Chinese Water Dragon Terrariums & Cages

When it comes to searching for the best Chinese water dragon cage or terrarium, look no further than Vision Products.

We’ve been manufacturing top-of-the-line stackable Chinese water dragon enclosures for more than 20 years. To this day, our reptile products are made with the same care and precision by our engineers.

This level of quality is essential for Chinese water dragon enclosures. Since their natural habitat is in the forests of Asia, a Chinese water dragon terrarium needs proper heat, ventilation, and humidity levels.

water dragon terrariums

If you are breeding water dragons, our durable, secure tub and racking system will benefit you. However, if you plan on housing Chinese water dragons for an extensive amount of time, then it’s important to have a properly sized cage.

We design our Chinese water dragon cages for easy temperature control, proper lighting, ventilation, and humidity. These conditions create the ideal habitat in a Chinese water dragon terrarium.

Do you plan on having multiple Chinese water dragon cages? Our enclosures are stackable, so they conserve space and are easily displayed in any setting.

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