V-15 Hatchling Tub

V-15 Hatchling Tub Details

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The V-15 Hatchling Tub is perfect for keeping baby snakes and reptiles just after they hatch.

Height 3.5 in
Length 18 in
Depth 5 in
Tub Volume

5 Quarts

Inside Bottom Dimensions

16 × 3 in


Clear, Gray


High Impact Polypropylene

The Inside Bottom Dimensions are the dimensions of the flat area of the bottom of the tub.


The V-15 hatchling tub is the smallest of the 3.5-inch tall tubs. It is just 5 inches wide, making it perfect for keeping small snakes, lizards, or other reptile hatchlings.

This tub is made from our durable high impact polypropylene plastic. The plastic is 25% thicker than a consumer storage bin. This makes it gives it more strength, durability, and less flex.

V-15 tubs can be put in the same Vision Products breeding rack as V-18 and V-35-S tubs.

We offer significant discounts on bulk orders.

V-15 Tub Features

  • Made from durable high impact polypropylene plastic.
  • Compatible with the Vision Versa-Rack breeding system.
  • Smooth sides and flat bottom with rounded corners for easier cleaning.
  • Flat top for a gap free seal with racking system.

We pack a maximum of 48 per box for case quantities.

This product must be shipped via a freight carrier. You will receive a custom shipping quote form our sales team after you place your order.

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