V-15 Tub Hatchling Rack 18 Levels, 108 Tubs


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This tall 18 level V-15 hatchling snake rack is the only racks on the market that can hold over 100 baby snakes or other reptiles.

The V-15 Rack comes in three different packages. You can get just the rack, the rack with the V-15 tubs, or the rack along with the tubs and all the accessories.

Clear (+$128.24)
We can fit 48 V-15 tubs in a box. Would you like to top off your box of tubs?
(54) 6" Riveted Guide Stops (+$121.50)
(36) 14" Riveted Guide Stops (+$117.00)
(108) Front Stop/Name Plates (+$189.00)
(2) 52' heat cables (+$89.90)
(1) 26' heat cable (+$24.95)
All riveted guides and stops include two rivets each.
Replace the default casters for adjustable height feet.
Product total
Options total
Grand total

Height 90.75 in
Length 34.5 in
Depth 21 in
Compatible Tubs

V-15, V-18, V-35S

Tub Count


Tub Volume

5 Quarts






Plastic – ABS, Steel

Package Comparison

Rack Only

This package includes all the base rack parts you need to set up the vision rack, including your choice of feet or casters.

Rack + Tubs

This package includes the rack and our famous V-15 snake tubs in either clear or gray.

Complete Package

This package includes everything: the rack, the tubs, the guides and stops, and the heating cable.
18 Level Breeding Rack
V-15 Tubs108108
6" Riveted Guide Stops54
14" Riveted Guide Stops36
Front Stop/Name Plates108
52' heat cable2
26' heat cable1
Configure Rack Only Configure Rack + Tubs Configure Complete Package


The V-15 Hatchling Rack is a premier choice for baby reptiles. Our breeding racks are made from strong, lightweight ABS plastic, and each shelf holds six V-15 tubs. Expect easy assembly and even easier use.

Whether you’re a brand-new or well-established breeder, a Vision Rack can take your capabilities to the next level.

Created for Hatchling Snakes

The V-15 rack can hold V-15, V-18, and V-35S tubs. So not only can you hold many hatchlings, but you can also provide immediate housing as they grow.

With almost 3 quarts of volume, the V-15 tub is an ideal size for housing baby snakes, lizards, or other reptile hatchlings.

Don’t settle for inferior tubs or wood racks. Vision Tubs and Vision Racks are some of the best in the industry!

V-15 Rack Features

  • The V-15 rack is compatible with V-15 V-18 and V-35s tubs.
  • The rack can hold 108 V-15 tubs in a compact area.
  • Rack assembly is quick and easy.
  • Heating cable clips on each shelf allow custom heat cable configuration on each level.
  • Racks are made from durable ABS plastic.
  • Each shelf has built in ventilation.
  • Locking casters provide both mobility and security.

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