Extra Small Replica Rock


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Introducing our premium Small Round Replica Rock! Crafted from a special polymer blend, these reptile rocks imitate the texture and color of natural rocks, providing a realistic and safe environment for your animals. Replica Rocks are easy to include, maintain, and they’re weighted so geckos, lizards, snakes, and dragons won’t shift or tip them over.

Choose from our selection of rock sizes and shapes to create your custom layout! Replica Rocks will enhance your reptile’s habitat, encourage natural behaviors, and get you one step closer to completing your stunning enclosure!

Please note that dimensions listed are approximate.


Replica Rocks are safe for up to 150°F. However, they can get very warm if directly under a heat lamp or on a heating pad, so use caution when positioning and moving them. Also, your Replica Rocks should never touch the heat lamp. This could damage the rocks and/or make them too hot to touch.

Height 4 in
Length 7 in
Depth 4.5 in
Weight 1 lbs