V-28 Tub Breeding Rack 11 Levels, 11 Tubs


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This tall 11 level V-28 breeding rack is a great option for a medium-sized single column breeding rack for our V-28 tubs.

The V-28 Rack comes in three different packages. You can get just the rack, the rack with the V-28 tubs, or the rack along with the tubs and all the accessories.

Clear (+$15.05)
We can fit 10 V-28 tubs in a box. Would you like to top off your box of tubs?
(11) 6" Riveted Guide Stops (+$55.00)
(1) 52' heat cable (+$44.95)
(1) 26' heat cable (+$24.95)
All riveted guides and stops include two rivets each. All of these items are included in the Complete Package for a discount.
Product total
Options total
Grand total

Height 78.25 in
Length 26 in
Depth 18.75 in
Compatible Tubs


Tub Count


Tub Volume

28 Quarts






Plastic – ABS, Steel

Package Comparison

Rack Only

This package includes all the base rack parts you need to set up the vision rack, including your choice of feet or casters.

Rack + Tubs

This package includes the rack and our famous V-28 Snake Tubs in either clear or gray.

Complete Package

This package includes everything: the rack, the tubs, the guides and stops, and the heating cable.
11 Level Breeding Rack
V-28 Tubs1111
6" Riveted Guide Stops11
52' heat cable1
26' heat cable1
Configure Rack Only Configure Rack + Tubs Configure Complete Package


Our V-28 breeding racks use our small shelf. This means they have a smaller footprint than the V-35 or V-70 racks. They are perfect for places where a larger rack won’t fit.

The V-28 rack shelves are made from rigid ABS plastic. Each shelf can hold one V-28 tub.

V-28 Rack Features

  • Designed for our V-28 Snake Tubs.
  • Rack assembly is quick and easy.
  • Heating cable clips on each shelf allow custom heat cable configuration on each level.
  • Racks are made from durable ABS plastic.
  • Each shelf has built in ventilation.
  • Locking casters provide both mobility and security.

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