V-180 Tub Boa Breeding Rack 6 Levels, 6 Tubs


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This six-level V-180 Boa Rack is our largest breeding rack. It is perfect for breeding extremely large snakes and reptiles.

The V-180 Boa Rack comes in three different packages. You can get just the rack, the rack with the V-180 tubs, or the rack along with the tubs and all the accessories.

(12) 6" Riveted Guide Stops (+$36.00)
(1) 52' heat cable (+$44.95)
(1) 26' heat cable (+$24.95)
All riveted guides and stops include two rivets each. All of these items are included in the Complete Package for a discount.
Replace the default casters for adjustable height feet.

Height 78.75 in
Length 42 in
Depth 34.5 in
Compatible Tubs


Tub Count


Tub Volume

180 Quarts


Black, Silver




Plastic – ABS, Steel, Steel – Stainless

Package Comparison

Rack Only

This package includes all the base rack parts you need to set up the vision rack, including your choice of feet or casters.

Rack + Tubs

This package includes the rack and our famous V-180 Boa Tubs in either clear, white, or black.

Complete Package

This package includes everything: the rack, the tubs, the guides and stops, and the heating cable.
Free ShippingShips Freight OnlyShips Freight Only
6 Level Breeding Rack
V-180 Tubs66
6" Riveted Guide Stops12
52' heat cable1
26' heat cable1

Rack Only

Rack + Tubs

Complete Package


The V-180 Boa Rack is the largest breeding tub rack we make. The V-180 has a volume of just over 160 quarts. It is a big tub made from incredibly durable high-density polyethylene.

Created for Boa Breeding

The V-180 Boa Rack is specifically created to offer the advantages of snake racks to the breeding of boas and other large reptiles. The rack has all the same features as our smaller racks but is reinforced with stainless steel supports.

Boa Rack Features

  • Designed for our famous V-180 Boa Tubs.
  • Rack assembly is quick and easy.
  • Heating cable clips on each shelf allow custom heat cable configuration on each level.
  • Racks are made from durable ABS plastic with stainless steel supports.
  • Each shelf has built in ventilation.
  • Locking casters provide both mobility and security.

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