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The Vision cage shelf unit is designed to make moving and maintaining a lot of cages easy. A cage can be removed from the shelf without needing to unstack them. It also comes and wheels making it simple to move from place to place.

You can buy the shelving units by themselves or with 5 of our Model 211 Cages. You can also chose to get the shelf, cages, and the complete décor package with photo scenery backgrounds, bark bedding, bowls, roots, plants, and more!

You can get just the shelf or get the shelf and 5 Model 211 cages, or the full décor package including bark, roots, plants, bowls, and more. See full package comparison.
Give your shelf an extra back support bracket. We recommend this if the shelf will be moved often.
Give your shelf an extra set of side support brackets. We recommend this if the shelf will be moved often.
Include power strips for heating and lighting that can be mounted to the support brackets. One can be mounted to each back support bracket. Make sure you have enough support brackets for your power strips.

Buying cage décor and accessories will cost more in shipping to order later, order now with your cage and get FREE SHIPPING!

Get free shipping on up to 10 bags of bark.
Get free shipping on up to 5 roots.
Get free shipping on up to 5 locks.
Get free shipping on up to 5 debris stoppers.
Get free shipping on up to 5 bowl/hide combos.
Get free shipping on up to 10 bowls.
Product total
Options total
Grand total

Height 78.375 in
Length 33.375 in
Depth 25.25 in
Height Including Top Cage

83.5 in

Maximum Cages

5 Cages


Plastic – ABS, Steel – Powder Coated



Cage Height


Cage Length


Cage Depth


Package Comparison

Shelf Only


Shelf + Cages


Complete Package

Model 211 Cage Shelf
Model 211 Cages55
Cage Door Sets55
Background Image5
Bark Bedding Bags10
Medium Cedar Roots10
Assorted Plants10
Large Food / Water Bowl10
Reptile Cage Liners150
Configure Shelf Only Configure Shelf + Cages Configure Complete Package

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