guys a little bit better and go through it a little bit more in-depth than I did my first video because I was incredibly excited in my first video.

I am excited in this video too, but I want to take the time to do a better job of going through it with you. We're going to get started now. I do recommend having some type of wirecutters or metal cutters because if you see on this tank here, it is stapled shut. Now, whenever you open it up the glass doors are also held together by pieces of metal and there's wood between them to make sure they won't crack. But you will be needing something of this type to be able to cut through the metal and actually get what you need out.

Basically, if you don't it's going to be a really long, hard attempt for you to try and get the tank and doors out. That's the first thing I recommend. I'm actually going to flip it on its side since I know it is in there with this being the open part. That should be--Yes, that's being the open part. The back is back here. We're going to give you guys a little more view. It is really long. Here is me laying across it and my hand is on the other end there. Oop, went off-screen.

We're just going to open her right up by taking the staples out. I recommend not leaving the staples on the floor. Obviously you can step on them and severely hurt yourself. Yes, we're going to speed through this part of it.


Okay, so as you can see we now have it open. It is upside down, I'll show you the view of that in a second. Here are the doors, they seem to be intact. If you look, there is styrofoam in between them. I'll show you that again close up in a second. Whenever you first open it you'll see the box and it should be all in one piece. If you look at it, the plastic on the side should not be disturbed. I checked mine now, it's in perfect condition as always. Then attached inside you'll have your little pay stub and you just need to double-check that, they charge you right and everything. They always do.

This is a 21 by 36 by 23. This is the exact same size as my other one I have, which is good because I was just going to make them stackables. Which is a great thing about vision enclosures, they stack so easily. I'm going to go through that more in the future when I put together the tank and do a decorating video. Right now we're just doing the unboxing and review so we're going to take a quick look at the inside. I'm going to flip it around for you guys and I'm going to show you how to take out the doors and put those into the tank.

Before I take it out, like I said, I'm just going to do a quick little view. Oops, out of focus. Okay, here's what it should like whenever you open it. As you can see, the box is all torn apart. Here's your glass doors. They are secured by two pieces of wood and styrofoam and the glass is in the middle. Here's what's supposed to be the top of the tank. This is your vent system where you can put your lights. I'm actually going to put a light on top which I will show you in the decorating video as well.

As you see, vision enclosure should be one solid piece throughout. There should be no cracks, there should be no holes anywhere except for the vents. This is definitely very well done. As you can see, perfect condition. Doors should be secured. You need to make sure the metal is secured, it always is. I love these enclosures, I love how they arrive and it makes it so simple when it comes in one piece like this. I'm so excited to put it together for you. Yes, this is what you should expect to see whenever you open it, except flipped. As I said, it's upside down so I'll fix that for you in a second. Yes, there's the inside.

Okay, as you saw, I could flip it over really easily because as I said many times, it's a very lightweight plastic one-piece enclosure so it's actually super simple to move by yourself as long as you don't have the glass doors in. Which if you're moving it in enclosure you should honestly never have sliding glass doors in. You should always try to take them out to make sure they don't crack or that they don't get messed up or chip or anything of that nature.

Now that I have this upright, I'm going to put it out of the way for now and I'm going to show you guys how the glass doors are transported. Like I said, this is going to actually be really hard for me to get open. It's going to take me a while and hopefully you guys don't judge me. I will speed it up like I did the unboxing so you won't have to sit and watch me work on them. The way that they ship them is to ensure that they don't crack or chip or they don't get messed up in any way, shape, or form.

I am super grateful Custom Cages does this. It shows that they care about the quality of their products and their shipping. Super grateful for it but it does make it hard for me. Either way, it's going to be entertaining for you guys to watch me try and get these open. We're going to move into that portion now.

Okay, so I feel super stupid because I said all that and I did a whole little, "Here's me opening it. I'm going to fast forward it for you guys" type thing and I never pressed start recording. I'm going to show you me finishing opening the glass doors. Here's what I have so far. As you can see, I got the metal pieces off some of them. This is what holds together the sliding glass doors. I try to cut it right here. There's like a little serrated part on each of the doors and I just use these and I try to get it open.

Yes, I didn't start recording but I am going to finish showing you guys that and I'll fast-forward it as I said. Sorry about that. I guess I am a little excited with this video. Yes, anyway I'mgoing to show you the doors and then we're going to show you putting up the enclosure, stacking it on the other one, and putting the doors in. Here we go.


As you see whenever you open the wood pallets, there's the styrofoam you have and then there's this foamy wrap stuff also wrapped around the glass. That's just an extra protective preventive measure and then you will see your doors. Now the thing about these is I try to not grab them by the glass. Yes, they are dirty. I'll clean them before I put them in. But I try to grab them by this part here and this is what will go into your tracks that I showed you and shook whenever I open the enclosure. This is the part that goes into the track system, right here. It just makes sure that the glass doesn't crack or break or get caught in the tracks.

Another thing you can do is buy a substrate divider from Custom Cages and that keeps the substrate from getting into the tracks as well in the tanks. I have one on my other tank which I'll show you in a minute. I did not buy one for this enclosure because the snake going into it is a ball python. She's not overly active so I don't think she'll be throwing a whole lot of her substrate into the tracks and she's not going to be up against the glass a whole lot.

Whereas one of my Honduran milk snakes is in the other vision enclosure I have and she's very active. She's always up against the glass so I have that divider there to make sure she doesn't get anything stuck in the tracks and does not hurt the sliding glass doors or prohibit me from opening them all the way. Now that I have everything out and I've shown you the doors and that I've shown you the enclosure itself, I'm going to show you how easy they stack. I'm going to stack it on top of my other one, and I'm going to put the doors in for you after I stack it and then that will be the end of this video.

All right, so as you can see, I put like a padding that I'm going to have between the enclosures and it goes up against the wall on my other enclosure just to ensure that it doesn't scratch anything. As you can see, my Honduran milk snake like I was talking about, is out and she is up against the substrate barrier which I put in the other tank to keep it out of the tracks.

Now, we're going to go look at the tracks really quick. As you can see, the doors fit into them pretty snugly. You will need a lock if you get one of these enclosures. But the doors fit into them pretty snugly so there's no chance of escaping through the doors whatsoever as long as you have a lock.

She did get some of her substrate over here, but the divider keeps it out pretty well. If you're getting one of these enclosures and have a active reptile, definitely recommend getting a substrate divider if she's going to be up against the glass or if your reptile is [unintelligible 00:14:33]. I think she's going into her hide now so I can put the other enclosure up. As you can see I'm going to stack this enclosure right on top of-- The new enclosure is going right on top of this one.

You don't have to have little foamy divider or anything I just chose to, to ensure there's no problems once I put the heat mat under this one or there's just hot wires everywhere from the lamps and whatnot and it can be divided relatively well, and it doesn't harm my walls or the other enclosure itself. I'm just going to put this here, maybe. Yes, I'm going to put this here and we're going to stack the enclosure right on top here. As I said, it's a relatively light enclosure so I should be able to lift it on my own. Yes, I can do this.

It is a one-piece enclosure. Here we go, as I fall down. It should fit right on top. There's a little bit of wiggle right there because of the substrate, not the substrate because of the little foamy thing I have. There, now it's level. Still a little wiggle. I'm going to fix the foam in the back here. Yes, that's what it was, it was the foam in the back.

Anyway, so as you can see, they're stacked right on top of each other. I like how that looks. After I get this one decorated I'm going to do a whole cute picture for Instagram on that. I really like how that looks. Before I add in the glass doors, in every enclosure they tape handles for your doors. As you can see by this one down here, they're just little sticky handles that help you slide the glass. Don't worry, you don't have to get fingerprints all over them.

You going to take your little handles. I put those on last with this enclosure in my last enclosure just so you can see and make them level, it's just easier in my opinion. I'm going to do the glass doors now. Okay, so we have the glass doors right here. One way to know if they're facing the right direction or not is they have a little, I don't know if you can see it, it says vision enclosure at the bottom. Basically what you do with these is you have your two tracks right here. You have your two tracks. You are going to put one of the doors in the back track and one in the front track.

The only way to really get the doors in is if you angle them. We're going to put the back track door in first. The back one's easier if you did the top first. You are going to kind of angle it and slide it in the top and then you have to grab the side and push it back. As you can see, it is in the back track here, slides right over. Then now we're going to do the front track door. You grab it again make sure this is on the bottom.

I am going to grab the sides I don't want to because it makes a mess but I'm going to have to.

You slide it in, do the angle there in the first track [unintelligible 00:18:17]. Once again right in there, first track you can see the door behind it slides beautifully. That's how it would look finished. Then finally you put on your door handles, which I'm not going to go too into depth to because you literally peel off the back here, stick it where you want it and then it slides.

All right, so that's the unboxing. That's the putting it up. That's the going through how to insert glass doors. That's the whole video for you guys. I really hope you enjoyed it because I enjoyed making it and once again, I really enjoyed being able to get help from and show you guys the amazing quality of products that Custom Cages has. As I said, you can order things such as substrate barriers, you can also order decor for your enclosures. I actually have an old water dish that I had in my old tank. I'll probably show you guys that in the decor video. I have yet to decide if I'm going to put it in the new tank or not.

Once again, this enclosure is going to be for a ball python who has been mistreated, who was really malnourished, had terrible sheds. Just she wasn't doing well when I got her so I am so happy to be able to provide an enclosure for her that will not only provide the correct humidity to where she can shed but will also give her enough room to roam around and be happy and just live out the rest of her life the best she can.

Again super, super thankful and happy that Custom Cages was able to help me with this. As I said again, link down below. Hope you guys are able to go check out some of their products if you're a reptile owner or if not, hopefully you learned something about their enclosures, how they shipped, and things like that.

If you guys liked it, please give it a thumbs up. If you didn't like it, give it one anyway because you watched it all the way through and I'm super happy that you guys were able to come to today's video. Subscribe so you can see next week's video which is going to be the decorating of that enclosure and going through the different things that I do to set up a ball python enclosure. If you are interested in that, please stay tuned, subscribe so you can get that notification. Yes, thanks for watching.


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